10 Best Drones with Camera and GPS in 2020

Best Drones with Camera and GPS

Drones fascinate us. Drones are making news all around. Whether it is the attempted delivery of pizza with the help of a drone or drone photography, they are fast gathering eyeballs all around us. Due to this increased fascination, people are cannot resist buying one. However, when they try to get one, they are just confused between the options.   

Oftentimes, when people are looking to buy drones, they are just confused about the specifications. We have decided to solve this problem for you. We would be discussing the specifications which matter the most and would be only picking up the best drones which you can buy in 20197. Thus, you would be able to pick the best drones for you easily.

Our Picks for 10 Best Drones With Camera And GPS

The drones which we have picked below, are the best which you can buy in 2017.

10.Parrot Mambo

If you are looking for an affordable drone, then parrot mambo is the perfect option for you.
Since it is an entry level drone launched in September 2016, some of the advanced features like the return to home might be missing, but if you just want to experience flying a drone, this is a great place, to begin with.


Great for indoor flight
Provides some gaming options    
Battery of only 550 mAh
Professional features absent
Flight time of only 8  minutes
Good for novelty use only.

It is surprisingly easier to control with the help of Freeflight 3 application which is available for both Apple as well as Android.

If you want more precision in your control, you can spend some extra money on Parrot Flypad transmitter which would provide you with better control.

One change which you would almost instantly notice in this drone, are the fittings below each of the rotors. These would allow you to pick up small objects like sugar cubes. It can also enable you to play games like dropping balls on a specific target.

As just 0.13 lbs it is one of the lightest drones available making it much more easier for you to carry it around.

Since it is an entry level drone, you cannot expect professional performance from it and this shows up when you compare it’s flight time with others. At just 8 minutes of flight time, it is actually an indoor drone rather than an outdoor one, due to a smaller battery of 550 mAh.

The lack of live streaming might put some people off from buying this drone, but this was expected in an entry level drone.

If you are just looking for an entry level to gain some experience in handling drones, then buying Parrot Mambo online is the perfect deal for you.

9. Helipal Storm SRD 280 Drone

We have discussed many high-speed drones, but we haven’t specifically discussed a drone which is made for racing. this where the Helipal Storm comes into the picture.

It is specifically designed to be a racing drone and was launched back in September 2015.


 High Speed
Robust Structure made from Carbon fiber .
 Flight time of only 7 minutes
Battery capacity of only 1300 mAh
Difficult to control at high speed.

Drone racing is becoming more and more popular and this is creating a market for high-speed drones. This is the exact market which Helipal storm serves.

Right from the first look, you would be able to know the difference in Helipal storm. It is carved out of carbon fiber and crafted for proper aerodynamic features which make it look much more sleek and speedy.

Just because it is a racing drone, does not mean that the camera would be lacking.

Controlling a drone at such a high speed can be a problem, due to this very reason, this drone provides with 3 different flight modes.

The first one is the Angle Mode which allows you to just control the speed while the level of the drone remains the same. This is a good option if you want to just get your hands on the drone and are learning to fly it.

The second mode is the Horizon mode, as the name suggests it helps you maintain horizontal flight but you have much better control as compared to the angle mode, as you would be able to change the angle and even perform some tricks and after that, the horizon mode would be returning it back to the stable level.

The third mode is the Rate mode, in which you would be having the maximum control over the drone, the flight of the drone is similar to the airplane. This is the mode which you should use if you have experience in flying drones.

At just 1.3lbs, the weight is not a hindrance when it comes to flying this drone. No wonder the high speed of this drone is much better than the others. The only disadvantage is the short fly time of only 7 minutes. The battery is kind of average at 1300 mAh.

One of the hindrances in buying this drone is the absence of a proper operating ecosystem like a mobile application. This reminds you on the contrary of some of the taken for granted features of DJI drones.

This drone would surely be providing you with the speeds to win the race, but before that, you have to get your hands accustomed to controlling this drone at high speeds.

