Top 10 Best Drones With Camera Under $500

best drone with camera under 500

Drones are increasingly becoming popular. Today, you can easily get a drone at affordable prices. However, choosing the best drone for your needs can be an arduous task. This is why we came up with this list of top 10 best drones with camera under $500 to ease your search.

best drone with camera under 500

1. The Outlaw SE Drone

The Outlaw SE Drone is one of the best drones under 500 2019. It’s a great quality quadcopter that comes with GPS assisted flight characteristics. These include: an automatic return to home feature which activates when the drone loses connection, flies out of the transmitter’s range, or runs out of power.

This drone allows users to configure GPS waypoints in their drone app. This confines the outlaw drone into only flying within designated regions. The Outlaw SE Drone comes with a follow-me mode enabling it to follow you in every move you make. With a 600 feet range, users are guaranteed of capturing excellent videos and pictures.

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The Camera

The drone’s camera is more advanced and features a 1080p resolution and a 110-degree panoramic field of view. This enables you to capture extra-wide shots. The panoramic field of view is an excellent feature for both competitive drone photography and other tasks that require significant photo taking or surveillance. If you’re a novice drone user, this gadget is ideal for you. The most interesting thing about this drone is that experienced pilots can also use it.

GPS Flight Mode Aspect

Did you know that the outlaw SE drone leverages the GPS flight mode aspect where the drone continues hovering in the air without being controlled? This is a great feature for beginners seeing that it allows them to control the aircraft with ease. This aspect is also ideal for seasoned aerial photographers as it allows them sufficient time to capture a perfect shot.

2. Wingsland M5

The Wingsland M5 is a well-structured drone. It’s specially designed for rookie pilots interested in experimenting with the first person view with an excellent drone as opposed to a toy. The Wingsland is perhaps the best drone with camera under 300 which comes complete with a GPS assisted hover, making the Wingsland M5 easier to fly to the first-timers. This drone also features an optical flow sensor which facilitates a precise and stable altitude and flight hold. When it comes to controlling the M5, you can do it in two ways. For instance, you can choose to control it using your smartphone or tablet.

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Drone Range and Controller

In this case, the range will be at 328 feet which is below average. However, this drone comes with a 2.4 GHz controller which allows a range of 1,640 feet. This drone has an average flight time of up to 17 minutes on a 1500 mAh battery. It’s worth mentioning that while beginners can use this drone, it’s designed to hit a maximum speed of 26 mph. If you didn’t know such speed isn’t recommended for inexperienced drone users. The drone features an inbuilt camera which can shoot a 720p video at 25fps. The camera lens in this drone comes with a limited 63-degree field of view.

Image Quality

The image quality coming from the Wingsland M5 may not be one of the best compared to similar drones. The great thing about this gadget is that it guarantees an average image quality for both recorded and live videos. The videos are eventually transmitted to the inbuilt first-person view monitor on the controller.


The Wingsland M5 comes with altitude hold, an optical flow sensor, return to home, follow me, and return to home mode. However, the fact that the M5 has no autonomous flight mode is discouraging especially because it’s slightly costly. While this gadget can help beginners train their filming and flying skills, it has some downsides. For instance, it features a short-range, basic features, and substandard image quality.

3. 818 Plus Hornet Plus

The AA818 Plus Hornet is a good choice if you’re in search of a good drone for first-time fliers. Anyone interested in venturing into the aerial photography industry can also start with this drone. This gadget is durable, easy to control, and comes with easy to use aspects such as the altitude mode which holds it in the air steadily, the headless mode which makes it easy to control, one-touch landing and takeoff, different speed settings for varying user experience, and the ability to control it from a video game controller or mobile gadget.


One of the best features users will love about this gadget is that it can fly for 15 minutes per single battery charge. Seeing that the AA818 Plus Hornet comes with two batteries, that’s a total of 30 minutes flight time. This is sufficient time which allows you to capture great photos and for the beginners to learn and enhance their photography skills. This drone also comes with an inbuilt high definition camera to help you capture clear images and videos.

4. Holy Stone HS700

Holy Stone is a drone manufacturing company that’s been in existence for some years now. The company has carved a niche for themselves in the industry with some of their products standing the test of time with excellent performance. The HS700 has in the best drone under 500 2018 list before due to its exceptional performance.


