Star Wars Drone

Star Wars Drone

Have you seen any of the Stars Wars movies? If yes, you can easily tell why many people are in love with the series. Flying their spaceships is what many fans wished to do as it seemed to have given a thrilling experience. With the manufacturing of Star Wars drone, one can get a similar experience. Excitement and adventure seen don’t end in the film but has been implemented to other products in Star Wars-Style. This article reviews the best Star Wars drone available on Amazon.

Star Wars Drone

Reviews of Star Wars Quadcopters


  • Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control Millennium Falcon Quad


This drone has iconic LED lights and authentic sounds, giving you a feel of flying the most iconic ship in the Star Wars universe. It has a well detailed remote control and takes the design of Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars franchise. Due to the 4 quad propellers, it’s easy to control it even when driving faster in hyperspace mode. The four rotors are well concealed on the body providing a space-like flight.

With 2.4 GHz communication in place, you can easily control this drone up to 200 feet away. Moreover, to activate the hyper-drive stunt, you’ll just need to push a button. Interestingly, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. After purchasing it, you will be provided with one Millennium Falcon Quad, one Instruction Guide, one remote control, and one USB cable

Key features

  • Protects from crashes with an impact-resistant foam
  • Presence of LED lights
  • Features gyro-stabilization for smooth flying
  • Easy to clean and maintain due to the removable propellers
  • Operates using 6 x AA batteries
  • Produces authentic sounds from Star Wars films
  • The drone and controller can be easily charged using a USB cable from the USB port
  • It’s suitable for children aged 8 years and above.

The negative side of this drone is that it has a short battery life and less resistance to wind.

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  • Air Hogs- Star Wars X-wing vs. Death Star Rebel Assault- RC drones


This is among the best Star Wars battle drones available in the market. It provides great attention to detail that would be thrilling to true fans of Star Wars films. You can lead a Rebel Assault with your X-wing drone and take down the Death Star. The autonomous Death Star tracks your movements and attacks you as you still attack with your X-wing.

High and smooth performance is provided through gyro-stabilization, and a 2.4 GHz communication allows you to easily control the drone up to 200ft range. It also has a 4- channel control for the same purpose.

You can shoot down the Death Star with 3-direct hits when using your X-wing drone. You should, however, be careful not to get hit. For more epic battles, you could pair this unit with the Air Hogs Star Wars TIE Fighter drone. This is sold separately.

Key features 


  • It comprises an X-wing drone and an auto-hovering Death Star


  • It has built-in infrared lasers to shoot the Death Star
  • It utilizes 6 AA batteries
  • After purchasing, you will get an X-wing drone, an auto-hovering Death Star, USB cable and Instruction Guide
  • The X-wing is gyro-stabilized for a smooth flight together with a 4-channel control
  • Has lights and sound to enhance the battle experience
  • Can be easily paired with other drones
  • The Death Star is autonomous
  • It’s suitable for children aged 8 years and above



The downside of this drone is that batteries aren’t included and one needs to practice to fight the Death Star with ease.


  • Air Hogs-Poe’s Boosted X-Wing Fighter


Controls of this drone are user-friendly and its exterior is crash-resistant. It’s made with Poe Dameron’s Boosted X- Wing Fighter in mind. It provides a smooth and steady flight due to the presence of dual-rotor Powercore Drive Train. This X-wing drone has an intuitive remote control and it has great responsiveness and agility. 

It has been designed to be among the best Star Wars battle drones in the market due to the impact-resistant design that enables it to leave it as it was when it faces minor crashes. Moreover, it can be easily charged for 40 minutes via a USB cable and has a flight time of 4 minutes. 

Key features

  • It requires 2 AAA batteries
  • An instruction sheet is provided for easy flying 
  • Presence of intuitive controls
  • Has a dual rotor Powercore Drive Train that allows you to make stunts
  • Resistant to minor crashes
  • It’s lightweight, yet very sturdy
  • Suitable for 8 years and above 

The shortcoming of this drone is that it has a short flight time of 4 minutes and the AAA batteries aren’t included.


