Best Quiet Drones in 2020

Quiet drones

Invention of drones in the modern era has provided exciting experiences and scenes. However, some noise is produced when they’re put to use. It’s often annoying when you’re covering an event, and the drone’s noise disrupts people as it flies over guests. What ought to be exciting becomes a concern to you, and the people around you. Fortunately, due to many concerns over this noise, some manufacturers are utilizing the latest silent drone technology to produce quiet drones. This article looks at the most popular and top quiet drones in the market.

Best Silent Drones

  • DJI Mavic Pro Platinum 4K Drone Electronic

This is one of the best quite drones in the market today. Its durability is one aspect that you get to enjoy after purchasing it. This is due to its compact body that is both alluring and powerful. This is a device that you can confidently use for video coverage business as it utilizes a 4K camera that provides high-quality images and video footage. 

There are user-friendly and simple settings on this drone. There is a special sensor looking downwards on the drone’s bottom. With a hit of the home button, the drone detects and finds a good landing zone. Anything too close to the drone is detected by the sensor thus eliminating crushing when flying or landing.

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum now utilizes a new and improved flight time of 30 minutes. Interestingly, the company promises that it’s 60% quieter than other Mavic models. Silence provided by this drone is due to the presence of new 8331 propellers and FOC sinusoidal driver ESCs that lowers up to 4 dB of drone’s noise during takeoff and landing while still extending the flight time to 30 minutes. 

The 8331 propellers have a new aerodynamic design to give an incredible noise control performance, and the ESC drivers increase stability with the sinusoidal current it offers. All these features combined ensure that you have a quieter and more enjoyable flight experience. 

  • Funsky 913

This is an affordable drone that is suitable for hobby or beginners. With little piloting experience, you can fly it with less hassle. You can easily find it due to the GPS positioning feature when you lose track of it. In the GPS mode, you will just need to press the Return button, and the drone will fly back safely to your home points. This feature is also important as it can also return home when a signal is lost or the battery gets low. 

It’s lightweight due to the plastic material utilized in its construction making it weigh 230g. The plastic construction which is ABS plastic is on the exterior casing ensuring that this drone has an awesome build quality. Since it’s small and lightweight, it’s portable, and you can just slip into your pocket without feeling burdened by its weight. Moreover, due to this weight, there will be no need for FAA registration.

Funsky 913 utilizes a fair quality 1080 camera that will enable you to capture video footage and photos when both indoors and outdoors. With the SD card’s support, you can easily store the images and footage on your phone. This camera doesn’t have a stabilizer; hence you’ll need to fly during calm weather when you need stable footage. 

This drone offers a flight time of 16 minutes and its battery needs 90 minutes to be fully charged. As highlighted above, Funsky 813 can be used by beginners easily due to its friendly flight features. These flight features include one key return, altitude hold, one key takeoff and landing, four-channel flight, gesture control, and auto-return home function. 

What makes this device a quiet drone is that it utilizes super quiet motors and propellers that provide quiet operation. You will barely hear it even when moving at a fast speed. 

  • Altair Aerial Outlaw

This is the best value silent drone provided in the market. Regardless of previous piloting experience, this drone can be flown by anyone. This is due to the tons of features that accompany it that include headless mode; altitude hold and one-touch take-off and landing. It has more recent drone tech upgrades that make it friendly to beginners. 

The 3 return-to-home functions also improve the flight experience, where the Fail-Safe Return Home prevents drone’s loss when the pilot loses track of it, the auto Follow-Me Mode and Point of Interest provides an easy flight. GPS flight mode allows flying with great stability. Additionally, Altair Aerial Outlaw uses a 1080P camera which is necessary to capture fair quality footage and photos.

A careful construction accompanied by brushless motors reduces as much friction as possible with the motors. This reduces noise produced during operation making it an almost silent drone.

  • DJI Spark

This mini drone offers great flying experience and camera technology. It takes a simple design and offers a good price for the features it provides. It has a compact design with a wealth of features to enjoy. It’s light in weight (10.6 ounces) and small in size making it very portable. 