Apart from its maneuverability and responsiveness, this drone can fly in windy conditions with ease. If you love aerial videography and photography, this drone is a must-have gadget. This drone can fly for an entire kilometer, an impressive feature for users who like using long-distance drones. This gadget comes with an auto-return feature which means it will return to you safely. The HS700 can fly for up to 20 minutes per battery charge. Holy Stone has produced a unique camera for use in their drones. You can use this drone to get live videos directly on your smartphone gadget via a free iOS or Android app.

Downsides of the Camera

The only downside to this idea is that the camera falls short of standard meaning it may not meet a photographer’s expectations. This is not to mean that it’s a poor quality camera. It comes with 12MP and a 1080 p video capability. It can also transmit live videos.

However, with the gadget’s price, the camera should have more enhanced performance. While the camera takes excellent photos, the video quality performance is not the best. The problem is attributed to the lack of a good and stable gimbal as well and lens. Still, you can use this drone to capture excellent pictures and videos for your social media platforms.

Additional Features

The HS700 has excellent features such as the custom flight path, follow me mode, and GPS. All you’ll need is to draw a route on the app screen and the gadget will pursue the direction and transmit back real-time landscape on your smart gadget. Further, this drone comes with a 5GHz live video and an auto-return mode. While it doesn’t come with automatic landing and takeoff, the waypoints path system and GPS features are excellent.

5. DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone

The DJI Spark is one of the most recently released drones from DJI. This model falls under the best drone for aerial photography category. It’s easy to carry and you will enjoy using it to document some of your exciting outdoor events, holidays, vlogging, and various other activities where you need to capture the memories. Remember, the gadget is more expensive if you’re purchasing it complete with the remote controller.

About the Drone’s Controller

Remember, even when you don’t buy the gadget complete with its controller you still have to purchase a controller separately. The DJI Spark is compact and lightweight and comes with an advanced DJI technology. With the obstacles detection and GPS assisted hover; the gadget gives you a unique performance and an exciting experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned drone user, this gadget is ideal for you. Remember, the DJI Spark comes with excellent specifications which include the 1.2 miles control range and a 16 minute flight time.

About the Camera

The DJI Spark allows users to record unique and clear aerial footage. It comes with an inbuilt 12MP camera and is capable of recording 1080P video at 30 frames per second. This drone also uses a 2 axis stabilized gimbal which eliminates vibration while guaranteeing steady and high-quality images. You can get high-quality videos transmitted directly on your smart gadget with zero latency if you’re looking for the ideal first-person view experience, the DJI Spark is the way to go.

A Vast Range of Features

The DJI Sparks comes with numerous features to give you an exceptional experience. These include gesture and TapFly control. These allow you to simply tap the gadget’s screen and the drone autonomously flies towards the gestured direction. The flight autonomy feature with obstacle detection prevents the drone from hitting things during the flight. Further, this drone comes with vision position-based navigation, GPS tracking, auto-return, and a top speed of 31 mph in the sport mode.

6. 3DR Solo

The 3DR Solo drone falls in the best drone under 700 category. The gadget has been in the market for a while now and remains one of the best drones ever released. It’s compatible with a GoPro and can be used to capture semi-professional aerial photos and videos. The 3DR Solo is a high-performance gadget that comes with an onboard 1 GHZ computer complete with a Pixhawk flight controller. Not only is this gadget stable, but it’s also quite responsive and ideal for you if you already own a GoPro camera. This drone can achieve a top speed of 88 km/h and isn’t recommended for beginners.


The base max control of the 3DR Solo is approximately 2km. Still, it can fly longer up to 4km when fitted with a range extension kit. When fitted with a camera, this drone can fly for up to 20 minutes. It will fly for 25 minutes without a camera. Remember, this particular gadget doesn’t come with a camera. If you want to purchase the 3DR Solo drone complete with a camera, you’ll need to spend more than $5.

