Campark act74

Campark ACT74

For adventure lovers, an action camera immortalizes those unforgettable moments like non-other. It must be reliable, practical and durable. The Campark act74 camera has these necessary attributes and much more that we are going to evaluate in this review. Read on to find out what to expect…

Campark ACT74


Campark act74 review

When compared to other action cameras like the GoPro, this is a slightly watered-down version, and so is the price. The price is so low that most people buy it for the thrill of it.  Nevertheless, it still records 4k and has many practical accessories included in the package. Its stills are up there with the best.

This camera doesn’t particularly stand out from other budget action cameras. If it’s not broken, why fix it right? However, it still has some unique features. For example, this is a pioneer action camera that features an LED light sensor. Despite having some extras, the act74 is quite light comparatively. The textured side on the black plastic also enhances your grip on the camera. The two tow buttons are intuitive to navigate through the settings. The ports on the adjacent side of the navigation key are not covered. For this reason, don’t use this camera in water, unless you use the waterproof case included in the purchase. For the price, the plastic is above par.

You can get this camera for less than 50 USD. Yes, you read that right. Such a price was unprecedented just a decade ago but is now the norm. However, don’t just go for cheap sake, because there are so many knockoffs, and the act74 doesn’t fit in that category. It’s the most affordable action camera that offers quality video and stills. Kick-off your adventures with this quality camera, because you have nothing to lose when you buy it.

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Campark act74 action cam audio and video quality

Perhaps the best feature is that the act74 is armed with 4K recording capacity. However, the image is interpolated, meaning the camera records at 1080p and its software makes the picture bigger. It can capture sequences at 60 frames per second and capture images at up to 16 megapixels. Thanks to the 170-degree eyepiece, and AllWinner V3 chipset, images are sharp. With the two-inch HD screen, the background detailing is stunningly clear. It’s compatible with up to 64 GB SD storage to store lots of videos and photos. 4k is recorded at only 30 fps, so it’s better to stick with the 1080p at 60 fps, giving you smoother video.

The sound is sometimes fuzzy when there’s a sudden motion, but you can circumvent this issue by using a compatible microphone or a sturdy base. The later is also a good alternative when you experience vague images. Underwater movements also tend to distort the audio, but this is also an issue that’s prevalent and needs a whole lot more to deal with. For underwater, the act74 requires a case housing to protect it from water but muffles the vocals and external sounds. As a result, audio quality suffers immensely.

Underwater sounds are generated by many natural sources such as rain, marine life, and breaking waves. Some man-made sources can include ships and military sonars. Therefore, it’s challenging to filter such elements with a microphone alone.

One thing that most users like about the act74 is how simple and straightforward it is. There aren’t those useless recording modes and do nothing features, intended to trick you that they are useful as seen in most action cameras. However, the lack of electronic image stabilization is hard to overlook, but some still do have it and blur up the footage even more. So, there’s that.

However, with the app for android and iOS, you can pair your smartphone to it. The app is easy to use and you will be able to view live footage right from the phone’s screen. Additionally, you can use your phone to use the act74 remotely and change all the settings when it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.

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Campark camera battery performance

For outdoor cameras, you want one that has excellent battery performance, since you might be going on long journeys without access to power. Fortunately, the act74 doesn’t disappoint. Its lithium-ion battery can take video at standard settings for up to 90 minutes when fully charged. Furthermore, you get a spare battery included in the package. However, its battery performance can vary greatly depending on the ambient temperatures.

The Campark act74 beats most other action cameras in operation time. This benchmark can be attributed to its size, which uses negligible power. To remove the rechargeable battery, you need to pull it out with a thin object or fingernail. However, that can prove to be more of a problem for many, since the whole product is so small. Regardless, this closed system provides proper battery protection.

