Best Foldable Drones in 2020

Foldable Drone

Thanks to tremendous advancement in technology, foldable drones are now in existence. The portability of a drone is a crucial feature that many users check on a drone. The aim of having a foldable drone was to provide a drone with a variety of features and one that can neatly fold up into a compact shape for portability. We will look at the most popular and the best drones in the market today.

Best Foldable drones

  • DJI Mavic Pro

Mavic Pro is a top-selling drone globally. They have a 4k video that’s easy to use and provides professional results. It features Active Track, TapFly, and 3 axis gimbal ensures that the user has clear and smooth footage. The GPS and GLONASS enhance proper vision positioning, where you can get very precise angles and views when using your drone both indoors and outdoors. The safety of the drone is provided by obstacle avoidance technology and the sensor redundancy. 

The foldable design was provided creatively to avoid sacrificing the great qualities of this drone. The drone has a flight of 27 minutes and has a transmission range of 7km. The diagonal size of DJI Mavic Pro with the propellers included is 335 mm. It’s the size when folded is H83mm by W83mm by L198mm. Its weight is 1.62lbs with battery and propellers included and gimbal cover excluded.


  • Has a solid build
  • Has a 4K camera and gimbal
  • Its range is outstanding
  • Very portable
  • It provides good value for your money


  • The Gimbal assembly isn’t long-lasting.
  • Zerotech Dobby

Though considered a selfie drone,  the Zerotech Dobby has more to offer than most brands in this category. Zerotech Dobby can be controlled using a smartphone app that is available for both iOS and Android. You can get a high-quality video of 1080p and the still images have a quality of 13-megapixel. The video quality is enhanced more due to the Electronic Image Stabilization and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.  Furthermore, the sonic and optical sensors assist in navigation when indoors, whereas the GPS assists in navigation when outdoors.

The maximum flight time of this foldable drone is 9 minutes at sea level with removable rechargeable batteries of 970MAh. The batteries become fully charged after 45 minutes. Its size when folded is L135mm by W67mm by H36.8mm. Its overall weight when the propellers and batteries are included is 199g. Moreover, there are automated flight options to improve the flight experience. 


  • Has a good video and image quality
  • It provides good value for your money
  • Has very useful flight modes and tracking


  • Its flight time isn’t the best
  • GoPro Karma with HERO5 Black

This foldable drone incorporates a compact lightweight design. It offers a maximum flight time of 20 minutes, the quality of the image produced is 12MP and 4K video quality. Its maximum speed is 35 mph and is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. The size when folded is H90mm by W224 by L365mm. its weight is 10006g with the battery and propellers included. 


  • It’s user-friendly
  • The footage provided is clear, stable and high quality. 
  • Its design is robust


  • Has a short flight time
  • Has a shorter transmission range
  • It lacks the follow-me mode
  • It can’t be used in the indoors 
  • It lacks obstacle detection
  • Hover camera P000017 drone

This is a user-friendly drone, that is super simple and fun to fly. It has a 360-degree orbit mode and is equipped with facial recognition and tracking. The presence of gesture controls also makes the flight experience more exciting. Interestingly, this drone is compatible with smartphones, both iOS or Android making it easy to control it. 

Since Hover is mostly made of carbon fiber, this foldable drone is lightweight as it weighs 8.5 ounces. High-quality 4K video is delivered with images of 13MP. The drone provides an internal memory of 32GB making it easy to store the footage as it’s being recorded. This data can be retrieved using the USB port or over the Wi-Fi.  The battery lasts for just 10 minutes, but good thing is, the drone is equipped with two batteries for more effectiveness. 

The drone has an owner mode that allows the drone to recognize and keep track of you. This enables it to respond to gesture controls easily. The size of the drone when folded is 182 by 132 by 33mm. the control distance is up to 20m and has a maximum speed of 17mph. 


  • It’s user-friendly
  • It’s compact, making it portable
  • Has good stabilization
  • Has both face tracking and face recognition


  • Has a shorter battery life
  • OKPOW foldable drone

This is an affordable drone that can be controlled by a smartphone app. Interestingly it has a range of modes that makes the flying very interesting. These modes include; headless modes, fpv, low or high-speed modes. For some interesting footage, the drone can make a 3D flip function. It uses a camera that is a 2.0MP HD camera that can be tilted to your suitable angle. 

You can easily control your attitude during the flight due to the presence of a barometer. This also enables one-key takeoff and landing. The maximum flight time offered by this drone is 10 minutes, which isn’t so bad for this affordable drone. Moreover, it has a 6-axis flight control system that makes the flight smooth and steady. This drone has a size of 25 by 23  by 12 cm. Its weight with the battery and propellers included is 700g.


  • It has a great look
  • Its features are fun and easy to use


  • The video is limited
  • LH1 H37 Pocket drone

This is an affordable foldable drone that you can get for about USD 50. You will be provided with a 0.3 megapixel HD camera. You can get smooth and steady footage due to the attitude hold.  This drone is best suited for beginners who don’t need sophisticated features that are found in expensive drones.

