Promark VR Drone

Promark VR Drone

Promark virtual reality drone is utilized in various fields and careers. It’s a bit advanced compared to some other drones and is popular among many drone enthusiasts, that prefer advanced drones. However, it can be easily flown by even young children, not less than 14 years This is due to the flight assistance features available. The manufacturer aimed at providing a drone that is more than just a toy. It provides great video and flight performances at an affordable price. You may find it being referred to as Syma X8 in some markets hence when looking for additional parts of the drone, you can check those under this name too.

Promark VR Drone

Review of Promark VR Drone

1. Design

It’s large in size and has a dimension of 19 X 5.8 X 19 inches. It has a contemporary design and weighs 1.3 pounds. It has 4 rotor blades with 4 LED lights on the underneath. The LED lights on the back are red and those in the front are green. There are two on the front and two on the back. The landing gear is composed of four long legs under the drone. The legs also act as protection to the camera attached to the drone. Shields for the blades are also provided. You will however not find them attached while in the box. Moreover, it comes into different colors, where the most common ones are black and white.

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2. VR 3D Viewing

This is the feature that gives the drone the VR status. The virtual reality is provided by the 3- dimensional goggles that are found in the box. This enhances the live streaming of the captured footage by the drone. the virtual reality feature also enables easier flight control and with the goggles, you can monitor the drone as it flies in the air without the need of carrying your phone around.

3. Camera

Promark VR drone utilizes a 720p HD camera and is mounted beneath the drone. On the remote controller, there is a ‘Camera Angle’ button that allows the camera to be tilted down or up. The camera provides a fairly decent video quality. Moving the drone suddenly provides some jelly effect to the footage. This means that the pilot has to move the drone on the slowest speed setting to get footage of high quality.

4. WIFI Video Streaming

This drone has a built-in WIFI signal that allows for live streaming and easier flight control. Moreover, this feature works with the Promark VR aerial photography app to record videos and images with your phone. The app can be downloaded from the Apple app store or Google play store at no cost.

5. Promark VR transmitter

The layout of the transmitter is standard and the design is sleek. It comfortably lies in the hands of the pilot hence easy to operate. The transmitter is not overcrowded with buttons despites the many features of the drone.

The right joystick is for directional control and the left joystick is the throttle and rotates control. You will also get buttons for trim up-down and left-right. The corresponding button can be used to point the camera down or up. A button to control the camera is also present. A short press on the button will take a picture and a long press will start the video recording. There are other buttons for auto takeoff, auto landing, and speed.

Interestingly, you don’t have to guess the settings you are choosing since there are well-lit LED screens that clearly shows the camera mode and other current settings. There is a phone holder on the remote controller that can hold even the largest phones. Once the Promark VR app is installed on your phone, you can control the drone by your phone. Nevertheless, flying using the smartphone may limit some features such as the single-button flip feature.

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6. Two-Way Flight control

This feature is enabled by the Promark VR app. Through it, you can control the flight of the drone on your phone via the WIFI signal of the drone. There’s however a limited WIFI range, thus the maximum flight height is 100ft.

If you prefer the traditional method of flight control, you can utilize the radio remote whose transmission power is 2.47GHZ. This method is more efficient and improves the maximum flight height to 936ft.

7. Battery

This drone utilizes a powerful Li-Polymer battery with 7.4V 2,000MAh. This gives the drone a flight time of 12 minutes. This is, however, dependent on the speed and how the drone is being operated. For instance, performing stunts and flips reducing the flight time significantly.

The battery can be recharged using the USB cord and takes 5 hours to be fully charged.  You should ensure that the battery is fully charged before its first use. This enhances the performance of the battery. It’s easy to connect the battery into the drone as it uses the plug and lay system. The battery is placed inside the drone through the door and slot provided for the battery.

8. Flight modes

There are three modes that a pilot can enjoy when using this drone. they include the normal mode, the altitude-holding mode, and the headless mode. The normal mode is the drone’s default mode that provides conventional flying when the altitude holding mode is activated, the drone stays right where it’s, while the headless mode that allows the drone to fly towards the direction of the pilot, this way any part of the drone can act as its head.

Other interesting flight modes include auto take-off, auto hovering function, one key landing, one-button 360 degrees, VR mode, and emergency stop.

9. Flying experience

The drone is well powered to fly fast and smoothly. It’s however loud, which can be a bit distracting. The three-speed settings help the pilot to select the most suitable one. It provides a maximum range of 300 yards but this range can decline when using the WIFI up to 100 yards. Once the drone is flown out of range, it loses the signal forcing the drone to land spontaneously in that location.

Pros of Promark VR drone

  • Can be easily flown
  • Presence of virtual reality function
  • Videos are directly stored into the connected phone
  • It has a HD 720p camera that provides a decent video quality and pictures
  • It allows for live streaming
  • There are three adjustable speed to choose from, thus convenient for both a beginner and an experienced pilot
  • The VR goggles are standard in the package

Cons of Promark VR drone

  • Doesn’t have the GPS feature
  • Their motors are brushed
  • Requires FAA registration

How is the drone set up?

It’s easy to set up the drone. Ensure that the battery is fully charged. Slide it into the drone through the battery slot. Download the Promark VR app by scanning the QR code. Switch on the drone and connect it with your smartphone.

This is an incredible drone to select, especially since it utilizes the VR technology and is affordable. It’s suitable for beginners and experienced pilots. Moreover, there are tutorials and manuals for the drone available on the manufacture’s website. This makes it easy to learn how to operate the drone and gives the users better experiences. If you’re looking for a drone that is cheap and has VR technology, this is the perfect one for you.