Campark 4k action camera image quality

The biggest issue with this camera is the lack of an image stabilizer. Many people put so much emphasis on this factor. Luckily, this mishap doesn’t take away too much from the general qualities of the act74. For example, you can take more photos by lowering the resolution from 16 to 5 MP. The shutter button, which also serves as the start, resume and stop recording, has a comprehensive configuration menu. You can change the dynamics of your shots by taking burst and time-lapse photos.

Like many other inexpensive cameras, the act74 is susceptible to motion blur when moving. To counter such an issue, you can use a tripod, because no matter how hard you try, your hands won’t provide the required stable platform. Also, its more of an oversight when there’s a bike mount included because the vibrations of the bike make video incredibly shaky. Nonetheless, the 170-degree camera angle lets you forget such issues when you can record beautiful wide-angles, and capture the outdoor scenery in all its glory.

The colors are vibrant, and details look sharp and accurate, even in low light conditions. You can set the camera to also shoot at different angles, from 170 degrees, all the way down to 70, depending on how much scenery you wish to capture. The 170 degrees compliments limited angles on smartphones and SLR cameras, giving you a wider variety of videos.

Campark act74 action camera performance and functionality

One standout feature from act74 is its compatibility to smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems. With this attribute, you can control the camera from your mobile devices like take a photo, all thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity. Capture images and send them to your cloud servers like google drive for convenient storage.

You can add a special casing to this Campark camera, and have a water resistance of up to 30 meters deep. This feature makes this a welcome device for divers, swimmers and ordinary folk interested in aquatic life and don’t want to break the bank.

Campark act74 specs

Weight: 58 g / 2.0 oz

Dimensions: 2.3×1.6×1.1″ /59×41×28 mm

Chipset: AllWinner V3

Battery life: 1080p at 30 fps for 90 minutes

Battery: 900 mAh Li-On

Ports: Micro SD card slot, Micro HDMI, Micro USB

Memory: MicroSD up to 64GB

Sensor: Sony IMX179

Field of View: 170°

Photo: 16 MP

Video resolutions: 1080p 60/30 fps; 4K 30 fps;

Modes: Time-Lapse, Single Shot, Burst

Features: Wi-Fi, 2″ LCD screen

What’s in the box

Knowing what in the box lets you know if you will need to buy another accessory, parts, or additional gear to complete your setup. That said, the Campark act74 comes with everything you could ever need from a camera on your adventurers, inside a convenient bag included.

Campark ACT74

Helmet mounting kit

Bicycle mounting kit

Waterproof case & bracket

Micro USB to USB cable

2x 900 mAh Li-On battery

Tripod stand (usable with waterproof casing only)

User manual

Cleaning kit

Design and build

The Campark act74 is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The sides are rugged, to give you a firm grip and make it easy to handle. It has a jet-black coating, which provides it with a neat and clean appearance. The power button is located on the front, to prevent you from accidentally powering it off or on, as is usually the case in many other options. The camera has a 170-degree field of view that captures fine details throughout its scope. The build quality is solid, with and without the waterproof case. Its robust and lightweight, and will be able to take a ton of punishment throughout your endeavors.

This action camera looks almost like a GoPro, and you would be forgiven for saying so. Though not in the same league in terms of features, you wouldn’t claim that it is not worth the price. The LED screen is not a touchscreen but shows you everything you need to know efficiently. There’s a removable slot on the back that completely detaches to show all the ports on the camera.

User interface

One major issue with budget cameras is their shoddy UI. Most entry-level cameras control systems are a pain to use. There are many reports of where the keys are unresponsive, or if it involves wet weather, those with a touchscreen don’t register a thing. Fortunately, these are not problems you are likely to face with the Campark act74, because it is made of quality materials and has the tech to match.

The screen does not have touch features but is responsive, regardless of where you are, allowing you to cycle through various settings seamlessly. Tweaking the performance is a breeze, and consequently saves you a lot of time. You won’t spend to much of it wondering where which setting is, when out and about. Popular settings such as video resolution are in the start menu. The Android and iOS apps are even easier to use, as you can have a larger screen on which to work with.

