10 Best Drones Reviewed and Rated in 2020

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we are here in 2020 now and we have compiled some of the hottest new drones for you to take outside and explore. 

The Top Drones of 2020

4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

DJI Spark

In this list of Best Drones, we have got a hot DJI Spark in the list, It’s almost like a mini Mavic pro super portable tons of smart features packed in and it’s the most affordable DJI drone ever built,

Let’s jump right in for an in-depth review the DJI spark comes with a very convenient carrying case. That’s molded to fit the spark perfectly propellers and all.

The first thing you’ll notice is the tiny size of the spark Drone. It’s Impressive DJI was able to pack so much technology into something so small that fits in the palm of your hand.

The spark is Lightweight only 300 grams with battery and props installed, even at this cheaper price point, they didn’t skimp on build quality or materials it looks and feels ultra-premium.

Battery timing

Starting with some battery tests in real-World, I’d fly around for around 10 to 12 minutes when it prompted me to come back and land. 

Easy for beginners

Flying the spark is a cinch perfect for beginners and those who’ve never used a drone before It takes less than 30 seconds to turn on and start flying.

One of the unique and neat features of the spark is that you can fly the drone with just your phone or tablet, Sometimes this just makes sense not mean the charging grab a dedicated spark controller but instead use my phone which is always on with us.

These a quick and easy flying experience All you need to do is turn on the DJI spark connect Via Wi-Fi on the mobile device launch the DJI go app, And you are all ready to fly.

Flight Safety

The spark has front-facing object avoidance meaning it will help prevent Itself from flying forward into any object.

In my testing, this feature works great and one allows me to fly forward or too close to anything, this is another huge feature for beginners and offer safety and confidence while flying.

Another confidence booster is that it returns to home with one button swipe or if the drone disconnects it will auto come home and land itself giving you peace of mind.

Max Range & Wifi

The Max Transmission range while flying the spark with your phone over Wi-Fi is 262 Ft Distance and 164-foot height if you choose to buy the dedicated controller sold separately that range is super extended up to 6,500 feet over a mile away.

Another thing to note speed is limited to 6.5 miles per hour when flying with a mobile device. However, that’s greatly increased to 31 miles per hour in sports mode with the dedicated controller.

Camera & photography

That’s going to be a ton of fun now onto the key feature of the spark the camera the 12-megapixel sensor captures a beautiful aerial photograph, and the 1080P 30Fps Video looks fantastic.

Video bitrate is recorded at 24 megabits per second, Image Quality looks great, and the gimbal is very stable giving you smooth aerial shots.

I’m very impressed with the result not only do I have exposure control over the camera but it is cool Built-in camera mode like auto exposure, bracketing for HDR photos Or Shallow focus, so once I’ve taken my picture I can open it via the playback and play with the depth of field and focus to create that nice blurry background.

There’s panorama mode [selects] vertical or horizontal and the Sparkle auto Pan and tilt the camera Mid-Air to capture photos with enough overlap to stitch together for a dynamic Wide-Angle shot.

Overall the photos and videos look dang good on such a small camera. 

Now DJI has also included smart shooting mode like active track which has always been one of my favorite, Active track will auto-follow the subject and keep them in-camera frame Even if that object is moving you can even tell it to auto circle the object as well while tracking and moving simultaneously this makes for some super cool cinematic shot.

There are new smart shooting modes as well; Quick shots are automated camera and drone moves that record a 10-second video clip you can share on Social media I like the drone which automatically pulls up and away while keeping a subject in centered frames.

It also has helix move where the sparks fly upward and spiraling around the Target

Another big feature of DJI is Promoting its called gesture control. This is where you can feel like a Jedi knight and control your spark with just your hands.

There are also tons of awesome features of DJI Spark you can only see by purchasing it.

These are some pretty neat features overall my wish list is very short.

  1. wish that the camera could record 4K video, but I had to remind myself most people don’t even have 4K screens yet But the camera is still really good at 12 megapixels also.
  2. I wish the arms would fold in like the Mavic Pro It could easily fit in my pocket, but I have a feeling we’ll see this in a future model Hopefully.

Fun to fly and packed with Impressive crazy technology inside and out all this at a very affordable price point.
It’s the perfect drone for all of you who are on the fence about spending money on a Professional DJI drone experience this new drone should spark your creativity and offer you a world of aerial photo and video Possibilities.

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4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Swell Pro Splash 3 – Waterproof Drone

Best Drones of 2019 and Swell Pro is here, the pioneers of waterproof drones have been leading innovation since 2013.
The news splash drone 3 is the first fully integrated modular waterproof drone.

The brand new aluminum alloyed 4k camera with a two-axis waterproof gimbal module is lighter more durable and offers greater stability than ever.


The new and improved propulsion system with its 600 20 kilovolt motors and 1242 carbon-fiber propellers provides more power in reserve and agility than ever.

The new state-of-the-art s3 flight controller ensures rock-solid stability in all situations.

