Best Drones Under 100

Best Drones Under 100

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles are remotely controlled through software. They work in collaboration with onboard GPS and sensors. If you’re searching for an affordable drone, these are the best drones you can get for under 100 dollars.

Best Drones Under 100

Which are the Best Drones Under 100 Dollars?

As drones become more popular, choosing the ideal drone is fast becoming an arduous task. Here’s a list of the best drones under 100 dollars 2019 to ease your search.

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Parrot Swing + Flypad

The Parrot Swing comes with X shaped wings which enable the drone to fly like a plane. This drone model features four propellers and can drift away in a quadcopter mode. It has a 20-meter range and using the Flypad controller can enhance the range to 60 meters. The Parrot Swing is specially designed for high-speed racing and aerial acrobatics for the lovers of unmanned aerial vehicles. You can use this drone with or without a phone.

Horizon Hobby Blade Nano QX

The Horizon Hobby Blade Nano QX comes with a SAFE™ technology complete with agility and stability modes. This gadget is small and you can fly it within any space including the office. It’s specially made using good quality and sturdy materials, features blade guards, and has a lightweight airframe. The powerful brushed motors give the drone a smooth yet robust lift. Setting up this drone is an easy process. Once it’s fully charged, you can use it in flight mode for up to eight minutes. If you’re a beginner, this is the ideal drone for you, especially because you can fly both on stability and agility mode.

It Doesn’t Break Easily

The Horizon Hobby Blade Nano QX is robust enough and these features protect it against damage should it crash. If you’re looking for an easy to fly a drone without using complex devices such as cameras, this gadget is a good option.

Best Drone Under 100 with Longest Flight time

If you’re looking for a budget drone that will offer you a prolonged flight time, here are some of the best in the market.

Altair Outlaw SE

The Altair Outlaw SE comes with exceptional features at very reasonable prices. It features a battery which allows you to use the gadget for up to 2 minutes on flight mode. Not many affordable drones in the market today offer such a prolonged flight time. Further, the Horizon Hobby Blade Nano QX offers a 600 meters flight range. This means that users have sufficient space to get amazing shots using this drone.

Further, using this drone allows you to enjoy different flight modes. As a beginner, some features you’ll enjoy using are; altitude hold, return-to-home, landing, and one-touch takeoff. These give you the confidence you need to control this drone. What’s more, you’ll be excited to set a path and use waypoint mapping to marvel at the drone as it flies.

MJX Bugs 2W

The MJX Bugs 2W is an excellent small drone which features various great specifications similar to those found in more expensive drones. The good thing about this drone is that it’s affordable. This drone features a 1080P camera and an impressive 18 minute flight time. You can fly this gadget between an 800 and 1,000-meter range, plus it features two batteries which you can charge for approximately five hours. The MJX Bugs 2W has a 5GHz WiFi first-person view. It’s not a high-speed gadget but you can still use it to take unique aerial pictures. The robust failsafe feature comes in handy to protect this drone from dropping from the sky.

Best Drone Under 100 with HD Camera

Are you looking for the best affordable drone with an HD camera? If you are, then check out the following gadget.

QCopter HD Camera Drone with Bonus Battery

The QCopter HD Camera Drone is a robust drone available at very affordable prices. This gadget is ideal for beginners even though it doesn’t perform well in terms of aerial photography. QCopter HD Camera Drone comes with four brushless motors and features coreless technology which comes in handy to protect the engines from overheating after every session.

This technology also reduces any chances of damage which can happen as a result of heat damage. This drone comes complete with a 6-axis gyro which enhances stability even in extreme weather conditions. It also has a headless mode feature which comes in handy when it comes to flying the gadget at high altitudes. With this function, users can run the drone with ease its orientation notwithstanding.

Other Features

The Return Home Mode enables the drone to safely return to its take-off position especially if it flies further away from the user. If you’re particular about design, this gadget comes with a visually appealing design. It features a neon green airframe and striking blue LEDs which are mounted at the front. The quads airframe is made using plastic. However, this shouldn’t make you think that it’s fragile.


This Gadget is quite durable and can withstand different types of mechanical shock. This drone also features four somewhat curved propeller blades made from plastic. The blades are shielded using four white fan guards for enhanced protection. This gadget is capable of achieving a speed of up to 20 meters per second on friendly weather conditions. The maximum altitude this drone can achieve is four to five meters.

Aerial Stunts

The drone’s 6 axis gyro allows it to execute different aerial stunt types which include: slides, evasions, and barrel rolls. These make the drone perfect for executing obstacle courses. The QCopter HD Camera Drone comes with a unique wind speed compensation switch. With this, the user can control the gadget better especially during harsh windy conditions.

