New Waterproof Drone Hits the Market

Waterproof Drone

New Waterproof Drone Hits the Market

Being in a position to use a drone even during the rainy season without worrying about destroying the drone, is very interesting. Both the enthusiasts and professionals gain a lot from this aspect as they can proceed with their flight when it begins to rain and it becomes too windy. Some drones may be advertised as waterproof, whereas they’re water-splash resistant. A trustworthy manufacturer will tell you clearly if the drone is waterproof or splash- resistant to ensure it serves your intended purpose appropriately.

Waterproof Drone

We will discuss the best waterproof drones in the market to guide you in your selection. The drones discussed are almost completely waterproof, but it’s crucial to check the finer details of every drone since you get waterproof drones that aren’t safe when fully submersed in ocean vessels or salty water.

Best Drones Under $500

Swellpro Spry waterproof drone

This waterproof drone is highly versatile and has an in-built waterproof gimbal and a 4K camera that allows underwater film recording while the drone is hovering on the water surface. It’s made to fly in the sky, but the remote and the drone can withstand water. The drone floats on water, while the camera is submerged into the water. It can be immersed up to 600mm into the water for short periods. You can record a video on this position for about 15 minutes.

It also utilizes the SwellPro smartphone app that is available for Android and iPhone. This App provides more convenient features. For example, you can link the waterproof drone to your phone using Bluetooth, thus it can follow and record you. It weighs 2380g and utilizes a battery of 14.8V 5200mAh. You can purchase this waterproof drone on Amazon from $987

Parrot Hydrofoil MiniDrone

The Parrot Hydrofoil Mini Drone provides two drone types. It offers the aquatic mode that glides on streamlined foils, and there is the aquadynamic hull that goes through the water at a speed of up to 6.2 mph.  The hull has an antenna that is in-built to extend the drone’s range. It’s very stable and moves with amazing speed and dexterity across the water. This is due to the presence of a 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer.

You can also control the drone using your smartphone or tablet via the FreeFlight 3 App. You can perform great moves and turns using the app. The camera available on this drone is 480 by 640px and has colors black and white. It weighs 244g and utilizes a 550mAh battery. You can purchase this waterproof drone on Amazon from $30.00.

Swellpro Splash Drone 3 Auto

This drone was built with complete waterproofing in mind. The latest model of this drone has two options. The Auto is equipped with a 4K camera and the Fishing Drone with a system of payloads release. While flying on air or under the water, it will give you airtime of 16 minutes. It can be immersed up to 600 mm in short periods. It has a power-flip function when floating. The sensitivity and accuracy of the drone are provided by advanced sensors and a powerful propulsion system.

To use this drone for rescue operations or fishing, you should purchase the 1kg payload release module. You will also enjoy some incredible features by using the SwellPro app for both Android and iPhone. You can link the waterproof drone to your phone using Bluetooth, thus it can follow and record you. The drone is reinforced with durable ABS to provide a perfect waterproof seal. Since it’s designed for marine use, it’s corrosion-resistant due to a special coating system. It has a strong power delivery for easy take-off from water and in heavy rain.

The waterproof gimbal 4K camera captures sharp photos and high-quality videos while underwater and flying.  The smooth footage is enabled by high-power brushless gimbal motors. The lens of the camera is kept dry and clear due to the Hydrophobic coating.

You can purchase SwellPro Splash Drone 3 Auto at the SwellPro store from $1,199. For a well-rounded package, you can spend about $2,000.

Goolsky JJRC H31 Waterproof Drone

This waterproof drone can take accidental landings on water, but it shouldn’t be left to stay in the water for long. It’s splash-proof. The remote control has one key return, a button for 360- degree flips and headless mode. The one-key return makes it easy for the drone to find its way home. It also utilizes 6-axis gyro technology for strong stability and easier control.

The 360-degree flips make your flight experience thrilling. The LED lights show the direction when flying the drone in the night.  The headless mode also makes it easy to control it since you don’t need to adjust its position before flying. The battery of the drone is protected by an over-charged protection feature. It provides a flight time of about 8 minutes and has a control distance of about 70-80 m. It weighs 64.1g and utilizes a 3.7V 400mAH battery.

You can purchase this waterproof drone on Amazon from $36.99.

QuadH2O Waterproof Drone

This drone can be used for submarine when the propulsion and ballast systems are figured out accordingly. It has a built-in FPV camera, a fully floating design, and an action camera mount. It can fly up to 45mph and has a GPS positioning to assist in locating the drone when it flies above the range and when bringing it down. It has a great performance due to the powerful motors, prop and ESC combo.

It can be used for all-weather flying that is during rain, on the river, sea, and snow. When its intuitive controls are combined with the NazaV2 flight controller it becomes very easy to fly. It has a multi-rotor autopilot system that is a combination of NazaV2 flight controller and other features that include, enhanced failsafe, GPS assisted hover, intelligent orientation controller, multiple flight control modes and low voltage protection.

Moreover, it has waterproof handmade frames for better performance. It has a frame weight of 640g and utilizes a battery of 4000mAH. It gives a flight time of 8 to 12 minutes, but the flight time can change depending on the overall takeoff weight and the configuration. The QuadH20 waterproof drone can be purchased at $849.

HexH20 Pro V2

It has a folding hexacopter design and can be taken as a DJI waterproof drone since it utilizes many DJI components. The DJI components include X3 camera, Zenmuse, and Lightbridge radios and controller. This drone can also be flown using the DJI Go app. The powerful 4k camera is protected by a waterproof housing to ensure that it’s safe and performs as expected even when below the surface of the water. Interestingly, it can land on water

The DJI Go app allows for live streaming of the high definition video feed, shows the battery status, signal strength and redundancy status. Moreover, DJI Lightbridge 2 allows you to travel further and have a clearer view. It has intelligent algorithms and an integrated controller that provide a wireless HD image transmission by increasing maximum range and reliability. The HD video can be transmitted at a range of up to 2.1 miles.

All the core technologies of DJI have been incorporated into the Zenmuse X3 gimbal camera to ensure the stability of the camera hence professional and stable footage is captured. The frame weight of the drone is 1450g and gives a flight time of about 25-27 minutes.

The HexH2O Pro V2 can be purchased at a cost of $1,995.

Autel Robotics X-Star waterproof drone

This drone has a built-in 4K camera and 3-axis gimbal. Professional filmmakers could consider this drone for high quality and steady footage. The frame is splash-proof making the drone suitable even during unfavorable conditions. You can access a live feed with autonomous flight modes via the free Starlink app available for both Android and iPhone. It has a range of 0.62 miles.  Moreover, a smartphone can be used to control the camera and gimbal.

This waterproof drone also has one-touch buttons and an intuitive remote controller that can be easily operated with the LCD. It has a battery of 14.8V and offers a flight time of about 25 minutes.

Get your waterproof drone today!

If you consider buying a waterproof drone, you now have some options to choose from. It’s however, worth noting that having a waterproof drone doesn’t mean that you can just land and take off from water. For landing and taking off, the drone must float or the propellers should be out of the water for them to push enough air for liftoff. You should, therefore, check whether the drone you have chosen has enough power to break the surface tension for a good performance.