Helipal drones do not have that much of a strong distribution around the world, so the best place to buy Helipal Storm SRD 280 Drone is to order it online.

8. DBPower UDI U842

Many drones are known for their durability and this is one such drone.

If you look at the price range at which it sells, you cannot help but wonder, which drone other than this offers you a better deal. The price range has been constant since it’s launch in spring 2016 due to its popularity.


Stable in windy conditions
Extra Battery
Control with application
Highly sensitive Controller
Flight time of only 9 minutes
Battery capacity of only 1000 mAh
Lack of Precision
Mediocre video quality 

The design is similar to other options, with a 4 rotor assembly.

What stands out though is the unique color combination of black and red, which makes it much more visually pleasing.

The standard controller which is easily available online can be used to control this drone or you can also use a mobile application.

One of the modes of this drone which you would be hearing a lot about is known as the gravity induction mode.

This mode, allows you to control the flight and change its direction just by controlling, the direction of the camera and the position of the camera. This makes it easier for you to learn how to fly this drone.

With a weight of only 0.79 lbs, you might think that it would be difficult for you to maintain control in windy conditions but we found otherwise. It is pretty stable in windy conditions.

Also, due to the size, you can use it indoors and also outdoors and at a flight time of 9 minutes, it comes in pretty handy when you are looking at the entry-level drones. The battery specification is a bit on the average side or even lower at 1000 mAh.

The camera provides you with a decent resolution of 720p which is a plus point when it comes to the entry level drones.

However, the live video feed might be nothing to write home about.

As this drone is more of an entry-level drone, the control range is on the shorter side, at 80 meters making it suitable only for backyard usage.

If you are just looking for a drone to try things out, this is a good entry level option, but you cannot expect DJI level of performance from this drone.

7. Parrot bebop 2

If you are looking for a cheap GPS drone with the camera then Parrot Bebop 2, is one of the best options which you have even though it was a while ago in December 2014.


 Battery capacity of 2700 mAh  
Flight time of 25 minutes
Stable Flight
Value for money
Limited control range

Along with Parrot bebop 2, you would be getting a sky controller dock, which makes it easier for you to control the drone.

If you want to control it with the help of your smartphone it is possible with the help of an application which is available for both Android and Apple operating systems.

The flight time of this drone is near the industry average of 25 minutes in a single go owing to 2700 mAh battery.

One feature which would make this rotor more durable is the emergency stop feature. Due to this feature when the drone rotors are coming in contact with any obstacle, the rotors would be stopping to avoid any damage to them.

On the other hand, the lighter weight of the drone ensures that it would be surviving the crash because it just weighs at 1.1 pounds. An in-flight impact, however, can prove disastrous for the drone due to build quality.

The camera is provided with proper stability system and is capable of recording at 1080p which might not be as high a resolution as offered by DJI, but considering the segment of users which this drone is targeting it is still pretty good enough.

At a control range of 300 mts, it is a decent option to choose from especially considering the maximum speed of 38 mph. From the control range, one thing which you would understand is that it is more suited for hobby flying rather than surveillance or capturing footage.

Considering the cost, it does offer you with some value for money especially considering you can order Parrot bebop 2 online for an additional discount. Many people buy drones, just to get an experience of flying them. This model is perfect for you if you just want to experiment with flying drones.

If you are looking for a drone in the mid-level range, which offers you decent performance, then this is definitely the one which you should be going for.

6. GoPro Karma

Seldom does a drone offer you value for money but when you are looking at GoPro karma, you would be getting a value for money deal.


 Battery capacity of 5100 mAh
Large App Ecosystem
Image stabilizer options
Flight time of just 20 minutes
Limited range
Limited flight time

After a slight glitch with the batteries following a successful launch in October 2016, GoPro karma is back for sale. One of the reasons why GoPro as a brand has become so famous is because of extreme capturing sports footage.

This drone from GoPro also is designed in a such that it can capture fast changing footage in high resolution.

