Gopro studio

Gopro studio

The free video editor Studio provided by GoPro has terminated a few months ago. From the GoPro community forums, action camera owners were affected and very frustrated by the move. This article will provide an in-depth of the whole situation and the options you can choose to keep on using GoPro studio.

Gopro studio

Is GoPro studio discontinued?

GoPro studio reached the end of life for support, leading to the termination. While using GoPro you were supposed to have software known as Quick. Quick was used to extract media files in the GoPro camera, store them and suitably organize them on your computer. Therefore, the video editor appeared as an add-on to Quick.  GoPro studio allowed for more complex editing while Quick can be relied on for basic editing. Due to this aspect, most post-production processes were done using the GoPro studio. The studio is now no longer an add-on to Quick, hence an official video editing software for GoPro owners. This becomes effective after the release of Quick Version’s update (2.4).

You may not find an official link at the GoPro website for downloading the Studio, but it will continue to be supported as normal.

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Groups Affected by The Update

You can continue enjoying the GoPro Studio when you have installed and run the older version of Quick. The studio is only unavailable in the updated Quick 2.4 version. You will only lose Studio once you have installed or updated to the Quick’s new version.

The groups of people who should be concerned with the update are; the new owners of GoPro, those who updated Quick unknowingly, and those who have had all their software removed or reinstalled, or had their computers repaired and they were GoPro owners.

Options for Those Affected by The Update

There are various options for the above group to ensure that you keep on enjoying the Studio.

1.  There are video editors that the GoPro technical team recommends

You can use the software recommended by the team as that which they recommended has a higher tendency of working well for you. Mac users are advised to use iMovie Free Video Editor while Windows users can use VSDC Free Video Editor.

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iMovie Free Video Editor

This video editor is available and synchronized on all the Apple devices. This makes it easy during the post-production process since you may begin your project on your smartphone and require to proceed to edit from your computer. This is made possible by iMovie. There are various features to enjoy from iMovie, there are stylish text titles, you may add voice to the footage and other popular effects such as picture-in-picture or split-screen.

Moreover, a Mac with a minimum RAM of 4GB and with the video editor, one can edit a HD and 4K resolution footage. Shaky footage can also be stabilized and the color corrected.


A key strength of iMovie is the fact that it’s pre-installed on Macs hence the burden of downloading it’s eliminated. Additionally, it has a decent set of features and an intuitive interface.


A key weakness of iMovie is that the editor may experience issues when importing and processing MP4 files. This is can be a bother since most videos today take the MP4 format. To counter this issue, the user may need to involve a 3rd party app for opening and processing the files.

VSDC Free Video Editor

The interface of the editor looks old- school, but it has powerful features for users to enjoy their post-production process. The user can perform both basic editing and complex editing tasks. The basic editing done to files include cutting, rotating, merging and cropping. The complex editing includes; gradient color correction, speed setting, and precise zooming.

It supports both 4K and HD resolutions. This is advantageous since most videos today take this format. For the output, the VSDC allows for selecting the H.265 video codec.


The key strength of this software is that its system requirements are lower compared to other professional programs. This allows it to run smoothly on computers whose resources are limited.


To get the video stabilization feature you require the paid PRO version. You can get it at $19,99 per year. This is however cheaper than other solutions available in the market.

2. Download the older versions of GoPro studio

You can find a reliable source to download the older version of the studio for you to keep on utilizing its features and capabilities. You may not find the official link of downloading the studio on the GoPro website. There are a variety of websites available to download the older version of GoPro studio. This means that you have to take your time to learn about them and select the most reliable option for you.

There are a few links provided by GoPro owners who can share their Studio installation files. It’s however very important to always select a source that is reputable and well known to avoid disappointment or more challenges in the process. Some of the reputable sources include; Softpedia, CNET Downloads, Major Geeks and TechSpot.  You can download the 2.0 or 2.5 version of the Studio from these sources.

3. Consider other reliable free video editors

If the above two options fail to work for you. you can consider selecting another free video editor that can still work perfectly for you. We had previously indicated iMovie and VSDC as some options that will provide post-production solutions. Nevertheless, if you still want more alternatives, there are three more to consider. They work for both Mac and Windows PCs.


ShotCut has a minimalistic interface and is an open-source tool. It has features for drag and drop files.  It works perfectly when utilized for basic video editing, capturing audio and video and for precise trimming.  It also has wide format support due to the FFmpeg. It has multiple dockable and undockable panels that detailed media properties that give it a sleek and intuitive interface.

Hitfilm Express

This video editing tool is focused on effects. From the free version of Hitfilm Express, you can get a considerable set of features.  It’s a professional-grade video editor, it provides free video tutorials and projects, it has unlimited tracks and transitions and supports full 2D and 3D compositing. The extra features are provided by the paid version of this tool

Davinci Resolve

The system requirements required to use this tool are high. It’s perfect for color correction and provides and provides a high level of professionalism. It combines professional 8K editing, visual effects, color correction, and audio post-production. It’s amazing to have all these features in one tool.   Davinci Resolve provides a revolutionary dual timeline that assists you to navigate the footage and trim easily without the need for scrolling and zooming. This saves the editor a considerable amount of time.

The termination of the GoPro free video editor studio shouldn’t bother you too much as the options we have provided above will provide the solution for you. You may fail to have a similar experience with the other free video editing tools than what you were experiencing from the GoPro Studio, but they will work well to provide solutions for your post-production process. Read the options we have provided above to help you choose the suitable one that will work perfectly for you.