Eachine e58

Eachine e58

Drones are all the rage today and are now even more feature-rich and complex. However, not everyone can afford the likes of the DJI Mavic Pro. For that reason, there’s a growing market for affordable drones that provide almost similar features to that of their high-end cousins. One such product is the Eachine e58. It’s a smaller replica of the Mavic Pro, loaded with multiple features, capable of performing all sorts of aerobics and videography at an approachable price. Here are the reasons as to why this drone has taken the market by storm. 

Eachine e58

Eachine e58 review

This quadcopter is a miniature version of the much larger and more expensive DJI Mavic Pro drone. It mimics the appearance and essential functionalities of its bigger cousin. Safe to say the leading consumer drone heavily inspired the Eachine e58’s design. It is radio or app-controlled and is foldable to a size fitting the palms of your hands. The e58 weighs just under 0.22 pounds. Perhaps the most compelling attribute is its price. You will hardly find a more impressive drone, with all its features, at such a low cost.

Nonetheless, the E58 is still a budget drone suitable for beginners, so its best to keep your expectations in check. The E58s differs from the DJI in many aspects, even though they look similar in aesthetics. 

Hardware specs


5 x 2.8 x 2 inches (arms folded)

10.6 x 7.7 x 2 inches (arms not folded)

2.4 GHz remote control

One-key takeoff and landing

Three speed modes

RC range = 260-330 feet

3.7V 500mAh rechargeable Lithium battery

Time to full charge = 60-70 minutes

Flight time = 7-9 minutes

Glass lens FPV camera that can rotate from 0 to 90 degrees

2MP still images camera

720p HD video camera

Wi-Fi control (with app) 

Trajectory Flight with the mobile phone app

LED lamp with a nightlight function

6-axis gyroscope

Gravity sensor

Headless mode

One-key return

360-degree roll

Micro SD card slot

What’s in the package?

Eachine E58 RC Quadcopter drone


Small Screwdriver

USB Charging Cable

3.7V 500mAh Lipo Battery

4 x Spare Blades (2 sets of 2)

4 x blade protectors

User Manual

Design and features

First impressions, when looking at the drone, is how small and compact it is when folded. This attribute makes it very portable. It’s so unpretentious and light that you can comfortably carry it in your palm. The e58 feels solid and won’t break down or fall apart easily like many other cheap drones.

Design-wise, it looks like a miniature version of the high-end DJI Mavic Pro. It has a low profile and a futuristic styling. It has bumpers to protect the propellers, which will help you with your learning curve since you will crash a lot. Two lights flank the camera on either side. However, the camera doesn’t move from side to side, but you can manually position it with a 90-degree flex, front to back. Also, it rotates smoothly through the track rather than having strategic stopping points. The camera holds its position not by locking it in, but by friction, which also seems to secure it in place even during crashes.

The white lights on the front look like car’s headlights. The lights can help you visually determine the orientation of your drone in low light flying conditions. The rear has a red light, resembling that of a car’s tailgate, which also helps you determine your orientation visually. A touch of the button on top turns the e58 on, and three distinctive blue LEDs light up. However, the lights don’t indicate the amount of power remaining but show that the drone is on and ready for take-off.

The underbelly does not shy away from showing you bits and pieces of the drone itself. Through the slats on the plastic bottom, when closely observed, you could see electronic innards, which can also make it easy to repair if an electrical fault occurs. Additionally, the holes and grilles allow for heat to escape during flight.

e58 drone performance

Most people believe that drones under the $100 price usually perform poorly and have a short lifespan. In most cases, this is true, but the e58 is an outlier to this stat. This drone performs exceptionally well, exceeding the expectations of beginners who are pro flyers as well.

The Eachine e58 uses brushless motors, which improve its agility and speed. This feature allows for smooth and precise control. Coupled with beginner-friendly features such as altitude hold, headless mode, automatic take-off and landing, those new to drones will find joy honing their skills with the help of the e58. This quadcopter has a control range of up to 330 feet. The only downsides are its short battery life and it is light in weight, meaning it’s more susceptible to strong winds.

e58 pocket drone memory

On the underbelly of the e58, you also find the micro SD card slot. It is spring-loaded and clicks in and out of place when pressed down on. Video is recorded on the memory card, which is usually much clearer and detailed than on first-person views from smartphones or FPV goggles. Note that the micro SD is not included in the purchase, so you have to supply your own.

e58 drone flight stability

Even though this drone lacks some modern features like an optical flow camera, it still performs pretty well in windy conditions. It offers you a chance to learn how to adjust the drone’s direction against the wind. In low turbulence, it’s a stable flier. Since crashes are inevitable, you’ll be happy to know that maintaining this drone and finding spares for its parts is quite easy. However, it lacks features like GPS, which is expected, considering its low price.