  • Costzon Star Wars RC Quadcopter


This is among the best Star Wars battle drones and takes the iconic speeder bikers design from the films. It offers real laser battling, and you can track your stats online as you play with your friends. Interestingly, it features a ride-on Storm Trooper.

There are three-speed settings to choose from. These settings range from beginner to advanced pilots and can reach flying speeds of up to 35mph. It has a companion app available for Android and IOS enabling you to host and create virtual battle events, engage with flight simulators, and being able to track your stats globally. 

Additionally, it has a reverse propulsion design to provide a natural flight. With this feature you can battle up to 12- Star Wars drones at once and with ease.

The remote control has a nice look, and a training mode is available to assist in learning how to pilot the drone without crashes or flying away.

Key Features


  • Reaches up to 35 mph


  • Offers a training mode for beginners
  • It has three-speed settings
  • Accompanied by a free iOS and Android app enables you to battle with up to 12 friends and tracks your stats globally
  • You can choose from the Rebel and Imperial sides
  • Has sounds and lights from the Star Wars movies
  • Ability to do aerial stunts
  • It has a 1-year warranty.



A downside of this unit is that the 4 AA batteries necessary for its operation are not included.


  • Propel Star Wars drone: Tie Fighter Collector’s Edition Box


This proper Star Wars drone takes the design of Tie Fighter. This edition plays a special tune of the iconic Imperial March as you unpack it from the box. Some finishing touches done on this drone are appealing to both new and longtime fans.

The pilot can reach flying speeds of up to 35mph and there are three-speed settings to choose from depending on your level as a pilot. This allows you to fly with a speed that is suitable for your level. With the altitude stabilization mode in place, you enjoy a thrilling experience with great stability. 

A virtual game that can be played by up to 12 people at once accompanies this Star Wars battle drone. You can choose either the Imperial or Rebel sides as you battle your friends. The virtual game also enables you to track your game stats globally. 

Key features

  • Propellers use reverse propulsion
  • A collector’s edition box is included and interestingly plays the iconic Imperial March upon opening
  • It has three-speed options to choose from
  • It’s hand-painted and of high quality
  • Has an altitude stabilization mode
  • Flies up to 35 mph
  • After purchase, you can easily gain access to the companion app that allows you to participate in a virtual game with up to 12 friends.

Short battery life is a weakness of this drone.


  • Propel Star Wars drone: X Wing Collector’s Edition Box


This quadcopter takes the design of the Star Wars series’ iconic Rebel Alliance starfighter. You can virtually battle with up to 12 friends from your smartphone. This unit comes with the Collector’s Edition Box, which means that the Imperial Theme is played upon opening. 

Each special edition of this drone is of high quality and hand-painted for a proper aesthetic appeal. It offers 3- speed settings to choose from and has flying speeds of up to 35mph. Piloting is easy with this Star Wars battle drone due to the presence of an altitude stabilization mode. The reverse propulsion design enables battling of up to 12 Star War quadcopter easily and at once. Nevertheless, it’s more fragile and less resistant to wind than an average drone.

Key features


  • It uses a wireless remote control accompanied by the Rebel Alliance insignia


  • It has an altitude stabilization mode
  • Can be flown both indoors and outdoors
  • Its propellers utilize reverse propulsion design for easy piloting
  • It has a flight time of about 6 to 8 minutes
  • It utilizes 4 AA 1.5-volt batteries 
  • It has an average time of 30- 40 minutes
  • It’s accompanied by an online game that is included in the app download. This allows battling up to quadcopters at once



The downside of this Star Wars drone is that it isn’t wind resistant and the remote’s batteries aren’t included.


  • Propel Star Wars Drone: Speeder Bike Collector’s Edition Box


This drone comes complete with Storm Trooper rider to give you a thrilling experience. It’s well packaged in the Collector’s Edition Box and plays the Imperial March when unpacking it. Whether you need to fly it physically or battle on the app with your friends, this is a drone that you’ll be proud to have in your collection. It’s suitable for people with 14 years and above, thus you can buy it for yourself and have fun at any age.