GoPro is known for small and compact gadgets which are highly functional. GoPro karma imbibes the same spirit with small dimensions and a weight of just 2.2 lbs. For the camera, you can easily opt for Gopro HERO 4 or GoPro HERO 5 both of which would produce 4k video quality.

With a range of just 3 miles some might argue that it is not long enough, but for most of the extreme sports enthusiasts, it is more than enough.

One feature which makes the camera on this drone much more versatile is that you can unmount the camera and mount it on the Karma grip which would help you in shooting the footage on the ground.

As with any other GoPro product, you would be able to get their entire app ecosystem to not only edit the video but also to navigate the drone. One of the only things, which goes against this drone is the flight time which is limited to just 20 minutes. On the other hand, the battery capacity is pretty good at 5100 mAh.

If you are looking for a drone to specifically capture extreme sports or footage in a smaller area, then there is nothing better then GoPro karma, as it provides you with on ground imaging options also. GoPro brand already is associated with extreme sports and capturing live footage which makes this drone the perfect option for capturing extreme sports.

You can easily purchase GoPro Karma online, like the other drones mentioned on our list.

5. DJI Phantom 4

When it comes to drones, DJI Phantom 4 has a strong grip on the drone market since its launch in March 2016 and this is evident from the number of DJI products on this list.

Another one among the DJI drones which are entering this list is the DJI Phantom 4. The pro version of this drone is more advanced, which we have also discussed on this page.


 Battery capacity of 5350 mAh
Flight time of 28 minutes
Live View available
Decent Controller
Different Flight Modes
 Difficult for Beginners

When it comes to the design of the drone, it is similar to the phantom 3 series, however, you would find that this one is curvier as compared to its predecessors. This is done to improve the aerodynamic properties of the drone which helps it in achieving a higher speed and also increases the flight time as compared to the predecessors. With a weight of 8 pounds, you can be certain that it would be remaining steady in flight.

One thing which you would notice about the DJI Phantom 4 is that it is much more compact. This makes it easier to carry around.

The case which you would be getting with the product is not only good enough for the drone but also can accommodate the charger and the controller and the extra batteries.

However, if you are looking for foolproof carrying mechanism, you can opt for drone carrying kits, which would keep the drone more secure. You can find plenty of such drone carrying kits online.

One of the main improvements which have happened in this drone is that the camera has got the support from both the sides, which makes it much more stable and helps it in capturing some great footage. Stability of the camera is vital for capturing good quality footage.

The remote control is almost the same as the earlier phantom 3 series. It still allows you to mount a smartphone or a tablet. One added feature in the controller, however, is the pause button. the pause button when pressed halts the drone and makes it hover in a single place.

One of the features which you would often use a lot if you are buying the phantom 4 are the automated flight features enabling the drone to provide you with the drone GPS autopilot feature.

These would make it easier for you to take off and land the drone since these would be automated and using the drone GPS tracking feature, it would coming to the desired location.

If you are a seasoned drone flyer, however, you can switch to the manual flight mode.

The phantom 4 comes with a camera having 12.4MP which is also capable of capturing video at 4k with a speed of 30fps.

The live video which is being streamed onto your smartphone can be broadcast live on Youtube.

If you want to edit the video, then the mobile application provided in the DJI ecosystem will allow you to edit the feed to a certain extent.

At, 8 lbs it is a bit on the heavier side.

However, when you consider the flight time of 28 minutes due to the battery of 5350 mAh, the weight can be ignored due to an optimum flight time which when coupled with the features like the return to home and a range of 3.1 miles, makes it easier for you to fly the drone.

DJI Phantom 4 provides you with an all-round option, which provides you with the complete package when it comes to drones.

You can order DJI Phantom 4 online and get it delivered to your address. There are some attractive deals available online for DJI Phantom 4 from time to time.

4. DJI Mavic Pro (Editors Choice)

This is a drone fan’s dream. Ever since it has been launched in October 2016, it has been one of the best-selling drones. DJI Mavic pro can be folded and kept in a smaller box the size of a milk carton. The battery capacity of 3830 mAh ensures that it can fly continuously for 27 minutes.


