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holy stone drone

Are you in search of a decent drone for either work or play? In a market that is buzzing with thousands of different brands, it is paramount that you know how to identify the best ones. You need information that will help you get value for your money. Below is a guide on how to buy the best holy stone drones in the market.

holy stone drone

Holy Stone drones

Holy Stone drones are among the few drone manufacturers who are looking to bring quadcopter technology into the masses. Not only are they durable and rich in features but also affordable thus making them shoot to the top wish lists of drone-enthusiasts. 

With a plethora of them in the market right now, read on to find out which Holy Stone drone is the right one for you.

Where are Holy Stone Drones Made?

Founded in 2014, Holy stone is a manufacturing company that has since introduced many innovative drones offering level features all thanks to the company’s skilled teams and the use of technologies. With other branches in the Us, Europe, Canada and Japan, the company’s administrative headquarters are located in Taipei, Taiwan.

Holy Stone drone review

Holy Stone prides itself in having a reputation of releasing some of the most user-friendly and reliable drones on the market. Not only is the Holy Stone customer service superior from other brands, their customers rarely complain of the drones malfunctioning.

Another favorite feature of Holy Stone drones is that they are all around the same. While other brands release drones of every kind and size, Holy Stone drones all seem to run in the mid-sized range. The drone bodies for the average sized Holy Stone features a sleek and modern design that is as functional as it is pleasing to the eye. 

Additionally, these drones are known to come with multiple speed modes that can satisfy experts and beginners alike. For instance, these drones come with five speed modes that account for numerous pilot abilities and flying styles. For this reason, the Holy Stone drones are considered to be to versatile. Overall, Holy Stone offers you a wide variety of price range, functionality and style. So, is the Holy Stone a good drone? The simple answer is yes.

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How to pick the right holy stone drone for you 

With the continued rise in popularity of both drones and quadcopters, their prices keep falling thus making this technology more affordable and widespread. It can be quite overwhelming to wade through the hundreds of options available especially now when new drone manufacturers pop up every day.

Holy Stone drone is the perfect example of a drone manufacturer that has rapidly stood out of the crowded field and made a name for itself by providing drones that are affordable, good quality and packed with features. 

If like most people you find yourself scrolling endlessly through shopping pages and compulsively reading reviews on drones without ever committing to buy one, narrowing down your priorities might help. Here are a few questions to help you along the way:

  • What do you want a drone for?
  • Do you want a drone for personal use?
  • Do you need a drone for professional use?
  • Do you find the thrills and spills of drone racing appealing or are you a keen amateur videographer?
  • Are you willing to dip your toe into the drone world with an option that is more budget-friendly?
  • Are you willing to throw some serious money at your new hobby?

Before you go drone shopping, the first piece of advice is to read up on the many possible uses of drone technology.  This will help you decide what type of drone you need. Read more articles like this for a better understanding of drones and then make a list of the things you want from a drone.  It may be anything from a long battery life or speed to a camera, durability or below $100 price tag. With this information on hand, you will be able to narrow down your search within no time.

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What to look for in a drone

When shopping for a drone, there are several things you ought to pay attention to, they include the following:

Flight time – This can be anything from 5 to 30 minutes, with the more flight time you get the more money you are expected to spend on the drone. For an affordable drone, the average flight time about ten minutes. However, your flight time will depend on what you need the drone for. If you are looking to do serious aerial exploring for example, you may need a drone with a longer flight time.

Camera quality – Just like the other features on this list, the camera quality of your drone will be determined by how deep you are willing to dip into your pockets. It also varies from one drone to another. On affordable drones, you may find a 1- or 2-megapixel camera that is capable of shooting in 720p while the more costly ones have a 10 to 15-megapixel camera capable of shooting in 4k. If you are a budding photographer, this is the feature you may want to look at first.

Speed – The average speed of a drone can be anything from 10mph to more than 100 mph. For drones that are mainly designed for photography, speed is not as important as stability. Therefore, such drones are likely not to offer much in the way of extreme speeds. However, if you want a racing drone then this is the first feature you should be looking at. Also bear in mind that if you are in the US, the FAA has limited the legal drone speed limit to 100mph. 

Range – Together with flight time, range is what is going to affect what you do with your drone the most. Always keep in mind that regardless of how far your drone can fly, you need to ensure that you save enough energy to get the drone back to you. The worst feeling is watching your drone as it plummets down because of low battery or getting stuck to a tree or on top of a building. 