The battery offers a flight time of up to 16 minutes and you can either use a Micro USB charging port directly on the drone or a charging cradle that comes with the Fly More Combo pack. DJI Sparks camera captures 12- megapixel still images and video footage of 1080p. Nevertheless, rather than the lens being 3-axis stabilized, it’s 2-axis stabilized. 

Flight experience of this drone is enhanced by great features such as Return to Home function, obstacle detection, gesture control, GPS positioning and Vision system for accurate positioning.

What makes it a quiet drone is that it has a vibration-damping ability which filters any noise that could be produced when flying the drone. This eliminates any distraction that would be created when flying the drone at high speeds.

  • Parrot Mambo

This is the cheapest quiet drone that you’ll find in the market today. This doesn’t limit its performance as a mini beginner drone, as it offers a ton of features for a good performance. It has high-tech sensors that give optimal stability when flying. This stability makes it possible to do fun acrobatics such as barrel rolls and flips. The sensors detect obstacles on the drone hence, minimize the risk of crashing when flying or landing.

You can easily control this entry-level drone using the new Flypad controller or the FreeFlight Mini app with a control range of 200 meters. It’s accompanied with a mountable FPV camera and VR headset that allows you to get an interesting bird’s-eye view of your surroundings. The camera utilizes Cannon shoot technology and can shoot small objects that are even 6ft away. This drone can be used both indoors and outdoors and has an Autopilot functionality that enables it to fly on its own. The drone being small and lightweight boosts its ability to fly indoors. It weighs 63g without the propeller guards. 

Parrot Mambo provides the user with a stable flight through the 3-axis gyro stabilization, accelerometers and an ultrasound sensor facing downwards. Its battery offers a 9 minutes flight time when there is no hull or accessories, while it gets to 6-7 minutes when the accessories and hull are in place. You can easily charge it when connected to a 2A USB adapter, and you will only need 30 minutes to fully charge it.

Interestingly, you can pair it with your smartphone through Bluetooth and offer a range of 20m. You will just need to install the Parrot FreeFlight Mini iOS or Android app since its Bluetooth pairing is done through the app.

As for its noise level, the manufacturer of Parrot Mambo suggests that it’s as quiet as a wasp. This is a reliable drone for noise-sensitive buyers who needs an entry point into this hobby. 

  • Yuneec Q500

This is a great silent drone that is well designed with a sturdy body that assists in minimizing unnecessary sounds during flights. It’s equipped with an Ultra HD 4K camera accompanied by a 3-axis gimbal necessary for stability. This allows you to capture footage and images with unparalleled realism and incredible detail. 

For transporting it from one place to another, this drone has its rugged transport case that is made of lightweight and strong aluminum. The core also has a high-density foam that can easily accommodate the drone itself, controller, chargers, two sets of props, two batteries and other accessories. 

Moreover, it can be combined with an Android smartphone or an iPhone to easily control the camera as you see what is being captured. The controller has buttons for snapping photos, starting and stopping video recording. There are also sliders for setting a good camera angle and limit overall descend and directional speed. A switch in the controller helps move between Smart, Home and Angle flight modes.

The Smart mode is mostly used for beginners and is the only way that allows you to utilize this drone’s Follow Me and Watch Me modes. The Follow Me mode uses a GPS signal from the controller to follow whatever or whoever is carrying it. In contrast, WatchMe mode keeps the controller or whoever is holding it framed in the camera regardless of how or where it moves, and the camera can be tilted automatically according to the controller.

Apart from the sturdy body reducing the unnecessary sounds when flying, it has insulator materials on its body to lower the vibrations.  Drones often produce vibrations as they fly, and it might a difficult task to handle them. Nevertheless, when the manufacturer designs a drone with vibrations on check, the drone becomes less noisy. This has been done to Yuneec Q500, providing the user with less or no noise flight experience.

