Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k

There is a wide variety of drones in the market, and it can be an overwhelming task trying to choose which one is the best for you. The Xiaomi mi drone 4k is one of the best you can buy in today’s market. This quadcopter is easy to use, takes spectacular imagery, and offers excellent value for money. 

Xiaomi is known for its quality smartphones and has made a natural progression towards the upper echelons of the drone market. Below are details showing why the Xiaomi mi has taken the drone market by storm.

Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k

Mi drone 4k build & design quality

This quadcopter looks like a miniature version of the attractively designed Phantom 4 Pro from afar, with its conspicuous white-coated motor arms. With an aerial view of the mi drone, you can see that its motor caps colors of red and silver complement each other very well. The “Mi” logo is proudly etched in the middle of the body.

The two landing skids support and reduce impact when landing. Additionally, the skids protect the powerful 4K camera mounted below the main body. The propellers have a quick-release function, which makes it easy for pilots to attach and detach the propellers. Accordingly, you can replace broken pieces effortlessly, without the need of a screwdriver.

This drone also includes LED lights to give you visual assistance while flying in low light conditions. The overall design quality is sleek, and the craftsmanship is professional. The widely used ABS plastic is very resilient against accidents. In addition, Xiaomi combines an alloy of carbon fiber to reinforce the hull and improve the drone’s overall structural integrity. 

Xiaomi mi drone 4k camera quality

Every professional aerial photographer knows that the secret to quality shots is having a drone with a high-quality camera, which also offers lots of flexibility. The consensus is that a better camera means a higher price. However, Xiaomi has shown that you can still provide quality at a subsidized cost with many of their products. You only have to look at how the brand broke into the scene, with smartphones, which didn’t cost much, but their camera and specifications went toe to toe with more expensive brands. It’s no wonder they are doing the same in the drone industry.

The mi drone camera can capture professional ultra-high-definition video at 30 fps (frames per second) in 4K resolution. Captured video footage is crisp and stable and easily passes for what a seasoned veteran would do. You will hardly find wobbles or stuttering. 4K has exquisite detail, even when viewed on a big screen. This drone does not have a microphone to record audio, but you accessorize it with one. 

The camera is mounted on a 3-axis gimbals stabilizer, meaning you can take smooth video, and perfect stills, just like a pro photographer. The camera can take photos in not only JPEG format but RAW as well: a big plus if you want to edit the images. You can rotate the camera 360 degrees horizontally from the controls, and swing it vertically manually. Stills are taken at 12.4MP, which is even better than the pricier DJI Mavic Pro.

Xiaomi mi drone 4k Flight Performance

Some key features on this intelligent quadcopter to help you fly are the built-in GPS and GLONASS positioning system. These two accessories allow for a stable flight in raging conditions. Additionally, the high number of satellites (19) enables it to have a comprehensive set of capabilities such as follow me mode, point of interest, and active track. 

With the Xiaomi mi drone, you also have an intelligent flight battery, which is only seen in pricy models. This feature lets you know the status of your battery and how much juice is left. The battery has a high capacity  meaning it performs better. Also, the propellers perform better than most alternatives, to enhance your control in torrid conditions.

 Its fully charged battery can give you a flight time of up to 25 minutes, which is unheard-of for a quadcopter in its price range. It’s recommended that you buy more batteries, which are readily available if you want to extend your flight session.

Handling the Xiaomi mi drone

It takes up to 2 minutes for this quadcopter to be ready to fly after powering it on. All this time is necessary for the drone to find a reliable GPS signal, warm its batteries, perform preflight checks, align its compass, and much more. The calibration is essential so that the drone knows where to return to if it’s low on battery, making it harder to lose it. The time taken can be an issue if you want to take time-sensitive shots as fast as possible. All in all, it is worth the wait. Even if the drone is out of range, it manages to return to the signal’s periphery, without falling off the sky or flying away. 

In the air, the mi drone handles very well and newbies can use the beginner mode as they get used to flying. In extremely windy conditions, this quadcopter doesn’t stray more than a meter from its hovering center point. Moreover, the camera does a splendid job in stabilizing the footage. The only downside is that this drone doesn’t have the collision avoidance feature, so you need to be more critical when it’s returning home in areas dotted with trees or high buildings. 

Mi drone remote controller

This review would be incomplete without covering just how impressive the controller of this drone is. It’s full of features, and the compromise is its bulky weight to accommodate all the responsive and intelligent built-in maneuverability functionalities. With the press of a button on the controller, you can take off and land automatically.

The signal doesn’t drop a bit even when the drone is over 2000 meters away, thanks to its powerful 2.4 GHz transmitter. You can also add a long-reaching remote controller, which lets you fly as far as 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) away. This distance is quite impressive since most controllers hardly connect when the drone is 1000 meters away.

Xiaomi mi drone app

The built-in phone holder gives you the flexibility of adding a smartphone for navigation and using it for first-person viewing. With the app available for android and apple’s phones, you can customize your own routes and much more. Connect your phone through USB and turn on the controller. Through a short series of taps, you will tether the two in no time.

You can view the location of the drone from the worldview map, or use the screen for the live video feed. On the screen, you can see the status of the drone and get a whole host of options. You can set different flight modes for beginners who want to limit the drone’s altitude, distance, and speed, to the ATTI mode for a more manual type of flight.

What is the cost of Xiaomi mi drone 4k ?

The price tag of an intelligent drone puts off many would-be pilots. Most people are not willing to shell out lots of money for a high-end model like the DJI Mavic Pro 2 or Phantom 4 Pro. Fortunately, the highly reputable Chinese electronics company “Mi” offers a fantastic alternative. With the Xiaomi mi drone, you will still have features like follow me, which is only available in pricy models and much more at an unbeatable price.

Take home…

It’s easy to understand why the Xiaomi mi drone has been flying off the shelves. Beginners and professionals like it for having all they may require in flight. You can’t go wrong with Xiaomi because the company has a solid reputation. 

This drone’s fundamentals are impressive. It has excellent flight duration, long-distance control, and FPV, and most importantly, the 4K shooting capability. The app is super easy to use, and a newbie can transition to a pro pilot in record time.