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Visuo Drone

The presence of a built-in GPS module in GPS drones has led to their popularization in the modern market. This feature has enhanced their performance and provided more features. Visuo drone XS812 is among the few GPS drones available in the market. Its low cost compared to some other GPS drones doesn’t limit its performance. Below is in-depth information of Visuo XS812.

Visuo Drone

Design of Visuo XS812

This visuo drone has a cool foldable design giving it a compact and portable size hence can be packed easily. Once purchased, it’s accompanied by a transmitter, a battery, four propeller guards, four extra propellers, a screwdriver, a USB charger, and an English formatted instruction manual. It has a sharp contrast produced by a jet-black coating with bright neon orange. This is a great feature to attract audience attention as you fly it in the skies.

When Visuo XS812 is unfolded, the body is 330x330x60mm, this dimension is approximately one and half times bigger than the palm of your hand. It uses brushed motors and has an expanded battery capacity such that, on a single charge, it would fly for 14 minutes. Some users would like to fly the drone for more than the 14 minutes, fortunately, you can purchase more batteries for the extension of the flight time. A single battery takes two hours to be recharged making it more convenient.

Moreover, this little jet-black bird has LED lights which assist in visual positioning. This is a critical feature especially during the day when it can be difficult to spot the drone. With the LED you will have a clear visual line of sight throughout. Additionally, it’s made of durable ABS plastic that is weather-resistant and withstands beatings making it suitable for outdoor and indoor.

The drone has hardware ON/OFF power switch. This means you won’t need to unplug the battery when storing the drone for a longer period. Nevertheless, it’s recommended to charge the battery halfway before storing it rather than fully charging it for the best battery life.

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Visuo Drone camera design

Visuo Drone has an inbuilt 1080P HD camera that provides detailed videos and images. Both sides of the camera have antennas. You will need to take off the camera before loading a micro SD card. 40 MB of the Micro SD card will be occupied after recording a five minutes video.

Performance of Visuo XS812

The performance of this drone is enhanced by the built-in GPS module. This means that the drone can communicate with satellites to ensure the hovering positioning is steady and provide stability.  This is a great feature for beginners as they won’t focus too much on the positioning which is usually quite difficult for them. Their flight experience is therefore greatly improved.

The speed mode of Visuo XS812 is found in three different levels. This makes it easy to master the flight controls.  When on default the speed and the controls are a bit low. Later after more training and practice, it can be changed to speed mode where the user gets to experience the full thrill. The High-speed mode is incredibly fast and agile.

Flight experience

Since Visuo XS812 is GPS enabled, it needs compass calibration before the first flight. To ensure that the drone is in its calibration state, check for the blinking of LED. The red LED becomes solid once the drone is rotated clockwise for 3 or 4 times. You will need to repeat the same step with the nose facing down for the green LEDs to become solid.

As indicated above, the drone resists the wind efficiently even with the brushed motors. This makes the flight experience more enjoyable especially when you’re flying it on the ‘speed’ and ‘high-speed mode. Furthermore, it has a Follow me feature that is easy to operate. It’s guided by the phone’s GPS and follows you closely. This feature should, however, be used with great care as it’s not accompanied by an obstacle avoidance system.

 Features of Visuo XS812

This one of the quadcopters with most features that is under $100. A critical feature which is the camera is powerful with 1080p HD. It has an advanced air pressure altitude hold for detecting changes in the skies hence assists it in maintaining the chosen hovering position. With this feature, you can get clear images and videos.

Furthermore, this drone has 360-degree flips, speed mode, headless mode, waypoint mode, follow me mode and return to home function. The speed mode enables you to increase the speed of the drone from its default mode which is usually slower. This makes the flight experience very thrilling. The headless mode functions well to prevent the pilots from worrying about orientation. Since a drone has the front and the back, to fly on a headless mode, you will need to position your drone where its front is your front.

The follow-me mode ensures the drone is following you wherever you go. On the other hand, the return to home function is appropriate when you want the quadcopter drone to fly back to the position it took off. Since visuo XS812 is GPS powered, before you hit the return to the home button, you should first wait for the drone to lock on to GPS satellites. This makes it easy for the drone to know the specific position of where it took off.

