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selfie drones

Flying selfie drones has become a massive hobby that a lot of companies have ventured into the business. Depending on the use you intend for the drone, there are factors to consider like design and extra features. We have come up with a list of the best selfie drones. Before deciding on a specific model, make sure it is suitable for its intended purpose.

selfie drones

GoPRO Karma

GoPro Karma drone is from a company that has been in the market for a long time making small compact devices. Their devices are a success with athletes doing extreme sports to capture amazing high definition footage. The GoPro drone is of high quality with a powerful camera suitable for fast-changing recording. This drone is very functional that you will have to carry it with you at all times.

GoPro Karma`s battery capacity

Equipped with a durable battery capacity of 5100 mAh the GoPro Karma drone won’t go dead mid-flight. Once fully charged, it allows the user to maximize and enjoy using the gadget entirely. The first models had issues with the batteries, and after complaints, GoPro fixed the problem. Also, the drone now lets the user enjoy flying it without going dead abruptly. Additionally, the battery charges and retains its charge well enough to be put to use until the next charging session.

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Flight duration of the Karma

Some users were not impressed with the flying time of the GoPro. It allows the user a flight time of 20 minutes only. Furthermore, the range is limited to 3 miles only which some have found to be too short. For sporting purposes, the range is more than enough. As we said earlier, it all depends on how you plan to use it.

GoPro Karma`s image quality

Known for producing gadgets with high-resolution quality. The Karma provides images in 4k quality image. You get clear pictures and videos for every activity captured. Fast-moving photos don’t come out blurry thanks to the image stabilizer feature. Additionally, the camera can be detached from the drone to capture images on the ground. Mounting the camera on the Karma grip allows you to shoot ground footage quickly.

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GoPro Karma suitability for beginners

For first time users of the GoPro Karma, it is essential to read the manufacturer`s manual. Similarly, you can get more information online before purchasing the product. It is relatively easy to use because of the large app ecosystem that every GoPro gadget has. Also, it allows you to edit videos and navigate the drone with ease.

Use this gadget for extreme sports

GoPro is known for making capturing devices for extreme sports. Karma captures live-action sporting activities better than most drones in the market. It is versatile and durable to handle the vigorous activities involved in sports. Moreover, it is not limited to just one event.


The GoPro Karma offers excellent value for money. And, its compact design lets you pack it easily for travelling. Weighing at 2.2 lbs, carry it with you and make it a life companion that captures everything you do. Order it online or get it at your nearest store and check the return policy in case it gets damaged during delivery.


DJI Phantom 4 is one of the leading drone models ever manufactured. It comes in a pro version also for users who feel they need more features on their selfie drones. The design has remarkable improvement from the previous version the Phantom 3, but the remote is almost the same. Plus, it allows you to attach a smartphone or a tablet like the other version. Additionally, the remote has a pause button that makes the drone hover in a single space.

DJI PHANTOM 4 added features

The Phantom 4 has automated flight features with a drone GPS autopilot feature. These features make it easier for landing and during takeoff. Keep in mind that seasoned users can use the manual function that is still available. Also, you can live stream the video feed directly and broadcast it on YouTube or your smartphone.

The design of the DJI Phantom 4

The DJI Phantom 4 is smaller with more curves than the Phantom 3 for better aerodynamic properties. The DJI Company has increased the speed and flight time of this product by modifying the design of the drone. Thanks to the weight it has, the flight is more stable than the Phantom 4 predecessors. Furthermore, it is compact with a case that has enough storage space for the charger, making it easy to pack and carry around.

Both sides support the camera for safety and stable images. And, it captures videos at a speed of 30fps at 4k.

DJI PHANTOM 4 battery capacity

With a battery capacity of 5350 mAh, the DJI Phantom 4 has one of the biggest batteries in the market. The battery gives the DJI PHANTOM 4 drone a flight time of 28 minutes, making it also among the longest flight time you can get in a drone. With such a battery, expect the drone to be on the heavier side in terms of weight.

Cost of the DJI Phantom 4 selfie drone

With such features like the return to home flight mode, the DJI is not budget-friendly. It is expensive, and some of the first time users have found it challenging to use. It is suitable for tech-savvy users and people who need advanced options for their use.


Go for the DJI PHANTOM 4 if you want the ultimate experience of drone flying. Also, if your budget does not restrict you, buy a drone carrying kit for safekeeping and to have a more comfortable portable means of carrying it. Keep in mind that it is not a lightweight gadget and must be carefully transported to avoid damage or injuries.

Force1 drone

Force 1 drone is the perfect model for drone flying beginners. It is suitable for all ages, and the instructions are easy to understand. Flying the drone is easy, and in case it gets out of your view or lost mid-flight, a return home button is present on the controller that turns it back.