 Battery capacity of 3830 mAh
Flight time of 27 minutes
Highly Portable
Automatic Obstacle avoidance
HD quality footage

Even though it is smaller as compared to it’s competitor Phantom 4, but it still provides you with streaming quality video. When you want to live stream the video from this drone, it would be offering you a quality of 720p which is quite good enough for live streaming.

The control options of this drone are pretty versatile. You can easily control it from your smartphone with the help of Wi-Fi. If it is at a greater distance, you can use the controller which is provided with the drone.

If you are buying it especially for capturing some footage, you would be amazed at the 4k video quality captured by the mounted camera. The auto-focus feature just provides you with an added advantage. You can easily program it in a way, that it lands at the place from where it took off from.

With the help of gesture control, you would be able to easily take selfies and make the drone follow you with the help of waving of the hands. In addition to that, with the help of sensors which are mounted on it, it can not only detect obstacles but also avoid them.

It is pretty versatile when you are looking into the functioning of the drones.

If you are looking for a versatile drone, then this is the one which you should be opting for. It can help you with capturing good quality footage as well as monitoring an area.

With DJI drones, you are always opting for a safe and efficient drone, so go ahead and order DJI Mavic Pro online.

3. DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Drones are getting more and more advanced and the new DJI Phantom 4 Pro launched in December 2016, is an example of this advancement. One such feature which has captured the fascination of drone lovers is the new four side collision avoidance system, which makes this drone much easier to fly.


 Long flight time of 30 minutes
Battery capacity of 5870 mAh
Superior camera
4 Side obstacle avoidance system
Better Flight Time
Better Controller
Not Highly portable

However, one thing which you would be surprised with is the performance of the camera. The camera helps you shoot 4k footage at 60 fps. This enhances the quality of the footage significantly. The option of live feed is also available in this drone and it would be helping you in streaming 1080p quality which would give you live HD streaming. With a 20 mp camera, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Some of the other features which this drone offers are, return to home, which would enable the drone to come back to the point from where it took off.

When it comes to weight, while it might not be as light as 3.1 lb but with a powerful battery of 5870 mAh it can sure provide you with a larger flying time of 30 minutes.

At times, it becomes difficult for you to sync your smartphone with the controller of the drone. However, with this drone, you would not be facing this problem. DJI has provided you with a separate controller which has a 5.5-inch screen for you to control your drone. The screen of the controller is much brighter as compared to your smartphone which makes it easier to operate.

If the only reason why you are buying a drone is to capture high-quality video then this GPS drone is the best option for you.

If you are looking for a drone which can help you in capturing footage or surveillance, this is one of the best options out there.

2. Yuneec Typhoon H pro

One brand which you would not have heard a lot about when it comes to drones is Yuneec.

However, the latest Yuneec Typhoon H pro impressed us enough to make it to this list. In its short existence since it’s launch in January 2017, it has become quite popular.


 Flight time of 25 minutes
Battery capacity at 5400 mAh
6 Rotor Design
Superior Aerodynamic Design with Retractable landing gear
Remote Control with inbuilt display
Controller is difficult to master

One of the stark differences which you would instantly notice on seeing this drone are the 6 rotors. The 6 rotor assembly gives it much more stability.

On the downside, the 6 rotor assembly increases the weight to 12 lbs.

It does not disappoint though at a camera resolution of 4k which captures some brilliant footage.

When it comes to Yuneec Typhoon H pro, some features are pretty unique. One such feature is the retractable landing gear which makes it much more aerodynamic and helps it achieve a speed of 43mph.

Flying a drone at such speed often requires great control but Yuneec H pro comes with a feature known as Realsense which helps you in avoiding obstacles in real time, making it easier for you operate.

When it comes to the flight time it is pretty steady at a respectable 25 minutes owing to the 5400 mah battery. Considering the speed of the drone, the time of 25 minutes is pretty decent.

Dual operator control is another feature which is provided.