The Eachine e58 has “altitude hold” and “headless mode.” The later mode eliminates the need of you having to keep track of the quadcopter’s orientations, while “altitude hold” maintains the desired flight altitude automatically. These are excellent features and some would say must-haves for a starter drone.

App and transmitter control

Like the quadcopter, e58’s remote controller borrows a leaf from DJI’s. It sports similar dual antennas and a retractable phone holder. However, the antennae appear to be of stylistic purposes and don’t perform any function. They are just there to mimic Mavic’s design. There are six buttons on the front panel, with the usual control sticks sticking out. On the right of the throttle stick, you will find the take-off and land buttons. On the alternate side, there are photo/video and headless/RTH, keys for 360-degree flips, speed switch, and emergency stop. The transmitter requires 3 AA batteries to function.

The Eachine e58 also supports application control. All you need is your Android or iOS smartphone with the quadcopters JY UFO app installed. The smartphone tray on the controller can hold a phone as wide as the iPhone 6 plus. On the screen, you will have the capability of controlling your drone through virtual keys and gyro sensors (tilting the phone’s orientation). However, as a beginner, it’s better to first get acclimatized to the transmitter, before trying out the application.

The controller

In the center of the controller, you can find an On/Off switch. When toggled to the On position, a small blue LED lights up. Take note that there seem to be other LED dots in a bank of four, that don’t work, but only serve to mimic the Mavic controller. It doesn’t indicate battery power level like you would see in Mavic’s controller.

The left joystick controls the throttle. Pushing it forward increases the throttle, and backward decreases the same. Simply let go, and the joystick and drone will center itself. Pushing the stick to the right or left will swerve the quadcopter in the same direction. Pushing the right joystick up moves the drone forward, and down reverses its motion.  Pushing the right stick to the left or right veers the drone to that direction.

Arrow buttons on the upper right and left of the controller fine-tune the controls. The somewhat hollow buttons to the left of the on/off switch are the one-touch launch and land buttons. The one-touch key immediately starts the motors, flinging the drone into the air. The land button brings the drone down fairly gently, then turns off the engines. To the right side of the On/Off switch, the buttons notated up and down fine-tune the forward and backward controls.

The four buttons facing away from you also have their own sets of functions. The button on the top left has two purposes. When given a short press, it turns on the “headless mode,” and a longer press initiates the return function. However, the return function isn’t the best because the e58 lacks GPS capability to increase its positional accuracy, as seen in high-end models. The return function basically turns the drone around, with the head pointing towards you, so you have to navigate it the closer it gets. The bottom left key switches from video to picture mode and vice versa.

The top right button has two functions. A short press initiates a 360 flip, while a longer press brings the drone to a halt. The 360 flip is fun, and you can force the e58 to flip in a direction you want by moving the right joystick left or right. Be careful when stopping the drone mid-flight because it stops all rotors and drops the drone like a rock from the sky. The drone can be damaged if it falls on a hard surface from a high altitude. The bottom left button toggles the speed modes form 30%, 60%, 100% and then back to 30% with each subsequent press. As a first time pilot, start with the lowest speed and increase the speed limits as you improve your flying skills.

The app

To control the e58 drone through your phone, download the “JY UFO” app on from the iOS App Store for Apple devices or Play store if you have an Android phone. Then create a hotspot right from the drone and connect your phone to it via Wi-Fi. The connection does not need internet data to work, but just the link-up between the drone and smartphone.

When the connection is established, images are relayed from the drone’s camera, and that’s what you’ll see on the phone’s screen in real-time. Various controls and keys are simulated on the app. The application allows the drone to be controlled using the phone’s gyroscope, bypassing the need for joysticks. All you need to do is tilt and tip your phone, and the drone responds in kind. However, joysticks on the controller give better feedback than the gyroscope, which requires more precision.

On the phone, you can utilize what Eachine calls the “Mission Planner.” This mode lets you trace the trajectory on the app’s screen, which then directs the e58 to follow the selected path. You can also take photos that are saved on the phone, and video is saved to the micro SD card in the drone. The app gives you more options, but the controller gives you more precision in flight.