  • Force F100/Bugs 3

This drone is commonly known as Bugs 3 and is an affordable quiet drone. It has brushless motors, high landing gear, propeller guards and two rechargeable batteries. It also has a GoPro mount that fits GoPro Hero 3 or 4. These GoPro attachments allow you to manually control altitude easily, perform 360-degree stunts and the two speeds it operates on.

When the two batteries are put to use, you can enjoy a flight time of about 30 minutes and the remote transmitter has a 1640 ft signal distance. Force F100 is accompanied with a camera that is specifically made for it. The kit has all the accessories for flying and filming. To make filming an easy task, the drone package has a mobile app that allows you to get a live feed of what is being captured.

Furthermore, it’s small in size due to the 16 by 16 inches footprint. This makes it less bulky and enhances its portability. The brushless motors and quiet propellers minimize noise produced during flight. This allows it to be grouped among the best silent drones in the market.

Why Do Drones Make So Much Noise?

With the absence of silent drone technology, drones produce a loud noise when being flown. The noise you hear when it flies a few feet away from you will not be similar to when it’s a few hundred feet away. It will loudest when flying a few feet from you. 

Why is drone’s noise a great concern?

NASA’s study confirmed that most people are irritated by the noise produced by drones. This is the reason why people in recent times are seeking to purchase quiet drones. The noise produced by cars is not considered very irritating as the one produced by drones, considering that cars are all around us. One of the main reasons is that cars move faster than drones, this means that you won’t have to put up with the sound for a longer time. Additionally, cars’ sound is familiar to our ears, but that of drones could sound strange since it’s a new invention.

Where does this noise originate from?

The loud noise is produced because the rotors are slicing through the air. A propeller converts rotational kinetic energy to thrust. With an understanding of the basics of mechanics, we know that there are some losses. A typical large propeller that is used by a full-size airplane is over 80% efficient, but a small multirotor propeller can be 60-70% efficient. The remaining energy is used into generating heat and noise, this is the sound we hear being produced by drones during flight. 

A lot of the noise produced by a propeller aircraft originates from aerodynamics due to the flow of air around the blades. When the propellers spin at their full speed, the blades can reach a speed that is near or over the speed of sound. This causes noise by drones. This process creates a wave drag that limits propeller’s performance.

What makes a propeller silent?

Propellers are made silent by modifying some of the features that were found in the original propellers. New propellers have a new aerodynamic design, they feel thinner and the new blades are about 3mm longer than the original blades.

Some drones experience a negative impact from this since there could be slow vibrations that could be easily seen on camera, and the propellers may easily break.

Silent Drone Technology 

Below are some technologies that diminish noise produced by drones during flight. This can be your buying guide as you seek to purchase a silent drone.

  • Design of propellers

A computer software has been used to identify a propeller design that has the lowest acoustic signature. The result has been a bat-wing shaped propeller. This shape significantly reduces drone’s noise and makes it appear truly evil, a feature that would be interesting for battle drones.

  • Having larger propellers

A large and low spinning propeller produces less noise. Large propellers often spin slower this makes them generate lower frequency sound thus little or no noise is heard.

  • Propeller shrouds

Noise reduction shrouds can enclose the propellers to minimize noise generated during flight. The shrouds have a nanofiber acoustic dampening material that directs noise skywards as it still protects the propellers from crashing with objects. Trials with these shrouds have shown a reduction of noise by 6 decibels.

  • Brushless motors

Drones can utilize either brushed or brushless motors. A drone with brushless motors is quieter than one using brushed motors. 

  • Having a sturdy body

When a drone has a sturdy body that covers all the internal features, noise can be minimized. This is because when battery, motors and other features are exposed, noises easily come out.

Parting Shot

Quiet drones are very effective for professional video or film shooting, for surveillance and picking or dropping off objects. For the professional shooting, the noise could distract your subject or overshadow the sound intended to be captured. If you want to monitor some activities without being known, you will need a silent drone. When you’re in a workplace and you need to pick or drop off some objects, a quite drone will be relevant to avoid disrupting your co-workers.

There could be more reasons why you intend to use a quite drone, but what you should have in mind is the drone’s design and features as they are crucial in determining the amount of noise generated during flight.