MJX Bugs 3

Mjx bugs 3

Mei Jia Toys (Mjx) is a company based in Hong Kong and are familiar because of their inexpensive, entry-level drones. The bugs 3 pro is their latest quadcopter, and it’s bundled with outstanding features that make it one of a kind. It has a super cool design, reliable brushless motors, and can fly as fast as a racer.

Mjx bugs 3

Mjx bugs 3 features

A standout feature of this drone is its brushless motors, which are designed to guarantee low friction with air as they spin. The design also ensures a stable flight, prolonged battery life, better engine performance, and durability.

The Mjx bug 3 comes with a high-temperature lock protection system and LED lights for night flight. Its also equipped with protective guards, landing gear, transmitter systems, and a gimbal camera holder with an anti-shock absorbance system. The later feature helps an attached camera take stable footage. Thanks to its numerous accessories, bugs 3 can be found applied to many situations like in the construction industry, firefighting, or utility companies.

What’s in the box?

Here’s what the bugs 3 comes with for you to start flying immediately:

4-channel transmitter

one 1800mAh Li-Po battery

a charger

protection blade

spare blades

Landing skid.

Camera cage


Detailed manual

Mjx Bugs 3 specifications

This medium-sized drone is built using ABS plastic, making it conveniently light to carry. You can download Mjx’s Android or iOS app and tether your smartphone to the drone. In this sort of setup, you can even add a camera to see footage from the drone in real-time (FPV). Below is a snippet of what’s advertised.

Dimensions: 440 × 440 × 150 mm

Weight: 447g (with battery/ without prop guards)

Flight time: about 18-20 minutes (without payload)

500 meters max flight range

230 grams of upward lift

1500kv brushless motor

Sensors included: Barometer

Intelligent braking

Smart alarm transmitter

Transmitter power: 4 AAA batteries

Mjx bugs 3 camera

You can safely attach an action camera to a fixed gimbal between the tall Bugs 3 landing legs, making it equivalent to a mini aerial photography drone. In such a setup, you won’t be disappointed when taking photos or video if you have a reliable camera. Ensure you get a camera that can be controlled using the transmitter or an attached smartphone.

Few manufacturers have been able to come up with a solid offering in the camera for a drone under 200 dollars. And, if they have a camera as good as what you can attach to the bugs 3, they usually have brushed motors which distort footage. This quadcopter is designed to mount most action cameras. Additionally, the vibration dampening devices help stabilize recorded aerial video and stills.

Your drone needs to be enjoyable. Consider nothing less than brushless motors if you want decent pictures and not have to compromise in terms of speed, acceleration, or stability during flight. The Mjx bugs 3 offers these much-needed capabilities, which is unusual considering its budget-friendly price tag.

Battery life

The Bugs 3 uses a semi-proprietary 7.4v 1800mAh Lithium polymer battery. Despite the batteries small capacity compared to many others in its price range, the Bugs 3 delivers a long flight time of up to 20 minutes on a full charge, in prime weather conditions. The battery usually takes around two hours to charge fully.

The only downside is the uniqueness of the battery, meaning it’s a turn off for those with an extensive collection from other drones. It’s advisable that you get extra batteries if you want to improve your flight time.

Bugs 3 controller

The controller functions as advertised, having all the expected standard keys for commandeering a quadcopter. You can adjust the drone’s speed, switch the camera angle from acro mode or vice versa, or turn the drone’s LEDs on and off with the controller. This also applies to dedicated buttons to take pictures and videos.

The only downside to this controller is the fake antennas. Not that the signal doesn’t work as should, there’s simply no need to try to imitate controllers from others like DJI to make it more appealing. In fact, losing such unnecessary appendages could make the controller lighter and more agile.

Flight range

The Mjx bugs 3 can receive a reliable signal from its controller 500 meters away. Many other drones in the same price bracket rarely go past a control range of 300 meters. For this reason, Bugs 3 range should satisfy the needs of most users.

However, make sure not to fly this drone out of sight. If you do, it will probably drop from the sky like a rock, since it doesn’t have preventative measures to counter such an issue. However, be attentive to the smart alarm, which beeps when the bugs 3 is running low on power or if it’s about to get out of range.

Flight performance

Being a ready-to-fly drone, you won’t need an extensive setup to get the Bugs 3 in the air. All you have to do is unbox it, charge the batteries, tether the drone to the transmitter, and you’re good to go. Moreover, you only have to bind the transmitter once, and it will connect almost instantaneously in subsequent flights. Sadly, this cant be said for many other drones, which go through time-consuming settings for them to be ready to fly.

This quadcopter has low and high-speed modes. The latter helps you get the most power, agility, and performance out of the Bugs 3. The four brushless motors ensure that it can pull off 3D flips effortlessly. Even though this quadcopter isn’t the fastest around, it’s sure to offer you an enthralling experience.

All motors provide a lift of up to 230 grams, giving it plenty of power to carry a bulky sports camera. Bright LEDs on the drone’s nose and motor arms help you establish its orientation: very important when flying at night. You can easily plug and unplug the LEDs when you want. Thanks to this drone’s size, you can take it with you anywhere you want comfortably.

Mjx bugs 3 vs. Mjx bug 3 pro

Mjx has made several offshoots of the bugs model, which only alludes to their confidence in the product. The most notable variants are the Bugs 3 Mini, Bugs 3H, Bugs 3 Pro, and Bugs 3, which is their best-selling model. The Bugs 3 Pro comes after, in the pecking order. However, the Pro version is more expensive. But, is Pro version is worth the upgrade? Should you get it if you already own the original?


  • The noteworthy differences between the Mjx bugs 3 and the pro version are:
  • Pro has a longer flight range of up to 800 meters
  • Pro offers more flight time: up to 7 minutes longer in prime conditions
  • Features: Pro has GPS, Altitude hold, RTH, Fail-safe, and Headless mode, whereas Bugs 3 doesn’t.
  • Mjx bug 3 has more powerful motors by 300 Kv, so more stable in flight.
  • Pro version has a larger battery (2200 Kv)


The two drones also have similar features. For one, none of them has a camera natively, but instead have camera mounts. Their dimensions and weight are very close to each other: too small a difference to note. Both of their batteries charge from zero to 100 in two hours. Even though the controllers look so much alike, they are worlds apart in features.

Sure they do share the same frequency (2.4 GHz), but the Pro’s controller has extra keys to control its added features. Another notable difference is that the Pro version comes in a striking white color, whereas bugs 3 is black right out of the box. With this information, it is now up to you to gauge whether it’s worth spending more to get the Pro version of Mjx bugs 3.

Mjx bugs 3 summary

This quadcopter is perfect if you’re looking for an affordable drone with Go-pro support. You’ll also appreciate its surprising speed and long battery life. This drone is built to absorb vibrations, which ensures filming is smooth and without jolts. Most drones within the same price range of Mjx’s bugs 3 usually have brushed motors, which defeats the whole purpose of making a reasonable recording.

This bugs 3 has excellent speed and maneuverability. Novices like it because of its friendly price and capabilities, which make it easy to learn how to fly a drone. Mjx has also had a lot of success with their previous models, and many fans have given them a thumbs up. And, judging on experience, there’s no reason as to why the Mjx won’t be an ideal choice for many.