Syma x5c

Syma X5C

Have you ever bought an item at a low price and didn’t have high expectations towards it? This could be the case in Syma X5C, it’s very affordable and you may think that it doesn’t have much to offer. The flight experience it offers is quite high considering its price. Interestingly, it’s ideal for both indoors and outdoors. However, it may fail to perform well in cases with very strong winds. Its small size and is easy to operate makes it suitable for a beginner.

Syma X5C

Review of Syma X5C

1. Flight time and battery

The battery being used by a drone determines the drone’s flight time thus, battery and flight time go hand in hand. This drone uses 3.7V 500Mah Li-poly batteries. The battery consumes 100 minutes to be fully charged via the USB cable. The USB cable is included in the package to ensure that it’s the most appropriate one for this purpose. It’s easy to know when the batteries are fully charged, as the light on the charger turns off.  These batteries give the drone 7 minutes of flight time.  Due to the short flight time, it’s advisable to buy extra batteries, or you can also buy a recharger that will allow you to reuse batteries.

2. Camera

The camera has a 720p resolution. The footage or pictures are recorded directly to the SD card. There is a camera button that is pressed to either take pictures or record footage. When the button is long pressed, you either start or stop the video. When taking pictures, you press it gently. Nevertheless, to avoid any confusion, always refer to the instruction manual for the best choice and correct use.

The quality of footage offered by this drone isn’t of high quality but it’s decent considering the low price. After all, you enjoy and learn how to take aerial videos accordingly. Moreover, once you don’t want to use the camera, you can detach it from the drone and lower the overall weight of the drone. Also, have in mind that using the camera during your flight reduces the flight time from one battery charge.

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3. Controller

The controller of this drone utilizes 4 X AA batteries and operates on a frequency of 2.4 GHz. For the appropriate link between the quadcopter and the controller, you should first switch on the controller before switching on the drone.

It’s crucial to ensure that the throttle stick of the quadcopter not up and you have switched it on after the controller. Once you have started it, the lights will begin flashing randomly, and the flash pattern will be steady as it boots completely. At this stage, the throttle can be moved up, and then down. Once the lights stop blinking and stay blinking, it’s an indication that the controller and quadcopter are well connected. Furthermore, to increase the remote distance, the drone utilizes spread spectrum technology.

4. Flight experience

As highlighted above, this drone can fly both indoors and outdoors. However, its performance is high when flown indoors. Its agility and speed are experienced when flown indoors. You can select the mode you prefer from the screen. The drone provides a smooth flight and responds well to the commands from the controller. It ‘s also easy to maneuver and can make decent back turns.

In contrast to some drones in the same category, Syma X5C is very responsive to throttle commands. For some other drones, when the throttle is reduced, and the drone starts descending if the throttle is suddenly hit when attempting to recover attitude, the drone wobbles and finally crashes.

The prop guards provide some protection to the furniture in the house and are great for beginners. Nevertheless, they add some weight to the drone. Good thing is, they’re removable and the pilot can remove them after gaining more experience.

5. Syma X5C Specifications

This drone weighs about two pounds, thus it’s light for a drone. They have the dimensions 12.2 by 12.2 by 3.1 inches. Although, it’s considered to be a toy, its somehow similar to a drone thus shown be flown with care when in the outdoors.

It’s white, making it easy to trace when lost. Moreover, there are flashing colorful lights that allow the drone to be flown even during the night. As long as you fly it within the given range it’s very difficult to lose it. When remote-controlled, the drone can fly up to 50 meters, and as highlighted above the remote controller has a frequency of 2.4 GHz. Moreover, this drone has a 6-axis Gyro stabilization system that makes it flexible and more stable when flying. This makes the flight experience thrilling.

6. Build quality

Syma X5C build quality is amazing, and although it’ s built from hard plastic, it’s very durable. It may look flimsy due to the plastic composition and the lightness, but surprisingly, it can take some hits before getting shattered or cracked. This is also an advantage when it gets stuck in a high place or a tree, it can be removed without or with minimal damage.

7.  Modifications and Add-ons to Syma X5C

To make the flying experience more exciting, you may need to have some Add-ons and modifications to the drone. to increase the flight time, you may purchase extra batteries in addition to an extra USB charger for four batteries.

To keep the drone safe as you carry it in the outdoors, you need to purchase a carrying case. The best carrying case should be one that has foam inserts to provide more protection to the drone. If you need to make the case more fitting to your drone and its accessories, you can heat the screwdriver’s tip and use it to mold the foam inserts to your satisfaction.

8.  Model information

The camera is located down at the battery compartment door; thus, you will need to be aware of how to open the battery compartment.  The battery compartment and the power button are found under the drone, giving it a neat look. After purchasing Syma X5C you will get the following in the package;

  • The drone itself
  • 7V 500Mah Li-poly batteries
  • An English user manual
  • Micro SD card of 4GB and a MicroSD reader
  • USB charger
  • Two prop guards
  • Two propellers

Pros for Syma X5C

  • Has a stable flight performance that is enabled by the onboard guidance computer
  • It’s small and can be flown easily. This is due to its high agility and high responsiveness
  • It has blades that act as a protective guard to the drone
  • It’s suitable for beginners since it’s easy to fly. After a few hours of practice, you will be shocked by how well you’ve mastered flying Syma X5C.

Cons of Syma X5C

  • Its flight time is short. This can be improved by having a better battery or purchasing extra batteries.
  • Its control range is short. This can be improved by having a better transmitter
  • The camera is low end. It may not be impressive but its descent for a low-end drone

As indicated above, Syma X5C is suitable for beginners. Intermediate flyers aren’t also left behind, as it would be very necessary for mastering the skills. Interestingly, since it’s hard to break and have interesting features, advanced pilots can also fly it even harder with no worries of breaking it.