Millennium Falcon Drone

If you love sci-fi movies and articles, then the millennium falcon drone quadcopter is a product that will excite you. Designed to look like a space ship from a star wars movie, this is a quadcopter with amazing functions. This drone is the perfect product for tech-savvy fliers who want to be different on the skies. We are going to walk you through the features of the falcon.

Millennium Falcon Drone

Usability of the Millennium Falcon drone quadcopter review

The millennium falcon drone is quite easy to fly and control. This product has a soft exterior that makes it suitable for indoor use. The millennium falcon drone won’t damage your walls or sofa during indoor use. Additionally, it is easy to charge the internal battery by either a USB to a computer or wall adapter or of the controller’s batteries.

Also, the millennium falcon is suitable for people of all ages. Old or young, it allows you to have a great time, and you can use it for bonding sessions. And, the remote control is user-friendly, you can use it to do stunts as you fly the drone. Furthermore, the millennium falcon drone is excellent for first time users, and it has a flight time of five to eight minutes.

Design of the millennium falcon drone quadcopter review

The rotors of the millennium falcon are extremely unstable, making it suitable for indoor use. Also, it is difficult to control in windy conditions. This drone has four propellers placed next to each other to mimic the original design of the space ship. Sadly the location of the propellers ruins the stability of the drone. In addition, the millennium falcon does not fly at high speeds, making it easy to operate and maneuver tight spaces.

Flying the millennium falcon drone quadcopter review

As we mentioned earlier, the millennium falcon drone is easy to fly around. This drone flies in all directions, apart from rotating horizontally. You can also choose to operate it vertically, giving you full access like a helicopter more than a space ship. The manufacturers gave this drone a flight range of 200 feet, which some drone enthusiasts find limiting.

However, some users have reported that the drone loses contact with the remote at 80 feet. Be sure to fly the millennium falcon drone close and outdoors when it isn’t windy. To fully enjoy this product, we recommend flying it indoors. It glides smoothly, and with its flight range, you will thoroughly get to satisfy your flying needs.

Remote control and batteries of the millennium falcon drone quadcopter review

The remote control of the millennium falcon drone uses six AA batteries. While the drone uses an internal rechargeable battery. Keep in mind that you will need the controller to recharge the polymer battery inside the drone. Charging the battery takes about an hour, like most of the drones in this category. The controller’s design is slick and easy to use, plus you don’t have to carry an extra charger when traveling.

Furthermore, the remote control has three parts. The upper part has a wireless 2.4 GHz 4-channel transmitter. And, the antenna helps with the hyper-speed function and allows the user to do aerial stunts. The central part of the remote consists of a green-neon power button, a power indicator, stick-like controllers, and six soft keys for trimming purposes.

Moreover, the right stick helps to control the drone from left to right while the left stick is responsible for elevation. The controller has no anti-slip material, but it is highly responsive. And, the rod styled controls are comfortable in hand, and there is an extra button located below the power switch. The extra button allows you to turn off or on the sound effects of the drone.

The battery life of the millennium falcon drone offers adequate flight time. But, we do recommend buying extra batteries for outdoors use. This product uses a lot of cells also to sustain the LED lights and the sound effects it produces. When fully charged, the batteries will hold the drone in the air for a minimum of up to 5 minutes.

Design and features of the millennium falcon drone quadcopter review

The millennium falcon drone consists of a shell that is of durable foam. Plus, the foam makes the drone withstand falls and crashes against the wall. Additionally, the foam also protects the propeller blades and prevents them from getting any form of damage. Additionally, the propellers being attached to four brushless motors ensures the drone doesn’t overheat. This drone uses coreless technology to keep cool, allowing you to enjoy your flying time.

Moreover, the millennium falcon drone is lightweight and easy to move around with. A 360-degree flip button is also included for users who enjoy doing stunts. Furthermore, the drone has LED lights to give it a complete space ship look, and it also produces star-wars inspired sound effects. At the back of the drone is a blue LED light to add to its futuristic look.

A headless flight mode is also available along with other stunt options. The flight modes also include a seamless flight that is possible thanks to the six trim designated buttons available. Keep in mind that the battery is non-removable, and it is sealed inside the foam body of the drone. Sadly the millennium falcon drone doesn’t have a camera on it.

Also, there is no one-key return feature on the remote control. You will have to fly it back to you or land it, then go and pick it up. Similarly, the millennium falcon drone does not have an auto-hover mode. The flight time is too short, but it offers excellent mid-air stabilization.


Despite having its limitations, the millennium falcon is an excellent drone. It comes at a reasonable price, and thanks to its durability makes for wonderful kids present. You can never get bored with the stunts it can do, unlike most drones of this price range. But, if you are looking for a drone for photography purposes, then this is not suitable for you.

The millennium falcon drone is the perfect gift!

We all grew up watching sci-fi shows, and some of us still do at this time. This drone is also a perfect gift for collectors of the exceptional star wars items, and it comes at an incredible price. It is a drone that isn’t complicated and ready-to-fly off the box. Anyone can use it without having to be tech-savvy.