Aura Drone

Aura Drone

Do you ever think to yourself how amazing it would be to operate a drone only using hand gestures? Well, today is your lucky day. Over the last few months, the tech world has been buzzing with excitement over the release of Aura, a glove-operated drone that follows the gesture of a human hand. To help you know more about this awesome creation, here is a detailed review on Aura Drone.

Aura Drone

Key features

  • Glove controlled drone
  • Lightweight
  • 6-minute flight time
  • 360-degree flips
  • Auto take off and auto landing
  • Auto hover

Summary review

Targeted for kids aged six and above, Aura drone with glove controller is a toy that everyone will want to play with. Its unique design allows for even adults to play around with it despite them not being the target audience. With zero bells and whistles, the Aura is not trying to be a professional drone, but it still delivers. More so, it offers users the excitement of flying it without the need for a remote control, just the wave of their hand is enough to fly, flip or hover this drone.

The Aura is a simple drone designed mainly for indoor flight. Its ‘gesturebotics’ controller is the main attraction and with it you will feel like a superhero. The Aura drone is ideal for beginners and kids.

Aura drone developer

The Aura drone with glove controller was developed by a Philadelphia toy company known as KD Interactive which has been making innovative electronic toys for kids for over 20 years in more than 20 countries around the world. The company has recently started making its way into the world of toy drones. 

The in-house team of educators, product engineers and scientists is mainly focused on inventing and creating products with huge play value that incorporate cutting-edge technologies into childhood and learning development. On a global scale, KD Interactive is popular for its best selling Kurio line of smart device and kid-safe tablets. 

Despite the hype around it, the Aura drone is not some kind of revolution in the way drones are controlled. This machine uses a reworked and refined sensor aided control system as well as the gravity control transmitter like the one used in Eachine E56 drone. With a limited range of 20 feet, the Aura is mainly intended for indoor use. The glove sensor technology used on Aura drone is also known as gesturebotics and was inspired by military applications.


Aura drone design

As you would expect with a drone that is specifically made for kids, the Aura is lightweight and features a circular plastic frame covering the body thus offering protection by making it crash and bump resistant. It also features an LED light on the front for easier orientation when on flight.

By itself, the Aura drone measures 15cm in width/length and around 5cm in height but with the protective cage, its diameter increases to about 20cm. The Aura also has removable batteries that are located underneath the main body and are secured by the landing gear. This means that you can purchase an extra set of batteries and alternate between them in case one runs out.

Since the Aura drone doesn’t have an on and off switch, you are required to connect the battery to a wire that is connected to the drone. And while its design looks great, it doesn’t get any trophies. Luckily, you will not be buying the Aura for its aesthetics. Overall, this drone feels very sturdy in hands.

Aura drone glove

The Aura drone glove is more for aesthetics than actual use, it is just a prop. Therefore, when it comes to controlling Aura, the glove is not that important. What makes the glove quintessential is the transmitter module that is strapped with adjustable Velcro straps at the back of the hand. 

While the transmitter module could still be strapped onto a bare hand, the glove not only prevents chaffing from the module straps but also gives the Aura a futuristic feel and look. The Aura drone glove is a one-size-fits-all built with extremely stretchy material. 

Aura drone glove controller

The Aura drone glove controller or transmitter module is where all the magic happens. Its design features a circular interface equipped with a on and off switch as well as a landing and taking off button. The glove controller is attached to your hand by two Velcro straps to ensure a tight fit, on the left strap there is an extra functionality button. 

The controller also features three LED lights that turn different colors to indicate the drone’s t flight modes. In addition, the LED lights report back the current direction in which the drone is flying.

Aura drone battery

The Aura drone comes with a replaceable single 500 mAh 3.7V battery which is located underneath it in an open slot with the connector plug exposed. While the replacement batteries aren’t available for purchase everywhere, the company said that it will be offering spares on Toys’R’Us stores as well as Amazon. 

The one battery that comes with the drone only allows you 5-6 minutes of flying time before you have to recharge it again for about 20-30 minutes.

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What’s in the box

  • The drone
  • Protective frame
  • 2 LiPo rechargeable batteries
  • A black stretchable glove with controller 
  • An extra set of propellers
  • Aura drone charger

Aura drone price

Available on Amazon, the KD interactive Aura drone with glove controller goes for less than $40 making it something worth it for those who enjoy flying purely for the fun of it and are looking for a new mode of flying.

How to fly the Aura drone

As mentioned earlier, you will be required to connect a wire out of the drone’s body on the battery to turn it on. Once the controller is turned on, LED lights will start flashing and once they turn green it means that the connection between the drone. If you have even little experience flying drones, then you most likely know the standard drone controls which are pitch, throttle, roll and yaw. Since the Aura is a head locked drone, it doesn’t have yaw meaning it only flies to the direction where its head is oriented.

