Potensic t25

Potensic t25


The t25 goes toe to toe with other pricier quadcopters in the market. This competitiveness is expected from Potensic, who have a track record of selling affordable drones, with top-notch features. Cheap is usually expensive, and many have learnt that the hard way when buying drones. However, Potensic does not cut any corners when making their products. Read on to see what makes the t25 a bang for your buck.

Potensic t25


What’s in the box?


The t25 is packed ready to fly right out of the box. From the first unboxing, you’ll realize that you have made the right decision. A detailed user manual, having drawings, diagrams, and instructions will help get you up to speed.

The controller included has a gamepad style for dexterity. You also get the trademark intelligent battery, two extra landing gears, a USB charger, four spare propellers, and the necessary tools. You should get a large micro SD card, up to 32 GB in size to store videos and photos taken from t25’s HD camera.

The white color on all the elements mentioned gives an aura of past Apple products. Similarly, all the parts are robust, and quality is guaranteed. You’d be forgiven for thinking this drone is from Apple, which is a compliment to the drone. 

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Specifications and design


Type: ready to fly outdoor GPS drone

Manufacturer recommended age: 14 years and above

Speed: three changeable modes

Battery: 3.7 V 1000 mAh

Flight time: up to 10 minutes

Flight range: 300 meters from the controller


Color: white

FOV: 120 degrees

Camera tilt: 90 degrees adjustable

FPV: yes

Weight: 2.25 lbs.

Built-in functions: 3D VR function, HD Wi-Fi camera, LED, follow me, GPS return home

Port: SD card slot

Stabilization: 9-axis gyroscope

Due to the t25’s compact size, you can fly it comfortably where you have limited room. It weighs less than a kilogram, and this makes it easy to take it with you everywhere you go. Portability being one of t25’s key points, and a rugged aluminum case is included in the purchase to keep it safe during your travels. 

Despite costing very little, this quadcopter is strong enough to take minor crashes and collisions. Its robustness is attributed to the durable plastic material used. The sleek design only adds to the all-white aesthetics. The brushless motors also reduce friction and the noise the drone makes as you fly it.

Potensic t25 setup

Setting up most drones usually weighs heavily among beginners. However, setting up the t25 is quite intuitive, fast, and straightforward. First, you must fully charge the controller’s and the drone’s battery. After that, add a micro-SD card to the drone if you have one, and lock the prop guards into position.

After installing your battery to the remote controller, why not add your phone as an alternative to record footage from the camera for FPV. To synchronize the two, all you have to do is download and install the Potensic-G application, available on the iOS app store or Google’s playstore. Next, insert the battery to the drone. Ensure the quadcopter is on a level floor, and switch it on. The t25 will respond to the previous action by blinking red on all the LED lights.

After powering on the remote controller, the lights should flash white in the front and blue in the rear, rather than blinking rapidly. However, this only happens after you calibrate the compass and gyroscope using the joysticks on the controller. If attached to a smartphone, go to settings and connect to the Wi-Fi hot spot created by the t25. If using the app, it will notify you when the drone passes through the necessary steps, and the next actions you should take.

After calibration, the drone will flash blue and white lights as it locates a reliable GPS signal. Once that’s done, all LEDs will have a solid luminescence, and you are set to take off. 

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The RC controller

T25’s remote controller is beginner-friendly and inviting to people who love to play video games. If you have previous experience with the play station or X box controller, you should feel right at home. Navigating the numerous controls is very easy because of the way the keys are set up. The controller is very responsive, with minimal lag.

On the t25 controller, you will find the takeoff/landing, power, and return to home buttons. Adequately lit indicators on the controller help in communicating which settings are active or amiss. The learning curve is relatively short, despite the controller lacking a display. Take the RC controller functionalities a level up by linking it to your smartphone.

Potensic t25 drone GPS drone

Controlling this quadcopter is a breeze. The only downside is that the controller doesn’t feature a screen natively. Nonetheless, you can use the universal mount and connect an iPhone or Android smartphone to view images relayed from the drone. With the latter option, video from the camera streams before you take off and well after you land.

The one-touch return button is a welcome feature, ensuring the drone gets back to you with the help of GPS. With a range of over 300 meters, decent for a drone as affordable as the Potensic t25, you might lose track of it were it not for GPS. The follow-me mode, which uses GPS, works perfectly.


Potensic t25 battery


The battery life is perhaps one of the biggest downsides in this quadcopter. You can fly the t25 for up to 10 minutes on a fully charged battery, and the time can be less if you’re flying in windy conditions. Even though the time is short, the drone makes up for it by having loads of features, which use a lot of power. However, spare batteries are readily available.