The custom-designed remote controller is ergonomically designed and has a built-in fpv monitor the high-performance propulsion system is not just about walk hour it’s also about stability it now eliminates the jelly effect caused by the aircraft’s vibrations.


The heavy-duty splash drone three signature waterproof fuselage is specially designed for use on the water and all-weather flying and is as sturdy as it is waterproof.

Camera & Photography

The new 4k waterproof camera gimbal is the first of its kind with the wide-angle lens your images will look more natural than ever the camera captures up to 4k 24 FPS video or 2k 30fps and 1080p 60fps video and mp4 or MOV format, it also captures gorgeous 14 megapixels still pictures in JPEG or RAW format.

With the new 4k waterproof camera gimbal module you get more vivid sharper and higher resolution footage than ever.
To increase position control accuracy, Swellpro installed a new brain in the splash drone three the s3 flight controller, in GPS mode and thanks to its new propulsion system splash drone three will maintain its position even in high winds up to 12 meters per second.

The new smart cruise mode enables the capturing of smoother footage and all the usual smart flight modes such as follow me and mission planning are still available.

Load & Release

With our new quick-release system switching between modules is fast and easy you can now change from a search-and-rescue configuration to a 4k aerial shooting platform in a few seconds the splash drone 3 provides you the maximum flexibility in the most compact form factor.

The new remote control with built-in fpv monitor is all you need to fly and capture your footage it has a better range with a choice of 40 channels to select from ensuring smooth and reliable video feed in all situations.

The splash drone 3 is much more than an all-weather 4k video and photography platform thanks to its wide range of modules it can be used for a wide variety of applications including 3d mapping survey, agriculture, firefighting, wildlife observation, search-and-rescue and much more.

Splash drone 3 is the ultimate modular flying platform.

whatever the mission whatever the environment the splash drone 3 is your solution.

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4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Dji Mavic Pro

Best of 2019, this is the DJI Mavic Pro arguably one of the best travel-sized super high-quality consumer great drones that you can buy today.


The DJI Mavic Pro is extremely compact and lightweight compared to other drones weighing in at just over 700 grams including the battery and propellers.


It features a twelve-point three-five megapixel camera capable of capturing videos up to full 4k a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels at 24 frames per second.
The lens has a fixed focal length of 28 millimeters and an aperture of f/2.2; this gives you a nice and wide field of view without the distortion that you see in your typical GoPro footage as well as that nice blurred background effect for close-up shots.

You can also shoot still images with the Mavick Pro both in JPEG and RAW format at a resolution of 4000 x 3000 pixels, The camera itself is attached to a three-axis gimbal that offers great mechanical image stabilization even on pretty windy days.


Quite frankly the Mavic itself already manages to have a nice and steady and with the additional camera stabilization it get some nice and smooth drone shots, you can also aim the gimbal remotely aiming smoothly between anywhere from straight ahead to straight down and you can look either horizontal or vertical.

Wifi & Connectivity

The DJ Mavic Pro itself you can control either via the remote controller into which you simply hook your phone for full control as well as the live preview while you’re flying or directly on Wi-Fi using just the phone.


The Mavic Pro is rated to reach a crazy maximum altitude of 5000 meters above sea level however in most countries the legal limit is 120 meters before you enter restricted airspace and the Mavic will automatically stop when it reaches its configured maximum altitude.

The effective range for the controller is 4 kilometers in an unobstructed in the interference-free environment, in terms of speed the DJI Mavic Pro can get up to a staggering 65 kilometers an hour on a good day when operating in the sport mode.

However the best mode to fly the drone is in position mode where the max speed is limited to 36 kilometers an hour the reason to use position mode over sport mode is that the Mavic is actually equipped with a forward and download vision system and it would automatically avoid obstacles whilst lying in position mode.

Obstacle avoidance

When you enable sports mode which you need to turn on via a physical switch on the remote controller itself obstacle avoidance is disabled on the Mavic so use at your own risk, another benefit of position mode over sports mode is that the Mavic will use the GPS to stabilize and hover more smoothly.

The battery for Mavic Pro Clips directly into the body of the drone and on a single charge in good weather will keep you flying for up to 27 minutes, the Mavic is smart enough to notice when the battery levels are getting low, and it will automatically return back to its starting location to avoid running out of juice, this automatic return to home behavior also kicks in when the Mavic loses connection to the remote controller

Memory Options

The DJI Mavic Pro has a micro SD card slot supporting cards with the capacity of up to 64 gigabytes however you will need to get yourself a class 10 uhs-1 card to get the speed required to record at full 4k.


The Mavic has a micro USB connector; you can connect the drone directly to your computer to access the videos and images on the micro SD cards personally though I prefer to just eject the card and plug it into a card reader on my PC.
I recommend to buy it in combination with a fly mode combo.
In the package for the DJI Mavic Pro, you will find

  • the Mavic Pro drone itself,
  • the two top propellers the bottom ones are already attached to the remote controller
  • different cables to connect your phone to the remote controller
  • user manuals and warranty information
  • a USB to micro USB cable to charge the remote controller
  • and the actual charger the charger also contains a USB slot where you can charge the remote controller directly
  • a fully charged battery for the DJI Mavic pro will run on a good day last you about 27 minutes now that may not be a whole lot if you somewhere truly epic, and you want to really get some more shots and without having to return home and charge up your batteries for that reason we recommend of purchase the fly mode combo.