The forward hand tilt prompts the drone to fly forward while the backward tilt flies it backwards. Similarly, tilting your hand right makes the drone to fly sideways to the right while tilting left prompts the drone to fly sideways to the left.

Getting the Aura drone in the air is as simple as pressing the take off button. Going up and down which is also known as altitude is controlled by keeping your thumb pressed on the altitude control button located along the ridge of the hand and at the same time tilting the hand up or down. If you want the drone to flip, press the altitude control button and then do a right- or left-hand tilt.

The Aura drone with glove controller offers a unique and very intuitive way of controlling it even if you have never flown a drone before. Everything about flying this drone is fast and snappy.

Safety features

Being that the target audience of the Aura drone with glove controller is kids and young teenagers, it is equipped with some built-in safety features. The drone has a limit to how far away and high it can fly thus minimizing the chances of crashing or loosing it. Additionally, the drone has a safety frame around the propellers which protect any tiny fingers that may feel tempted to grab it whilst in mid-flight as well as auto take off and landing buttons for the same.

Advantages of Aura drone with glove controller

Automatic kid friendly features and Advanced drone flight sensors 

This drone has auto hover as well as auto landing and take off buttons that makes it kid friendly. The auto landing brings the drone to a safe landing while the auto hover helps it maintain a steady height. Its Headlock Mode maintains orientation for perfect flight. Thanks to its advanced technology, anyone can masterfully fly an Aura drone with glove controller.

Suit up like a superhero 

What adds to the magic of this drone is the flashing LED lights that respond to your hand gestures as you’re flying it. The black and red superhero-inspired glove is made out of extremely stretchable material thus fitting most hand sizes. In addition to this, the adjustable straps holding the controller in place is there to ensure that the glove fits perfectly on almost any pilot including the left-handed ones.

Race through obstacles while performing cool stunts 

You can perform a cool 360-degree flip trip with just a flick of your wrist. If you want to show off your piloting skills, you can build a drone obstacle course and challenge yourself as well race your friends. The drone’s precise glove control makes it easy to maneuver around and through most objects.

Disadvantages of Aura drone with glove controller

No camera 

The most disappointing feature of this drone is the no camera feature but given its low price, this is understandable. While the drone might give you style and safety it unfortunately doesn’t have a camera. 

Short flight time 

The Aura drone drains its rechargeable battery in only 6 minutes meaning you will need to wait for it to charge for about 20 to 30 minutes before you can use it again. This is a major bummer especially since anyone who is asked would prefer using the drone for longer. However, the upside of this is that the chances of the drone getting spoilt are minimal.

Not suitable for outdoors

The Aura drone is specifically built for indoors when you consider things like flight time and how far and high up it can fly. With a 23 feet limited range this drone is less convenient for use when outdoors. 

Flying experience

Despite it being made for kids, the Aura drone with glove controller is fun to fly and you already know why. In addition, you don’t need a lot of time to figure out the controls. This drone is limited to indoor use only due to its small size and extremely small range. While flying outdoors is not impossible, you are advised to fly when the wind is not strong. 

The Aura drone doesn’t do well against wind because of its small size. Also, the range is a limiting factor when it comes to flying the drone outdoors since 23 feet range is confined even the smallest backyards. However, everything else about flying this drone works well from the tricks and its great stability to the glove that adds a futuristic and superhero like feel to flying Aura.

What makes Aura drone interesting

  • Size – It has a very small size which is convenient for an indoor drone
  • Transmitter – Offers a fresh and cool approach to controlling the drone by use of hand gesture
  • Plastic protective cage – This round and plastic protective cage keeps the drone from breaking easily due to crashes and bumps.
  • Replaceable battery – With the battery draining in 6 minutes, the replaceable option makes it easier to use the drone if you have an extra set or two.
  • Altitude hold – Has a very stable altitude hold that works quite well.
  • Additional features – Aura drone is built with auto takeoff and landing, gyro stabilization and flips which make flying both fun and easy to learn.

What could change

  • Limited range – Aura drone could have a better flying range rather than the 23 feet restriction
  • No headless mode – The drone could use a headless mode.

Final thoughts

Aura drone with glove controller is unique and different from what you would expect from a toy drone thus making it appealing to adults as well. While it is not something you will be able to take pictures of race with, it is an ideal gift just for laughs. This is a totally fun gift that not only drone-fanatics would love but the whole family as well.

If you need help getting your Aura drone with glove controller, don’t hesitate to contact us!