When the battery nearly runs out of juice, the drone automatically returns home or close to your radius, so you won’t have to track it down when you lose sight of it. The battery for the controller lasts very long, but you cannot use it while charging. In addition, the controller takes up to an hour to charge fully, and the one on the drone can take up to 3 hours: thus, you have to be patient while it does so.

Potensic t25 camera

The camera has a resolution of up to 1080p and can tilt 75 degrees downwards from a right angle. The video recording is pretty good, and with a lens having the 120-degree field of view, you will be able to capture a whole lot because of the wide angle. There is little to complain about because there are so many drones featuring 720p resolution, going for much higher prices.

The electronic stabilization improves the smoothness of recorded video, but it is still slightly jumpy. Video is saved in .AVI format on the memory card inserted on the drone and .MOV format to your smartphone. Most smartphones cannot read .AVI files, but you can add other media player software like VLC, that’s cross-platform, to view the motion graphics. Video and images you capture are stored in the memory card, and to your smartphone as well, if you have it tethered. 

Potensic t25 app

Potensic is steadfast in continuously upgrading its app: Potensic-G. Therefore, some features are still in development, and its functionalities can only be more and better in the future. With the app downloaded and installed to your phone, you can control the quadcopter and receive real-time video from it. It also gives you more functionalities such as logging flight data, waypoint, and tweaking flight settings.

Features and functions

The t25 is Potensic’s bestselling drone. There is a lot to take from that fact because the manufacturer has a significant chunk of the market share. Below are just some of the many features this quadcopter has and what they do.

First person view: This feature lets you see what the t25 is viewing in real-time on your smartphone.

GPS lock: If you happen not to get a signal lock, the drone initiates the global positioning system, to get back in range of the controller or return home.

Follow me mode: The drone uses signals from a tethered phone, follow you at a distance you set. You can film yourself and not worry about adjusting the drone’s controls.

Headless mode: This feature helps beginners who find it challenging to tell which part of the drone is facing forward, thus leading to frequent crashes. The headless flying mode eliminates the need for you having to focus on the drone’s orientation. Frontward is ever ahead, conforming to the controller’s direction.

One-touch take-off: At the press of a button, the props whirl into action, lifting and hovering the drone five feet from the ground.

Return to home: With a vast range of up to 300 meters, this necessary feature ensures that the drone gets back to where you started if say you lose track of where it is or if it’s low on power.

Geo-fencing: You can set boundaries, preventing the drone from flying out of range or into an area where it’s restricted to do so.

LED lights: The four beams on the drone help you figure out where it is in low light conditions and its orientation. Additionally, the lights blink differently to give you feedback on what is happening under the hood.

Three flight speeds: Beginners can start with the lowest speed, gradually upgrading to more as they gain experience and confidence. 

Auto land: The t25 can land slowly and prevent crashing down.

Draw the dot: For this, you will need to use the Potensic-G app. On the map displayed on your smartphone’s screen, you can draw a line on it and create a flight path you want the t25 to follow.


Ease of use


The familiar feel of the t25 controller is a nifty feature for beginners. The joysticks are in the same place, as you would find in a gaming controller. There are three main function buttons on the bottom half of the controller: namely power, GPS lock, and one key takeoff/landing.

The face of the controller is laden with LED indicators, with corresponding labels. The lights glow differently to indicate active flight features, camera status, speed mode, and more. The controller is light and comfortable to hold for extended periods. However, that might not be so important, granted the relatively short flight time.

You can tilt the camera, capture video/photo, and activate numerous functions right from the controller. The considerable range gives you more room to experiment and play in. Add your smartphone to the mix, and see an instant upgrade in-flight data. The video received from the drone’s camera appears to have no lag at all, even on low-end smartphones. This quadcopter maintains its altitude and stability in the air very well in moderate wind conditions.


Pros of the Potensic t25


The compact design makes this drone light in weight. As a result, owners find it easy to take it with them wherever they go. Beginners love the t25 because they can crash; knowing the removable propeller protectors will lessen the damage incurred on the drone. It’s an excellent bargain of a drone, having a remarkable set of features to boot. 


The battery life isn’t the best, but you can get more. A second battery in the package would be a big plus. Also, because of its light weight, this drone is easily tumbled by strong winds, in the outdoors, where it’s supposed to operate. The app has some faults as well. For example, you can’t view the video in full-screen mode, and the notifications and inputs could be clearer. This is not a drone to take to competitions in speed or obstacle courses.


The t25 is fun to fly and is an investment worth having. The features it has are enough to keep a veteran pilot engaged. Beginners will find it as an excellent drone to start with, mostly because it doesn’t cost a lot, comparatively, and has features such as propeller protectors, low speed modes, and the spare parts are readily available. The t25 gives names that are more prominent in the drone market a run for their money. Its sleek, attractive design makes it appealing to look at as well, making this drone beautiful in and out.