Brand New Air Hogs dr1 Fpv Race Drone with Vr Headset

air hogs fpv race drone

Flying drones is fast becoming a popular outdoor activity not only for adults but also for children. If your kids enjoy flying drones as a hobby, chances are that you’re searching for the best cost-friendly drones in the market. In a saturated market, finding one can be a difficult task but this best new Air Hogs dr1 Fpv Race Drone with Vr Headset will ease your search.

air hogs fpv race drone

How can Kids Benefit from Flying Drones?

One of the most interesting activities for kids in the past was flying kites. Of course, this activity is still popular to date. However, as technology evolves, children are embracing more advanced, complex, and exciting activities such as flying drones. Drones are well designed small flying gadgets which are fast replacing kites as a favorite flying toy for kids. What do kids stand to gain from flying kites?

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Critical thinking and Cognitive Development

Whether your kids fly the drone outdoors or indoors, they are bound to have different reactions regarding the environment and flight pattern changes. This will stimulate and enhance the kid’s critical thinking and cognitive ability. Eventually, your kid will gain the necessary skills they need to make fast and reasonable decisions especially when they’re under stress.

Stimulates Imagination and Creativity

Some of the advanced drones on the market today come with extra gadgets. For instance, some drones feature a high definition camera capable of capturing great quality videos and images. Such advanced systems enable children to exercise their imagination to come up with excellent aerial shots.

Aerial photography is not a new concept but it’s currently gaining popularity both in the world of professional photography as well as among non-professional groups. Some other drone features can help children become more creative especially when they feature different controls. Children attempt to manipulate the controls to discover new stunts and tricks.

Enhances Visual-Spatial Intelligence

To fly a remotely controlled drone, kids will need a comprehensive understanding of the drones position and its surroundings. This will need good skills such as visual-spatial intelligence. This explains why beginners start flying drones in open fields to avoid crashing their gadgets.

Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone Review

The Air Hogs FPV DR1 Racer Drone is a new drone that’s specially designed for kids aged ten years and above. This drone comes with a headset to facilitate a first-person camera view that can be used with a compatible phone or any other smart gadget. The air hogs drone with camera measures 11.5 centimeters both in width and length, and 3 centimeters in height. While this drone isn’t the smallest gadget there is in the market, it’s size allows for both outdoor and indoor use.

This drone is surrounded by protective rings which come in handy when the drone encounters crashes and bumps. The front side of the drone is an inclination adjustable first-person view camera, while at the back you’ll find a WiFi antenna.

Body Design

You can’t mention an Air Hogs FPV Race Drone review without talking about the drone’s body design. It comes with a good quality football design. This design is essential when it comes to protecting the drone from crashes and bumps. The DR1 first-person view drone features virtual reality goggles which users can utilize to immerse themselves fully during the first person view racing period.

The goggles don’t feature an inbuilt display and you’ll have to use your smartphone together with the Air Hogs FPP app to display images. The fact that you won’t need to purchase these goggles separately saves you money.


The Air Hogs FPV Race Drone comes with an inbuilt 480 p camera located at the drone’s nose. The camera produces excellent quality images. If you’re a beginner, you need to avoid having the camera in a straight pointed mode when the gadget is pitched downwards. It’s worth noting that racing drones come with a big forward slant when accelerating.

The slanting may not be noticeable on mode 1 but you’ll notice it on mode 2 because it’s slightly faster. This drone comes with goggles which are designed to hold your smart gadget. They also enlarge the images to give you an excellent and immersive view. The drone transmits videos to your smart gadget which you can later edit, export, and share depending on your preferences.

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What are the Drawbacks of the Air Hogs FPV Race Drone Camera?

The drawback of this drone’s camera lies in its streaming signal. It’s worth mentioning that professional racing drones come with a 5,8GHz signal. The DR1 FPV Race Drone, on the other hand, features a WiFi signal which affects its performance. The 5,8GHz signal is better because it’s faster and has no delay when it comes to streaming as is the case with WiFi.

Usually, the delay is clear when the drone is flying at more than 50mph speeds. The DR1 FPV Race Drone, however, isn’t that fast. This means that users will hardly notice the delay. This delay, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t continue using this drone. To avoid the delay, you may choose to fly the drone outdoors in the absence of signal disruptions, and where there are fewer barriers to hit.


Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone Battery

Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race drone comes with a 140mAh battery that allows the drone to fly for approximately 7 minutes on a single charge. One thing that’s common in many Air Hogs drones is that the batteries are irreplaceable. They come soldered on and while you may want to open it, doing so won’t help. Another drawback when it comes to the battery is that charging it takes up to 40 minutes. The Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone charger utilizes a 5.5mm plug which is located at the back of the drone. The drone also comes with a standard USB plug. You’ll need to read the Air hogs Drone Instructions carefully before charging this gadget.

Air Hogs DR1 Micro Race Drone

The Air Hogs DR1 Micro Race Drone is a nimble flyer specially designed for small spaces and ultimate agility. This drone allows you to compete in an adrenaline-filled indoor drone racing. This gadget measures 3” x 3” x 1”. It comes with flight assist technology complete with automatic take-off, landing, and height lock. This eases the process of launching the drone into the air and landing it back safely especially for first-time drone flyers.

The Air Hogs DR1 Micro Race Drone comes with durable ducted propellers to enhance its ability to withstand crashes and tumbles. This drone can be used by kids aged eight and above, it charges through USB. Its 4-channel controller needs 2 X AAA batteries which you have to purchase separately. With a charging time of 30 minutes and a 2.4 GHz communication frequency, you can fly this drone for 7 minutes.

Air Hogs DR1 Micro Race Drone Transmitter

The transmitter is small and features more kid-friendly characteristics as opposed to humans. The package contains different air hogs dr1 parts set of joysticks style knobs. It comes with an easy to use remote controller complete with a few buttons, autoland, auto takeoff, trim buttons, and a mode selection buttons. Below the left joysticks, you’ll find the camera commands such as taking pictures and video. If you’re interested in executing tricks, you can do so with the right front trigger.

Air Hogs DR1 Micro Race Drone Extra Features

This drone comes with the following additional features.

Flight Modes

The Air Hogs DR1 Micro Race Drone comes with two flight modes. Mode 1 is slow and designed for beginners or users who are slightly experienced in using this model. Mode 2 is more exciting with a higher speed and features the drone’s responses to the commands.

One Key Land and Take Off

All you need to launch this drone in to press a button once. You can also use the same process when it comes to landing.

First Person View Control

This drone comes with virtual reality goggles and streaming video features which allow users to experience the first-person view.


The Air Hogs DR1 Micro Race Drone can execute various stunts at the press of a button.

Altitude Hold

This drone comes with a barometer sensor, which comes in handy to support its height. This is necessary especially when it comes to executing stunts.

Flying Experience

This drone features two flying modes as we’ve seen above. The flying mode 2 that’s designed for seasoned drone users is more responsive. It offers excellent automatic height hold and stable in flight with ease. The auto take-off feature in this mode also operates appropriately. Remember, the auto land feature can only be used when the gadget is closer to the ground. Activating it when the drone is high above could trigger the drone into crashing.


The Air Hogs DR1 Micro Race Drone is an excellent gadget for your kids. Using it is fun and the fact that it’s sturdy and durable means that you can use it for many years.