This drone is stylish, compact and lightweight, thus can be carried around easily. There are LED lights on the body of the drone to enhance better flying in low visibility. More stability is provided by the 6-axis gyro stabilization system. There are flight modes available to make your flight experience more interesting. They include; the headless mode and automatic height hold.  The drone also has a 360-degree rotation that also makes it fun to fly it. It has a 0.3MP camera used for both still photos and videos. Interestingly, it has a real-time transmission for monitoring transmission and WIFI control.

It offers a maximum flight time of 10 minutes and has a size of 13.80 by 7.90 by 2.68 cm. Its weight is 230g with the battery and propellers included. 


  • It’s easy to fly
  • It delivers a good video
  • It has three-speed modes for a better flight experience


  • It has a short flight time
  • TOZO Q1012 X8tw Drone

You’ll notice that this drone has garnered positive reviews and high ratings in most online stores. Also, you can navigate it using your smartphone by downloading the app . Some flight features to enjoy include altitude hold, one-key takeoff, and landing. It’s user-friendly and very suitable for beginners. 

The headless mode of the drone allows the user to fly the drone with fewer worries. It offers a maximum flight time of about 5 to seven minutes and for smooth flying the drone has a 6-axis flight control system. Moreover, it has a transmission range of 80 to 100 meters. It has a size of 122 by 94 by 57 mm. The weight of this drone is 150g inclusive of battery and propellers. The batteries require 80 minutes to be fully charged.


  • It’s easy to fly
  • It’s affordable


  • It has a short flight time
  • Parrot ANAFI

This is a lightweight drone that’s ultra-compact for compatibility.  It utilizes 4K HDR video and has a 180-degree vertical tilt that allows for great low angle shots.  There’re interesting features to enjoy, they include; Return to Home, Geofence, Follow me, Slowmotion and Find My drone. 

The drone delivers 4K HDR videos and 21MP still photos. The battery offers a maximum flight time of 25 minutes. This foldable drone unfolds in 3 seconds and is accompanied by a Parrot Skycontroller 3. It has a good flight performance and has a strong wind resistance of up to 31 mph. 

For better visualization, the drone has a 2.8X lossless zoom and has automatic cinematic shots that are powered with artificial intelligence.  This Parrot drone can reach speeds of up to 33 mph and has a flight range of 2.5 miles. 

GPS and GLONASS enable the pilot to locate the drone easily. Power Banks of maximum 24W can be used to recharge the drone.


  • It’s lightweight; weighs less than a pound
  • Has diverse features to enjoy
  • Can be used effectively for low angle shots


  • It isn’t accompanied by an additional battery.

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  • GoolRC T47 FPV drone

Did you know that the GoolRC T47 can fit inside your pocket? It utilizes a 2MP camera and for better control, it has a 6-axis gyro stabilization system.  The foldable drone offers selfie mode and you can enjoy real-time transmission through WIFI. It’s accompanied by two LiPo batteries of 3.5V 500mAh. 

It has a size of 1.8 by 18 by 3.2 inches. It weighs 86g with propellers and batteries included. It offers a maximum flight time of 7 minutes and has an 80m range.


  • Has a good camera
  • It’s ultracompact


  • Has a short flight time
  • It’s prone to wind disturbance due to the small size
  • Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera

This is the first foldable drone manufactured by Yuneec. It has five flight modes, that is; orbit, follow me, drone selfie, journey, and pilot. It utilizes a 13 Megapixel 4K camera. It’s an affordable drone that is portable due to the compact size. It has a flight time of about 12 to 15 minutes.

 You can also utilize the digital image stabilization, which is only available on 1080p video. This is possible when different flight modes are utilized accordingly. Moreover, it has an app that makes the drone features more accessible.

The drone weighs 385g inclusive of the batteries and propellers. It can travel at a maximum speed of 5 m/s and the maximum flying height is 80m.


  • Has Auto return feature to easily trace the drone
  • Presence of various flight modes for a better flight experience
  • It’s compact
  • It’s durable


  • Has a limited memory
  • Has an average flight time and range
  • AirDog ADII

This is a sports drone that’s primarily aimed at athletes. It can achieve speeds of 43 mph. For optimal performance, the drone is equipped with a sports mode feature. The configurations enable you to use it in various sports effectively. It has an operating range of 150 meters and a flight time of 15 minutes. For smooth and more stable footage, the drone has a 3-axis stabilizer. 

The drone can fly by itself without a remote controller and has a dedicated flight mode for every sport. It features a ground collision avoidance system to keep the drone safe at all times.


  • Can track and follow your movements 
  • Has automated scenic shot modes
  • Has GoPro Hero5 integration
  • Has a 3- axis stabilization system


  • When GoPro is used, tight shots are limited
  • It’s expensive
  • Lacks manual flight capability

Choose one from the best foldable drone

When you require a foldable drone, you should always consider the purpose of the drone for the selection of one that will satisfy your needs. For a commercial drone, DJI has been universally accepted by many and services like Drone Base, so it will work well for you. If the drone is just for leisure, you may consider a less expensive drone. Most drones have great features, but your needs are what will determine one with incredible features for your purpose.

Nevertheless, when making the selection, ensure that you have all the necessary information on the drone, you know clearly why you need the drone, your budget, and use this information as your guide to the best model for you.