Force1 drone`s design

This drone has landing gear that protects it during a fall. It has a flexible frame with a stable design for comfortable rides. The structure consists of plastic material with a UFO design with four blades. Extra blades are available with the drone for emergencies or when the fixed planes get damaged. A screwdriver is also part of the package to help the user adjust the blades or to open the controller when replacing the batteries.

Added features of the Force 1 drone

The controller of the Force 1 drone has a low voltage warning feature to let you know when it’s time to switch the batteries. You also get a 2GB micro USB card reader for the port on the drone. The reader makes it easy to access recorded data and helps to transfer the information. Extra rechargeable batteries are also offered along with a USB charger. As we mentioned earlier, a screwdriver is also available.

The camera has a resolution of 1280 x 720, and it is a six-axis gyro HD video camera. With a frame rate of 30fps, it is more than enough for any first time user. In addition, a power bank is included.


For first-time drone users, the Force 1 drone is the go-to product. It is easy to use with basic features that are fun to use. The camera is excellent for outdoor use and for simple photography hobbies. Moreover, it is functional and comes at a great price.

Contixo F10 quadcopter

The Contixo F1O drone is the largest quadcopter of the Contixo Company. It consists of the most exquisite materials and excellent features. The Contixo F10 is suitable for experienced users, and it comes at a hefty price tag. The landing gear is more significant than that of other models.

Features of the Contixo F10 quadcopter

The Contixo F10 quadcopter comes with a Wi-Fi fpv live streaming option. You can live stream your activities on different platforms while flying the drone. It is also among the few drones that can do a 360 flip as you fly it. The battery has a large capacity for excellent flying time, and it can fly up to 1000 feet.

If you feel that the camera it comes with is not suitable for your intended use, don’t worry. The drone allows other live actin professional cameras to be mounted on it. Additionally, the camera of the Contixo F10 comes in a separate package. Users have to fix it before using the drone. In addition, the camera is a 720p and Wi-Fi accessible camera.

You can use the GoPro HERO action camera with this product. Replacement propellers are also provided by the manufacturer, a cell phone holder, a USB charger, screwdriver and landing gear.

The remote controller has a low and high switch feature that makes it possible to fly in strong winds. And, in Headless mode, you can fly the quadcopter without having to switch its position.

Contixo F10 quadcopter battery capacity.

The battery capacity of this quadcopter is 1200 mAh and 7.4 volts. Compared to other models, it is quite a small capacity for such a great drone. It takes 120 minutes to be fully charged with a flight time of 9- 10 minutes. But, remember it can go up to 1000 feet high.


The Contixo F10 quadcopter is not as expensive but still not cheap. It can be prone to damage with the many parts that a user has to fix after buying. You have to read the instructions carefully before assembling the drone.

UDI U46 Mini Drone

Although the UDI U46 mini drone is listed as for kids, it has amazing features. It is suitable for video and photography purposes. The camera has a resolution of 720p 2 megapixel and takes clear pictures. Additionally, the controller is easy to use with a built-in fpv screen with a nice design and feel.

UDI U46 mini drone features

The HD camera on the UDI U46 mini drone has a 120-degree wide-angle view. It has excellent real-time fpv transmission to the LCD on the controller. Beginners will have fun with the HEADLESS mode that allows the drone to fly regardless of the direction it is facing. The home button lets the drone fly back to you, and a low battery alarm alerts the user when the battery is below capacity.

By pressing the takeoff button once, the drone sets in motion, it also takes one press to land the drone, which is great for beginners. The one-button feature also works for emergency stops. When the drone flies out of range, a beeper goes off to alert you. There is also an ALTITUDE hold mode present along with a HEADING hold mode.

Added features of the UDI U46 mini drone

A USB charger is included to recharge the battery of the UDI U46 mini drone when it goes flat. An SD card reader is provided for easy access to data from the TF flash memory card. A spanner is also inclusive for replacing the blades when they damaged. Spare blades are also present in the packaging for replacement. A screwdriver is also in the package to open parts with screws when servicing or to replace a damaged part of the drone.

UDI U46 mini drone flight time

The one disadvantage of this UDI U46 mini drone is its flight time. It will fly for 5-7 minutes, but it is fast and agile. Plus, it is suitable for fpv racing, and it can do 360 flips. Furthermore, its battery capacity is 500 mAh and 3.7 volts. The small battery capacity also contributes to the drone`s limited flight time. The controller has batteries with a capacity of 450 mAh and 3.7 volts which is lower than the drone`s battery.


Despite the small size of the UDI U46 mini drone, it is one of the most stable drones in its category. It is perfect for aerial photography thanks to its stability. A TF flash memory card is also available with enough memory for several flights.

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Selfie drones have become a huge hit in recent times and have become useful gadgets in our daily lives. They can also be used to bring families together as you fly them with your loved ones. Documenting family moments is vital for having memories to look back on, as your children get older you get to view every precious moment.