The only grudge which we had with this drone, was that the controller is not easy to master and even the simple functions like the battery indicator are a bit difficult to understand.

If you are looking for a more aerodynamic design than Yuneec Typhoon H pro is a good option but some of the limitations like the cost and limited range of just 1 mile, might make you think twice before buying this one.

If you are looking to buy Yuneec Typhoon H pro, then buying it online is the best choice, as it might not be available at a store near you because of its recent launch.

1. DJI Inspire 2

The drone is only as good as the aerodynamic design with the help of which it is built. Even though for the normal drone user, aerodynamics, might not mean much, but when you compare 2 drones, having vastly different designs in terms of aerodynamic efficiency, you would be able to see the difference starkly.

DJI Inspire 2 is an example of superior aerodynamic design. After much hype, this drone was released in November 2015.


 Flight time of 25 minutes
Above average battery capacity of 4280 mAh
High-Quality Camera
Retractable landing gear
Dual Control System
High Speed
Very Heavy

The innovation does not just stop at superior aerodynamic design but also incorporates other features like reliable performance in addition to easy integration with the smartphones.

In fact, most of the other drones of DJI as well, provide you with a glimpse of these features but DJI Inspire 2 provides you with the complete package.

If you look into the sales charts of top drones, it comes as no surprise that time and again DJI Inspire 2 tops the charts.

This drone provides you with the option of choosing from 2 cameras, that is X5S and X4S. With the superior X5S providing you with 5.2k image quality which is much higher than the resolution of other drone cameras. With 30fps speed of capture provided at 5.2k, you cannot go wrong with the footage quality. The drone also offers you with the live streaming feature at 1080p.

The X5S camera provides you with CineCore 2.0 image processing which helps you in getting clear and high-resolution images. The mounting of the camera lens is in contact with the gimbal which helps in keeping the weight under check.

The drone has a pretty decent flying time of 25 minutes with 4280 mah battery.

This drone provides you with a superior control range of 5 miles with features like the return to home, which ensures that the drone would be returning to the take off point.

The flying speed leaves other drones behind by a mile, the maximum flying speed of 58 mph. The structure of this drone is primarily, created from carbon fiber and magnesium. The carbon fiber body ensures that the weight is less.

A single controller is provided for controlling the drone but by buying an additional controller, you can convert it to a dual control system. When you are using both controls, it would be working in the master-slave fashion with one of the controllers, being the master.

Also, unlike most of the other drones, it has a retractable landing gear which helps you in rotating the camera for a full 360 view when the landing gear is retracted during flight.

This is one of the few drones, in which you can actually boast of a series of safety features. This is one of the very few drones in the industry which comes with redundant batteries. It also has a dual IMU which ensures at no point of time, there is a failure in controlling the drone. This provides you with much higher precision.

In addition to the above safety features, the drone is equipped with a 3 direction obstacle avoiding system, which helps it in avoiding obstacles from the top, forward and downward directions.

At 52 lbs, it is very heavy for carrying around. This is one point which you should be concerned about.

If you are looking for an actual professional drone, then DJI Inspire 2 is one of the best contenders which you can choose.

You can easily buy DJI Inspire 2 online and get it delivered to your address. It offers you a lot of features, which are not available in some of the more popular drones. Considering the superiority of DJI and the number of features offered in this drone, this is the best option for professional drones whether you want to survey an area or want to capture some footage.

We have today discussed, different drone options in each and every segment, the ones discussed at the end are some of the most advanced GPS drone quadcopter which you would find. One name which you would find often cropping up is DJI. This is because when it comes to the build quality and to the operating mechanism, DJI drones provide you with a much superior option as compared to other drone manufacturers.

One thing which you have to always keep in mind when it comes to drones, is that instead of going for the most expensive ones, you have to assess your needs between different options like drones with GPS and fpv, GPS autopilot quadcopter and after that it becomes easier for you to not only choose the right type of drone which you want to buy, but also the right model of the drone which you should choose.