Additionally, the in-built GPS module provides this drone with a location tracking feature which is crucial for recovering a drone in case it gets lost. Nevertheless, ensure that you’re aware of the drone’s location if it’s being flown far. Visuo XS812 has an incredible range of 200 meters and can be flown in FPV by real-time streaming of the video to your smartphone.

Below is a summary of its main specs;

  • Remote controller- 4 channel 2.4G
  • Control distance is about 200m
  • Flying time is about 15 minutes
  • The camera is 5G 720P/1080P
  • Drone battery is 3.7V 1800Mah lipo battery
  • Charging time is about 180 minutes
  • 5G WIFI Trans-distance of about 200m
  • Quadcopter size when folded is 182x146x60mm
  • Quadcopter size when unfolded is 330x330x60mm
  • Altitude-hold with a sensor for barometric air pressure
  • GPS positioning system
  • Multiple flight speed modes
  • Intelligent flight modes, that is, Follow me, Way-point and circle hovering
  • Fail-safe auto- return to home function

Remote Controller of Visuo XS812

The general look of this drone is professional. This is added by the color choice and a nice finishing touch. Moreover, the buttons are well inscribed hence easy to understand and operate. This is important as some drones don’t have an inscription on the remote controller.

There are 12 buttons on the front, beside the control sticks. There are dedicated buttons for headless mode, photo, video, return to home function (RTH), emergency stop and compass calibration. The left shoulder button assists in changing between high and low speeds while the one on the right side is necessary for circle hovering.

Interestingly, it has the fail-safe return feature, that is great when you power it off accidentally or fly it out of the controller’s range. The function will enable it to return safely and autonomously to the take-off point. This, however, happens when there is a good GPS coverage.

Is Visuo Drone A Perfect Choice for You?

This will depend entirely on your needs. Its camera isn’t perfect but it isn’t half bad as described above, especially at that cost. If you need a drone that’s fun to fly, then this is a great option for you.

Finally, let’s look at the considerations to make when selecting a drone and check whether Visuo XS812 has been produced with the points in mind.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing A Drone

Below are the main factors you should consider before buying a drone to ensure that it suits your needs.

· The control ranges

Different drones have different control range. You should select one with the range that best suits your needs. A drone with a wider range will provide you with a wider coverage especially when you can manage it. Some have ranges of 30m while others such as Visuo XS812 have a 200m range.

·Camera type

Some drones may have an in-built camera while others may require you to buy one to attach to then.  It’s advisable to buy a drone with a camera that is built-in since they are lighter and more functional. Check the camera’s megapixels, camera distance, video resolution and whether the camera angle can be controlled. Visuo XS812 has an in-built camera that is changeable and is 5G 720P/1080P.


The design of a drone is very crucial. There are more advanced features such as GPS capability that are being added to drones. Having advanced features enables easy positioning, control, and balance of the drone. Drones that are considered to give a smooth flight are those with GPS capability. Visuo XS812 are GPS enabled and have more interesting features discussed above.

·Battery life

This is a crucial aspect to consider as it will determine the flight extension of your drone. You should also check the charging time of the batteries. You should select a battery that will offer you extended periods and have a shorter charging time. Additionally, select a drone whose batteries can be replaced when the battery dies or can’t hold a charge. Visuo XS812 has a flight time of 15 minutes and takes approximately 2 hours to charge. You’re also able to replace its batteries.

·Live Streaming

Most advanced drones have this feature. You can get the feed on your smartphone or computer in real-time. The live feed may be available in the remote controller with an LCD that shows you exactly what is being captured. This enables you to control the drone according to what you prefer being captured. Visuo XS812 can be flown in FPV by real-time streaming of the video to your smartphone.

·Replacement options

Some parts require replacement or repair. Some of these parts include batteries, gears, and propellers. You should, therefore, consider a drone that can allow easy replacements. Visuo XS812 allow easy replacements such as battery replacements.

If you’re looking for an affordable drone with smart technology. Check out the Visuo XS812 drone. Its average price is $100 and it’s a smart investment. Drones, being produced in recent times have the GPS upgrade which is available in Visuo XS812 and more incredible features.