Range also varies wildly depending on drone. You can get a consumer drone with the range of 100 foot to several mile range. The longer you want your drone to range, the more expensive it will be.

10 best Holy Stone drones

Now that you know why you need a drone and what kind to look for, here is another piece of this article that will help you narrow down the search even more. Holy Stone offers a wide selection of drones that are designed to appeal to the different consumer needs. The company is clearly positioning itself to be a one-stop shop for both drone enthusiasts and amateurs. This is a great business choice for the company and a bonus for bemused drone shoppers. 

Here ten of the best holy stone drones in the market

Holy Drone HS100

Key specifications:

  • 15-minute flight time
  • 720p camera with 1080p in newer models
  • 1500-foot range

Who is the Holy Stone HS100 for? Dedicated hobbyists.

Who is the Holy Stone HS100 not for? Racers, bargain hunters, beginners.

The Holy Stone HS100 makes for an excellent first ‘serious’ drone if you are willing to invest a bit more in the hobby. It has all the features found on the more affordable models of the Holy Stone together with a more powerful camera and a vastly improved flight time as well as range. In addition to this, it has a ‘follow me’ function used for flying handsfree, an automatic GPS-assisted return home as well as a controller that connects with your smartphone.

Holy Stone HS720

Key specifications:

  • 2k camera
  • Range 3000 feet
  • Flight time 26 minutes
  • Long lasting power
  • 5G Wi-Fi
  • Follow me mode
  • Return Home 
  • Brushless Motor 

Who is the Holy Stone HS720 for? Video and photographers 

Who id the Holy Stone HS720 not for? Racers, bargain hunters

At a glance the HS720 from Holy Stone is equipped with a much-improved range as well as intelligent features thus offering a fresh lease of life in the world of flying personal drones. Its flight time is sure to put smiles to many faces as it offers more time before the battery runs out, a massive improvement from the previous releases. This is all thanks to its lithium polymer battery and its long-lasting brushless motor that consumes low power.

The brushless motor also means that you get a quiet flight thus, you don’t become a nuisance to the other people living or working. The only downside is that the battery will require 5 to 7 hours of charging. Its camera is also another favorite feature. It allows you to shoot high-resolution images and videos at 2048 by 1152p.

In addition, the camera lens of this drone can tilt 90 degrees. You will also appreciate the shock absorption holder which is built to keep it stable in the face of vibrations.

Holy Stone HS160 Shadow

Key specifications: 

  • Flight time of 8 minutes 
  • Range, 200 feet 
  • Camera 720p     

Who is the HS160 Shadow for? Intermediate hobbyists, novice, travelers.    

Who is the HS160 Shadow not for? Anyone looking for a specialist drone.  

This is a pocket-sized drone that is foldable featuring a sleek looking all black paint job and a nose-mounted camera. The HS160 Shadow is an affordable all-rounder drone with one touch take-off and landing, smartphone control, FPV piloting, altitude and auto-follow functions. Its muted monochromic colors together with the neat design of this little drone make it a perfect package that can easily be thrown in your backpack when your going out for the day.

Holy Stone HS120D

Key features:

  • Flight time of 15 minutes
  • 2MP
  • Camera 1080p
  • GPS
  • Automatic Return Home
  • Lightweight (No Need To Register)

Who is the HS120D for? Someone who is beginning in the hobby older kids and adults who are new to droning

Who is the HS120D not for? Professional video and photographers

With a GPS support system, the HS120D can fly easier and safer thus providing a more fun flying experience. Its follow me mode automatically recognizes you and follows you anywhere you go thus offering a hands-free flight and shooting that is best for selfies. It has a custom flight path that allows the holy stone drone to fly in the direction of your tap.

When battery is low or signal is lost or weak, the GPS positioning enables the drone to automatically return home. This drone’s camera also has a face tracking feature that automatically follows thus making it easier for taking selfies.

Holy Stone HS150 BOLT BEE MINI  

Key specifications

  • Speed 30mph
  • Flight time 7 minutes 
  • Range 300 feet 
  • No camera

Who is HS150 BOLT BEE MINI for? Budding racers, intermediate users 

Who is HS150 BOLT BEE MINI not for? Photo/videographers, absolute beginners

The HS150 BOLT BEE MINI is a small brightly colored drone that is ideal for anyone who wants to dip their toe into the drone racing world. This holy stone drone is a feature light one and is designed to do one thing and do it well. It is built for speed making it great for amateur racers but a tad hard for beginners since it has no altitude hold function. Additionally, it is small and affordable.