Campark act74 HDMI/ USB ports

The USB and HDMI port give you an easy option of transferring or showing your photos to others. Even though you can charge the battery via its hub, you can also use a typical USB charger to get it done. However, the latter method takes more time and can destroy the battery since not all chargers are compatible. The location of the HDMI and USB ports are convenient for most users.

Ease of use

The menus on the act74 are arranged intuitively. However, some items would do with more accurate labeling. For example, the “off” function is denoted as “close,” and the “self-timer” is called “timed.” All buttons are responsive though, and once you get through the menu structure, everything seems to fall in place. Changing its settings is straightforward and easy even when the camera is housed in its waterproof case. The navigation menu is easy to pick up. If you can maneuver through a smartphone, then this camera UI will be a walk in the park.

Why you need the Campark act74

This action camera offers so many options at a cutthroat price. We compile why the features matter bellow.

High resolution for images and video

This digital camera efficiently captures high-quality images, both day and night. The image resolution is at up to 16 MP. Video resolution is at up to 4K, though 1080p, which is still fantastic, is recommended. At night, photos are in black and white, and in the daytime, they are bright and colored.

IR Technology and triggering distance

This camera also performs exceptionally when you want to document animal behavior without alarming it. It has no glow infrared technology which is also helpful in the nighttime, because it doesn’t startle the animals. The full-auto IR filter utilizes 44 pieces of LEDs for flash illumination.

Low power consumption and fast trigger speed

This camera can function for six months in standby mode through a single battery. The two batteries are more than enough for those who want to record videos the whole day and still have something in the locker. However, it doesn’t come with a standalone charger, but you can plug in the provided USB cable and plug the other end into a USB output charger. The less you carry on your travels, the better. The whole unit will power off automatically after 1, 3, or 5 minutes if not in use. It has a detection range of 65 feet, and the camera can take photos at intervals of half a second. Each movement is quickly and accurately detected. Good luck missing anything at such breakneck speeds.

Sturdy and waterproof

The Campark act74 has an IP66 rating. This figure means its dust-tight and protected against high seas and powerful jets of water. Because of its sturdy shell, you can keep on recording in adverse environments like an arid desert, freezing snow, and tropical rainforest. The threaded tripod and mounting strap keep the camera safe regardless of where you want to install it.

Reliable versatility and functionality

Campark leaves no stone unturned with the act74. It comes with a USB 2.0 connection and external power support. Images are captured in JPEG and videos in AVI format. You can store this content in an SDHC card, or your typical micro SD with an adapter. Other features include hybrid mode, real-time replay, timestamp with temperature tier, interval recording, moon phase and date. You can also capture time-lapse wildlife and landscape images, keeping a close eye on your home or workplace. Therefore, not only are these small yet sturdy cameras great for effectiveness in outdoor activities but for safety as well.


You will not regret buying this camera. For one, you can’t complain much when you see all the features it boasts. It is lightweight but doesn’t feel brittle at all. The camera does not look or feel cheap. The myriad of accessories offered are also compatible to many other cameras from different brands.

This camera is the epitome of versatility, whether in the shallow seas or high in the mountains, it’s the perfect accompaniment. It will immortalize creatures, landscapes, and all those moments of incredible adrenaline. The Campark act74 is for people who enjoy the outdoors and want to cherish the memories of their experiences affordably.

Despite the low price, this camera is choke-full of features and different accessories that make it a steal. It easy to see why it has taken the action sports community by storm. The brand’s reputation is second to none, and the act74 will improve your outdoor documentation. Spend time on the beach, ride your bike in the countryside, scale mountains and preserve those memories forever with this affordable and feature-rich action camera.

The Campark act74 excels in being a webcam, dashcam, action camera and security camera. Add in the built-in time-lapse, loop recording, 4K video capability, slow motion and slow motion and you can’t go wrong for the price.