Each special edition of this drone is of high quality and hand-painted making it more appealing. Three-speed settings ranging from beginner to advanced pilots are available thus, you can choose one suitable for your piloting experience. It provides a thr experience as you fly speeds of up to 35mph. 

With the virtual game in place, you can battle up to 12 Star Wars quadcopter at the same time, and in a very easy way.  It has a reverse propulsion design and altitude stabilization mode that makes piloting easy.

Key features

  • It has four propellers utilizing reverse propulsion
  • It’s well packaged in the Collector’s Edition Box and plays the Imperial March theme as it’s been unpacked from the box
  • It’s made from high-quality materials and is hand-painted
  • You can battle your friends online using the app accompanying this drone
  • Training mode is provided to give an easy learning experience to the beginners
  • It includes a limited-edition box
  • An altitude stabilization is present in the propellers for easy piloting

Star Wars Propel Drones

We will look at the features of Propel Star Wars battle drones since they are among the most popularly known and utilized Star Wars drones. We have previously discussed the three Star Wars propel drones, which is Tie Fighter, X-wing and Speeder bike. Features that could describe these drones include the following:


  • A realistic design


Each of the Propel Star Wars drones is well packaged in a collector’s edition box that provides a few surprises. As you lift off the top, the drone is well revealed from a clear plastic case that automatically lights and starts playing the Imperial March theme. At the box’s bottom, there are a few other boxes that contain rotors, a controller, a rotor cage, two batteries, and a charger. 

The three drones have a high level of detail and the rotors are located on the underside of each. This is in comparison with most other drones where the rotors are on top. A reverse propulsion system hides the rotors to some degree.

Previously, there were two IR transmitters in the front necessary when flying combat missions against other Star Wars drones. The IR blasters have been replaced with lasers that are much cooler. Interestingly, each of these drones weighs less than one pound, thus there is no need for FAA registration. 


  • THX for the audio


Propel did not just use Star Wars audio tracks on their display cases, but also embedded them on the remote control. At the controller’s bottom, there is a standard headphone jack and a small speaker grille. As you fly these drones, either in a battle or solo, you can enjoy Star Wars music, voices, and sound effects. You can have them loud or less loud just for you.

Moreover, the controllers are matched with Rebel or Imperial insignias that can also be used as power buttons. They have rumble packs that are activated once the drone is started or shut down. A hidden screwdriver is also present to allow access to the controller’s battery compartments as well as swap out some components of the drone. 

The controller is customized for each drone and requires 4 AA batteries for its operation. Once the cover is removed, the controller also plays a humorous message.


  • Smart simulation


The app accompanying this drone has a training section where beginners can learn how to utilize it effectively and comprehensively. This section is a bit of programming that allows you to use a virtual drone on-screen. You will be in a position to work your way up the ranks as you attain more experience and have a good mastery of the control scheme.

There is an instant response to your drone due to the Bluetooth connection. Additionally, the app can maintain a forced perspective, where the virtual drone flies away from you, becomes smaller as you increase the distance, just as the way it would happen in real-life. You may not be in a position to judge these virtual distances, but if you can easily control them, then you can do well even in real life.


  • Attention to detail


Propel has achieved incredible attention to detail when manufacturing these drones. Tiny patterns on the drone, matte finish of the paint, and details worked into the plastic makes the drones appealing. 

Most of other drones utilize a standard rechargeable battery, but these Propel Star Wars drones have customized batteries where batteries become part of the drone’s body when well inserted. This design eliminates the need to have separate battery compartments and covers, thus maintaining the proportions of each drone. Batteries and chargers are however unique to each model. 

The commitment to detail for Propel drones exceeds what could be found on actual drones. The whole experience of unboxing is appealing to Star Wars fans. The outer box is a smooth black surface and has color prints for each drone concerning the Star Wars branding. This outer box only exists to protect the inner box.

The inner box is a silver-finished enclosure with a transparent plastic showing the unit contained in the inside. It’s sealed on two sides with either Rebellion or Imperial insignia. This kind of box is not popular in toys, but for a thousand dollars wristwatches.