It contains primarily:

  • two additional batteries
  • a battery charger half allowing you to charge up to four batteries simultaneously
  • a car battery charger for when you’re on the go a battery
  • power bank adapter
  • two spare propellers just in case you get a nick in the ones that come with the Mavic

and on top of that, the fly mode combo also includes a small shoulder bag that you can easily fit into my carry-on luggage, and into this bag, I can fit the Mavic pro drone itself to spare batteries the remote controller and some spare propellers


  • The Mavic Pro is super lightweight and compact easy to travel with, and it takes me less than two minutes to get set up and get it into the air simply unpack unfold plug the phone into the remote controller start the app and connect to the drone then calibrate the Mavic and finally launch it into the air.
  • The footage is absolutely epic the Mavic shoots beautiful stable super high-quality footage even when it’s windy it’s easy to control once you get the hang of the remote controller and it’s just a whole lot of fun I love the fact that.
  • The Mavic is indeed very intelligent obstacle avoidance is great.
  • I love that it returns home if the connection is interrupted all the battery levels run low it greatly reduces my stress when flying such an expensive piece of gear.

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4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Dji Phantom 4 Pro

It’s 2019 &  It’s DJI’s Phantom 4 Pro Plus which has the built-in screen This is very much like Phantom 4, but also nothing like Phantom 4, This thing can shoot 60FPS C4K and 100mbps


Now let’s talk about Phantom 4 Pro’s camera Phantom 4 Pro has 1-inch CMOS 20 Megapixel camera. The sensor in this camera is the sensor in Sony RX100 M5, and Phantom 4 and Mavic has 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor 12.4 Megapixel camera.

Phantom 4 Pro has a 24mm lens which has 84° Field of View, now when it comes to Autofocus Phantom 4 Pro can focus from 1 meter to infinity.

Now another good news with Phantom 4 Pro’s camera is you can change the f-stop you can change it from f/2.8 to f/11 on while if you see Phantom 4 basic f stop is fixed and it is f/2.8.

Also Phantom 4 Pro has a mechanical shutter, and other Phantom 4 versions don’t.

When it comes to video, it can shoot up Cinema 4K which is 4096×2160 But plus point of Phantom 4 Pro is it can shoot up to 60fps in 100mbps.


Now let’s talk about the technical differences Phantom 4 Pro weights 1388g, Phantom 4 weighs 1380g so there is an 8-gram difference.

Max Speed

When it comes to speed Phantom, 4 Pro and Phantom 4 can go up to 45mph (72kph), And Mavic can go up to 40mph (65kph).

Flight Time

The flight time is now up to 30 minutes with Phantom 4 Pro Thanks to its new 5870mAh battery.

Obstacle avoidance & Sensors.

Obstacle sensory range is now between 2-98 feet, When it comes to sensors Phantom, 4 Pro has seven vision sensors two at the front, two at the back, and two at the bottom and then the camera itself.

It also has infrared sensors on the side, and It has sonar sensors underneath, so it has 5-way obstacle avoidance.

Transmission Frequency & Range

The new remote control supports transmission frequencies 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz; The range is up to 4.2 miles (7km) for Phantom 4 Pro.

Remote Control Features

The battery in phantom 4 and phantom four pro’s remote controls are the same; it is 6000mah Phantom 4 Pro’s built-in screen is beautiful. It is 5.5 inch, 1080p the touch screen works fine and since its brightness is good, it is very easy to see.

More Awesome Features Are

  • Draw

Draw feature is awesome, it is a little bit like augmented reality thing, you can draw a pattern of the route on your screen for your drone to follow and it will follow it.

  • Active Track

Active track features let you allow to follow a defined subject; with features like trace, profile to get a variety of shot from various angles and spotlight feature like focusing on the subject while flying anywhere.

  • Tap Fly

Tap on screen with purpose to instruct Phantom 4 Pro to fly forward, backward, etc

  • Return To Home

Not a new feature in drones but the new way is that the Phantom 4 Pro uses the best route to back to its place avoid obstacles automatically.

  • Gesture Modes

Gesture modes allow you take selfies & other shots using your hand gestures.


  • The box is very similar to Phantom 4, but of course, the box is tweaked for Phantom 4 pro,
  • Box comes with a 16 GB Micro SD card that is Class 10 U3, Which is great because if you like to shoot in 60FPS 4K, you need a fast memory card.
  • The new Phantom 4 battery that allows this Phantom 4 Pro to fly for 30 minutes
  • Charger, rest of the charger, cables
  • Propellers
  • Smart Carrying Box

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