Best Drone Under 100 2019

Check out the drones you can purchase for less than 100

Ryze Tello

The Ryze Tellois toy drone which is suitable for children. It’s made by combining Intel, DJI, and Ryze to form an easy to control lightweight, and small gadget. Users are guaranteed to enjoy every moment with this drone. Ryze Tello comes with 5MP/720p videos and photos camera and features and also features vision position sensors which allow the gadget to statically remain in the air.

The vision position sensors come in handy to provide stability when you’re using the gadget outdoors or even indoors, a feature which facilitates the shooting of excellent photos. Ryze Tello has a 13 minute flight time and can fly within a 10 meters range.

Other Features

The Ryze Tello comes with EZ-shots which enables the gadget to take automatic photos without user interaction. This gadget comes with various flight modes and the 8 flips which allows it to flip in eight varying directions with just one swipe on the screen.


The UDI A818 HD features simple controls and a high definition camera at reasonable prices. You can shoot excellent quality photos and videos and it also comes with a headless mode which facilitates ease and speed when it comes to learning about piloting. The return to home option comes in handy in case the drone gets lost on the way to ensure that it comes back to you. With the battery alarm, you’re sure that your gadget is safeguarded from falling from the sky. The UDI A818 HD package comprises of a USB card reader, 2 batteries, 4 GB microSD card, and 4 extra blades which come in handy in the event of a crash.

Holy Stone HS170 Predator

The Holy Stone HS170 Predator is a quadcopter drone which features three-speed modes. When it comes to flying this drone, you can start with a moderate speed before confidently gaining height. This drone comes with bright and visually appealing LED lights which mean you can easily use it during the night or evenings.

However, you may want to purchase a new battery seeing that this drone only comes with between 6 to 8 minutes of flight time. This drone is wind resistant and comes with propeller guards which not only reduces its chances of crashing. This gadget is ideal for children.

Best Drone Under 200 Dollars

Which is the best drone below 20 dollars? While there are many drones in the market within that price range, here is our best pick.

Altair Aerial AA818 Plus

The Altair Aerial AA818 Plus is ideal for beginners and comes with excellent features for a reasonable price. This drone comes with a combination of blue and black color scheme and robust quality. It’s made using plastic guards around the propellers. While these may give the drone a bulky appearance, it’s quite lightweight. The guards are specially designed to safeguard your drone from crashes and other obstacles. They also protect the drone propellers and arms.

Other Features

The Altair Aerial AA818 Plus features a 120-degree wide-angle high definition 720 rubber damper camera. This reduces shakiness and blurriness in your photos. With such a powerful camera, users will be able to leverage the first-person view to control the drone from either VR goggles or smartphone screen. These accessories are bought separately. This drone features a battery which gives this gadget 15 minutes of flight time. One great thing about this gadget is that it comes with an extra battery which means you’ll enjoy a massive 30 minutes of flight time.

Best Foldable Drone Under $100

Foldable drones are convenient, flexible, and more durable. Here’s one of the best foldable drones under 100 dollars.

Noiposi RC Drone Quadcopter JJR/C H47 Elfie Foldable Selfie Pocket Drone

The Noiposi RC Drone Quadcopter is one of the best foldable drones in the market. It features an inbuilt gravity sensor which you can easily control using your hand movement. This drone is quite small and easy to fold which makes it ideal for use and storage while on the go. The package includes a beautiful case for the drone and its remote and sufficient space for other accessories. The drone’s four arms are foldable and it comes with rear and front lights to facilitate and ease night-time flying.

Best GoPro Drone Under 100

Are you looking for a drone that’s compatible with GoPro? Here is one of the best drones you may want to consider.

Yuneec Typhoon G Quadcopter for GoPro

The Typhoon G Quadcopter for GoPro is a great drone manufactured by Yuneec. The manufacturer has been in the industry for a long time and has carved a great reputation for quality products. This drone is specially designed for GoPro and the controller comes with a live video feed which is compatible with GoPro. This drone comes complete with a GoPro compatible gimbal which you can use to mount your camera with ease for the best quality footage. With a 20-minute single battery flight time and a control range of 40 meters, you’re guaranteed to have a great time taking your best shots.


As technology advances and people strive to shoot excellent videos and photos, drones are becoming popular. If you’re looking for a drone, conduct market research based on your needs. There are numerous affordable drones in the market today which you may want to consider.