Compatible with GoPro Cameras

As mentioned above, this drone will be ideal for you if you already have a GoPro camera. While the 3DR Solo doesn’t feature the latest features and technology, it comes with autonomous flight modes such as cable cam, selfie, follow, and orbit. These features are ideal for filming and will come in handy for you if you want to capture exceptional images and video. The great news is that you can upgrade the drone’s software

7. Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera with 4K video

The Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera with 4K video comes with an excellent 13 MP 4K video recording capability. This allows the drone to capture exceptional videos and images. This drone is specially designed for beginners. The manufacturers paid attention to making the video and image capturing process easy.

The drone comes with various modes to facilitate the media shooting process. These include the automated flying mode such as orbit, pilot, selfie, journey, and follow me. The drone can easily operate as you execute other tasks without needing additional input. It also features a great indoor positioning system to prevent it from crashing on surrounding objects. This drone comes with an app which you can leverage on to share images and videos with just a single tap.


The Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera with 4K video is ready to fly RC drone that comes with good quality and high-performance 4K camera performance. With a 12 minute flight time per battery charge, you can capture lots of great images and video. What’s more, the drone can transmit live videos to your smart gadget. With the drone’s app, you can easily control it using your smart gadget. While it doesn’t feature a controller, you can purchase it separately.

WiFi Connection

The Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera with 4K video drone connects via Wi-Fi. Enjoy an excellent camera experience complete with well-structured automated features. This drone is lightweight which means you can easily carry it for use on the go. The indoor positioning system makes it a great choice for a flying and indoor photography experience.

Downsides of the Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera with 4K video

If customer reviews are anything to go by, then some customers expressed concern that this drone has connectivity problems. The lack of a controller is also another issue. When compared with other drones, the Yuneec Breeze Flying Camera with 4K video drone’s battery timing is not the best. The fact that you can only control this gadget through a smartphone is discouraging. Further, this drone has reportedly developed some malfunction attributed to app updates.

8. Traxxas Aton Plus – Complete Racing Kit under 600

The Traxxas Aton Plus falls under the best drone under 600. This quadcopter is usually used for academic and semi-professional video recording. This drone is easy to control even though it’s not ideal for beginners. Experienced drone users will find it easy to use especially because of its sportive features such as agility and fast operation.

While this gadget is great, its distance control is way below average, unlike other similar drones. The maximum range is 300 meters. However, it has a good flight time at 20 minutes per battery charge. While this drone doesn’t come with its camera, it features a 2-axis gimbal mount which you can use for your GoPro camera 3 or 4 series and SJCam and Xiaomi. This drone also supports the use of other camera mounts.

Other Features

The Traxxas Aton Plus does not only feature-rich, but it’s also versatile. For instance, it comes with three different flight modes which are: the sport mode, film mode, and expert mode. If you’re a beginner, you should refrain from using the sport and expert modes. The Aton Plus also comes with other features such as the status bar, return to home, dual-mode GPS, Traxxas Flight Link which allows features such as control rates, flight ceiling, and geofencing, and open-source software which is suitable for various applications such as Mission Planner.

9. Walkera F210

The Walkera F210 comes with a great meters maximum control range with the factory settings and transmitter included and a flight time of between 8 to 9 minutes. If you’re looking for a high-performance drone with prolonged flight time, this may not be the ideal drone for you. This drone comes with a similar camera as many of the drones in the industry today which are the 700TVL and 600TVL which are excellent for both beginners and experts. This drone provides a real-time video to a first-person view monitor or first-person view goggles.


One thing about this drone is that it features the popular DEVO 7 transmitter which comes with a 3.5 inch LCD FPV monitor. However, you may choose to use FPV goggles for a more drone racing performance. The Walkera F210 utilizes the KV2500 brushless motors, Features: Brushless ESC F210 (CW/CCW), F3 Flight Controller, DEVO 7 transmitter, and the OSD.


The Upair One drone is specially designed for the ultimate aerial photography and you can still use it as the best fishing drone under $500. It comes complete with a 4K action camera which features a 3-axis gimbal for ultimate stabilization. This drone allows users to enjoy flying the drone with the use of onboard GPS flight assistance. The Upair One comes with a great design and its excellent functionality makes it one of the must-buy drones. It comes with a well-labeled controller which allows users to operate the gadget with ease.


Are you looking for an affordable drone? Whether you are a first time drone flyer or an experienced drone user, this list should help you get the best drone that meets your needs.