Holy Stone HS210

Key specifications: 

  • Flight time of 7 minutes
  • Range 160 feet
  • No camera 

Who is the HS210 for? Novices, kids    

Who the HS210 not for? Racers, video and photographers, advanced users

The Holy Stone HS210 is a tiny drone that proves big things do come is small packages making it an ideal ‘first’ for both small and big kids. It is lightweight, small, durable and ready to start flying once its out of the box. It is extremely well-priced and comes with spare propellers and batteries. Since it is low-weight, caution is needed when taking it outside because it can be easily blown away or lost. For this reason, HS210 is best flown indoors.

Holy Stone HS700

Key specifications: 

  • Flight time 20 minutes
  • Range 3000 feet
  • Camera 1080p 
  • GoPro mount    

Who the HS700 for? Photo and videographers    

Who is the HS700 not for? Racers, bargain-hunters

While the HS700 is among the most expensive Holy Stone drones, it is still a bargain when compared to other drone brands, and for good reason. If Holy Stone’s Bolt Bee is the best option for racers, then the HS700 should be the go-to for aerial photography enthusiasts. 

The drone features an 1080p camera and an impressive 20-minute flight time as well as other top-end design features such as quick release propellers. However, what really sets the HS700 apart is its compatibility with a GoPro which means you can attach your camera and get up to 4k video from this amazing quadcopter.

Holy Stone HS400

Key specifications 

  • Flight time 10 minutes
  • Range 500 feet
  • Camera 720p 

Who is the HS400 for? Intermediate users    

Who is the HS400 not for? On-the-go enthusiasts

Not all Holy Stone drones look the same and the HS400 is a testament to this fact. Looking like something out of a Star Wars movie, this drone is big, bold, aggressive and sure to turn heads when it zooms past them. While it does better in windy conditions, its trade off is that it is not easily portable.

Holy Stone HS200W

Key specifications:

  • Camera 720p
  • 20MP
  • Flight time 9 minutes
  • Range 394 feet

Who is the HS200W for? Beginners

Who is the HS200W not for? Professional photo and videographers?

The HS200W Holy Stone drone has a mid-range camera quality with a720p quality and 20MP capability. However, what it lacks in image capturing capabilities it makes up for with gravity sensor, altitude-hold mode, FPV Wi-Fi capabilities and headless mode.

The headless mode is perfect for beginners who don’t have to worry about the orientation of the drone and at the same time master the controls. Its altitude-hold mode is fantastic for capturing video and taking pictures that are crystal clear and not shaky. This feature also allows for the drone to hover at a certain height.

The HS200W allows its users to control it suing their smartphones which is done by aligning the device for the flight to be controlled through the maneuvering of the phone. In addition, it has an impressive one-key return function that brings back the drone back to you within moments.

Holy Stone HS170 Predator

Key specifications:

  • Flight time 7 minutes
  • Range 130 to 180 feet
  • No camera 

Who is the HS170 Predator for? Novices   

Who is the HS170 Predator not for? Racers, advanced users, video and photographers

While it has an intimidating name, the HS170 predator is an ideal choice for those who are new to the wonderful world of drones. This all-rounder Holy Stone drone is not only affordable but also packs a ton of useful features to attract novices. It is designed with several speed modes, an attitude hold and headless mode that makes it easier to pilot. 

Its overall design is attractive thus representing value for money. If you are new to droning and are worried about crushing a drone while learning how to fly, then he HS170 Predator is the drone for you.

The Holy Stone drone app

To use all of the features of some Holy Stone drones such as the HS720 you need the Holy Stone app also known as Ophelia GPS. The Holy Stone App can be downloaded from both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Since this app uses a lot of memory, ensure that you delete apps that you are not using or use a smartphone that has a lot of memory space. Using the Holy Stone drone app is the best way to fly the drone as you get access to the intelligent and FPV flight modes that come with this drone.

What to expect in future

As drones become a more common form of entertainment for both adults and children, expect the price to dramatically decrease as technology increases. Drone manufacturers are competing to come up with something new in an extremely innovative and competitive market. With the drop in prices, the drones are becoming more accessible to the masses.

With Holy Stone, expect more releases with new drones that are ideal for professional and novice flyers alike.

Final thoughts

After you have gone through the list for the best Holy Stone drones, it is now evident that there is a drone for every user and with different budgets from just this one manufacturer. With this variety, it may again be hard for to pick your favorite. However, if hard pressed, just follow the advice above. Pick one that suits your need, budget and level of expertise.

Hoping that the information above will help guide you when purchasing your first or next drone, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help.