Nevertheless, if you’ll need to use the unit again when on the inside, you’ll need to damage this beautiful packaging since the plastic insignias are glued on the top and bottom box shells. It might seem irrelevant to talk about a product’s packaging, but this one is too gorgeous and outstanding to ignore.


  • Warranty 


Full refunds are provided on unopened products within 30 days after purchase. Propel also offers a 90-day warranty against defects. This, however, doesn’t include parts broken from crashing. After purchasing, the company provides free replacement propellers, propeller guards, landing gears, canopies and main rotor shafts for the first year.


  • A bit tricky to fly


This is one thing that the simulation fails to get right. These Propel drones tend to drift and change their altitude on their own. It dawns to you that after all these are toys, when you’re actually fly them. The absence of visual positioning or ultrasonic sensors can make the flying experience a bit difficult for beginners. 

The remote has trim functions and calibration. Nevertheless, instead of these features offering a good and clean hover, they only corrected for massive problems with flight stability.

This is, however, not a deal-breaker since there are no onboard cameras that require a perfectly stable flight for good footage. Additionally, when battling out with these Star Wars drones, you’ll not be stopping to admire the scenery, thus stability might be irrelevant.

A solution that Propel has provided for more stability is presence of a training mode, three-speed modes, altitude and stick sensitivity.

Star Wars Drones Buying Guide

When purchasing any electric gadgets, there are factors that one should consider to ensure that an informed decision is made. Below are some tips that could get you started as you search for the best Star Wars drone to suit your needs.


  • It should be a replica of the Star Wars films


For a quality Star Wars product, it has to be movie-accurate. The main aim of buying this unit is getting a thrilling experience that is featured in the Star Wars movies. Propel Star War drones are among those that accurately depict the starcrafts in the films. Their X-Wing and Tie Fighter are provided in Collector’s Edition and are hand-painted for a stunning and well-detailed finish. Additionally, playing the Star Wars music when unboxing these drones give the experience being sought by a user.


  • High-quality controller


A good drone is one that can be controlled easily. Most drones are wireless thus, they need some form of connection between the controller and the gadget for easy and effective control. You should always look for a Star Wars drone that has a great connection to the controller, and consider whether the controls are user-friendly. 

Control needed by the drone is a very crucial aspect to consider as it will help reduce frequent crashes and also allows the user to make great stunts and moves when battling with other Star Wars drones.


  • Durability 


You should consider the drone’s ability to withstand crashes. You may be a seasoned pro pilot, but it’s inevitable to crash your drone at some point. Subsequently, whether you are a beginner or a pro, you should ensure that the Star Wars drone that you have chosen has features that would enable it to withstand crashes. The durable exterior is one feature that easily dictates whether the drone can withstand crashes or not. 

For instance, the Air Hogs Star Wars drones utilize a durable foam to resist minor impacts that may damage your drone. This makes it suitable for all skill levels, ages, and abilities. 


  • Replacement options


You may need to replace or repair some parts of your drones hence; you should consider purchasing a unit whose equipment can be easily found. You should have in mind that if you choose a drone that doesn’t allow easy replacement, then it will be rendered useless in case of any breakage. Some of the major replacement parts include batteries, propellers, and gears. 


  • Check reviews 


Apart from checking our reviews, you could also check reviews from clients who have interacted with the drone. The Internet has made this easy for you as customers easily post their remarks on a product on the manufacturer’s websites or social media platforms. Their satisfaction level can also assist you to make an informed decision.

Add a star wars drone to your collection

If you need an incredible holiday and birthday gift for a Star Wars fan, then the drones described in this article may be a valuable option for you. There are various models and brands to choose from, and making a suitable selection may be a challenging task for you. This shouldn’t be the case when you have all the relevant information with you and when you fully understand your needs.

A feature that many Star Wars fans could find interesting is utilizing some form of replication from the Star Wars films. Check whether details and features present in the model are the most important to you. Top brands in manufacturing Star Wars drones are; Propel, Air Hogs and Costzon. You could consider their models for a top-notch performance.