Eachine e58 drone camera quality

For its price, there’s very little you can complain about this drone’s camera. It sports a 720p camera, a standard for its size and cost. The framerate and color balance give off excellent images. In many other cameras with 720p resolution, the frame rate is usually meager, and you can’t see movement properly. That’s not the case with the e58.

The image quality is not the best or the worst, just bearable. The quality is similar to what you would get from a VGA camera. Had Eachine used a better camera, we would be talking about the complete package. However, looking at its size, a lens worthy of its features would make things worse by adding more weight than it can handle. The stock camera quality is the sort of stuff people used to scoff at when smartphones first hit the market. Therefore, it would do a lot of good if Eachine improves on this aspect. It is therefore advisable to always have the drone in your sights because it’s difficult to gauge where it is from a first-person view.

Battery life

The rechargeable 3.75V battery can sustain flight time of up to 7 minutes on a single charge. This time is usually enough for capturing a couple of shots and having ample playtime as well. You can order for more batteries even in your first purchase, and slide them into the slot on the back of the drone when needed. When the battery is nearly empty, the drone will autonomously land, saving it from disastrous crashes.

Simply plug in the provided USB to the drone, and charge the battery. When charging, a small LED lights up and turns off when the battery is fully charged. It usually takes about an hour for the battery to charge from empty to full.

Ease of use

Setting the e58 is rudimentary. First, start with the controller rather than the app since it’s easier to fly the drone that way. Most people are skeptical of its capability when they consider the price, but this drone can do just about anything you’d want it to. With its user-friendly features, you’ll be flying, landing, swerving and gaining confidence by the minute. You won’t even need autopilot to catch up to speed.

With the controller, you can make the drone go where and when you want it to. Soon enough, you will realize why many people hold their drones dear and that’s because its amazing to fly them. This drone prepares you for the bigger occasions, and its serviceability makes it fly of many retail shops in droves. Don’t expect it to take the best quality photos and transmit real-time video in 4K resolution. Still, the features of the e58 make it ideals for those who want something simple like capturing your pet running through the field or observing how your roof looks like from above.

Some of the advanced features on this drone are even more than many other pricier drones. Everything works surprisingly well, and when you’re done, fold all four arms and pack the drone neatly. 

Why you should buy the Eachine e58

It’s no secret that many people don’t know how to fly drones. In many ways, the thought of it frightens many individuals who fear spending a small fortune only to crush, or worse, lose the drone altogether. However, everyone has to start from somewhere, but what you don’t want is to start and stop because something is terribly wrong. As a beginner, you won’t regret buying the e58 because you won’t feel a pinch trashing it. It is an excellent option to get your feet wet before graduating to something more costly. 

Even though propagated as a drone for beginners, the e58 has many advanced features that make it fun to fly, even for advanced pilots. You should buy it without fear in your mind because it won’t cost an arm and a leg to get it. However, this is not a drone for professionals who are already acclimatized to flying and racing. Its meant for beginners who want to have fun and use it casually. After getting used to the nooks and crannies of flying, they can then upgrade to a more advanced drone, like the one e58 tries to emulate.

In addition to this drone being light in weight and small, it folds to the size of your palm for secure storage. Because of its toned-down features, you probably won’t need FAA registration to fly it. Its batteries charge quickly using just about any standard smartphone charger. The LED lights are bright enough to help you navigate in low light conditions. The one-button landing and takeoff feature is very welcome to those new to drone flying. It has a stable altitude hold and the 2MP camera shoots okay photos. Its spares are readily available online. Newbie pilots will love the short learning curve the Eachine e58 provides.


The Eachine e58 is a smaller replica of the more costly DJI Mavic Pro drone. The two companies are based in China, where many brands copy from other successful brands. Most of the time, the original version triumphs, but Eachine does make a good case for themselves. Regardless of a drone’s price, all have similar main parts: flight/remote controller, camera, and rotors. Therefore, their control mechanisms are quite similar. The Eachine e58 is perfect for those who are looking to fly their first drone because of its beginner-oriented features. Those new to flying drones will likely crash and bump into a lot of things, so it’s not advisable to purchase an expensive drone at first. With the e58, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that comes close to it for the price. 

You’ll find others refer to the e58 as a selfie drone. However, it is not to be confused with the DJI Mavic. It flies really well and all you need to do is take advantage of the bidding war happening in the far east corners of the world. This drone offers versatile in-flight features and it works right off the bat. It is so easy to operate and assemble, so we highly recommend it, especially for would-be pilots. It is perfect for those who want to fly a feature-rich drone but don’t want to spend too much money doing so.