8 Best Commercial Drones That Shoot Aerial Videos in 2020

commercial drones

Drones that are designed for commercial purposes are different from the ordinary drones that could just be used for leisure. This is because they have to satisfy the owner’s needs. Most of the commercial drones are lighter, have a longer flight time and are more equipped. They have HD cameras to take aerial videos and photos. Before investing your money on purchasing a commercial drone, you need to be aware of their features for great satisfaction of your needs. We will provide this information below with a focus on the best 8 commercial drones.

1. DJI Matrice 100

This drone has been specifically made for commercial purposes, and can rarely be used as a toy. It uses a battery of 45000mAH 22.2V giving it a flight time of 40 minutes.  The control distance of the drone is 1.2 miles (2km) which is the best among all the available drones in the market.

Interestingly, it’s made from waterproof plastic and aluminum making it light-weight with about 2.5 kg. the drone can be used at temperatures between -10 and +40 degrees Celsius. The provided Guidance system alerts the pilot of obstacles in the surrounding.

Most importantly, this drone has an incredible camera with 30X zoom to see the target easily from a considerable distance. It also has the Lightbridge video transmission technology to allow the pilot to get a live feed from his or her mobile device. The camera also has infrared cameras that help in navigating the drone efficiently.

2. DJI T600 Inspire

This drone has been designed for tech-savvy professionals to provide a good aerial view. Its super cool design is irresistible and is fascinating as you fly it. It uses a battery of 22.2V to provide a flight time of 18 minutes. If you use one TB48-5700mAH battery, it offers a flight time of 22 minutes.

The drone weighs 2.9 kg and has a control distance of 2.1 miles (3.5km). It has super strength while in the air due to the four-carbon fiber arms attached to its central body giving it a spider-like look. The arms also reduce the weight of the drone easily and protect the camera from any hurdles on the way.

The camera is the most attractive feature of this drone. It can capture 4K video and picture resolution.it offers a 360-degree view of the target area, hence it’s possible to shoot videos and take still photographs in almost any angle and direction.

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3. DJI Phantom 3 Professional

This is a professional drone that offers far-fetched possibilities and performances. It works well for experts and is also a great commercial drone for beginners. This drone weighs 8.2 pounds and has a dimension of 15’’ by 14’’ by 8.2’’. it has advanced motors to offer a durable performance and the motors have electromagnets to give the motors the ability to spin at very high speeds and easily controllable. It also has GPS navigation hence the pilot can get the best shots from it.

The battery of the drone is 4480 mAh with 15.2 V and gives a flight time of 25 minutes. DJI Phantom 3 has an inbuilt camera that is ultra-intelligent. The video camera is 2.7K that provides stable pictures. The camera has a 20mm equivalent lens with an aperture of f/2.8 for the best results.

4. Hubsan H30IS Spy Hawk

This drone has amazing features and  HD camera. It has a battery of 1300 mAH giving it a flight time of about 30 minutes. This is enhanced by its incredibly low weight of 6.2 pounds. The lightweight is due to the plastic and aluminum which are low weight materials.

Moreover, the drone has an auto-return function making it easy to return to the starting position when it goes away from its range. The HD camera provides footage of 1920x 1080 px resolution and you can get the live feed from your tablet or smartphone.

5. 3DR Solo Drone quadcopter

This is a lightweight commercial drone since it’s made from aluminum and plastic that I high-resistant.  It weighs 11.7 pounds.  It’s strong enough to withstand lighter damages and rough landings. Interestingly, it has a control distance of 5 miles. it’ s powered by a 5200 mAH battery giving it a flight time of about 25 minutes.

3DR Solo drone doesn’t come with an inbuilt camera but it can capture aerial videos. This is due to the GoPro frame where the camera can be attached and be used for aerial shots. The performance is admirable and clear pictures are produced. The flights are also smooth hence stable footage is provided. Moreover, there are more controls and features associated with Cable Cam and Orbit to improve your flight experience as you take aerial shots.

6. Yuneec Tornado H920 Plus

This is a sizeable drone that can be used for commercial photography. It has a carbon fiber frame making it very strong and durable. It weighs 44.6 pounds and has a flight time of about 24 minutes. It utilizes a 4K camera and a control range of 1 mile. This drone also has auto-landing capabilities and Return-to-Homee function for a better experience.

The Panasonic camera isn’t included in the package but has a GB603 gimbal which supports the camera with great stability. The landing gear allows the camera to provide a 360-degree view as the camera pans around the target area. A live feed is also provided through the integrated 7’’ Android device which is enabled by the ST24 transmitter.

7. Intel Falcon 8+

This drone is designed for professional and commercial applications. It’s resistant from magnetic field disturbances and very stable during high winds. Intel Falcon 8+ has a flight speed of 40 mph and 8x 125W electrical brushless motors.

For capturing aerial videos, one has to choose from two optional packages.  The first is the Sony Alpha 7R survey package that has a 36MP full-frame DSLM camera and a Sonnar T FE lens with f/2.8 and 35 mm. The second package is the ZS50 package that provides a hybrid RGB and 14-bit near-infrared camera and a hi-res digital camera that are parallel mounted.

8. FreeFly Alta 8

This is a massive commercial drone with a huge payload. It’s easy to Setup and ready to shoot in under five minutes. The frame is lightweight and is constructed of carbon fiber making it durable. It’s easy to monitor analyze the Alta 8’ s performance via the high-speed data logging on the micro SD card.

Moreover, Alta 8 has a lightweight molded plastic enclosure that is water-resistant, thus protecting the power distribution board and flight control. It has sky view and ground view configurations that capture cinematic aerial shots with the option of mounting the MOVI on the bottom or the top. The MOVI gimbals are easy to attach and remove.  It weighs 41.7 pounds and is powered by a battery of 22.2V

With the above details of the commercial drones, it will be easy for you to select the one that suits your needs.  You can choose to use the above drones for fun as you fly them at home, but if the drones are used for commercial purposes, then you will need to have a license to run it.  It’s important to check the rules and regulations provided by your state in regards to using drones for commercial purposes.